Interview with Bandai Namco’s composer Go Shiina – Partially translated to English

Interview with Bandai Namco’s composer Go Shiina  – Partially translated to English

**French to English translation by TheSlyls and Lemmy** Nice to meet you. I have eight questions. What is your role in Namco-Bandai and how do we become composer for such an editor ? Now, he is working on Tekken 7. After finishing his studies, he tried to do different kinds of jobs and that’s the only place where he was accepted. He is slightly ashamed. Well, he bounced back up well. He tried applying to 46 different places. Since then, you’ve composed music for Ace Combat, Tekken and a few games of the Tales Of series How do you adapt to the musical style of such different games ? As soon as he finishes a project, he travels. Like that he does a sort of reset.
[PIXY INTENSIFIES] And after that he goes back to work. He empties his mind and then refocuses. Does he prefer working on these different kind of games or would he like to become the composer of one particular series, like Uematsu with Final Fantasy ? He prefers diversity. How would you define your musical style ? My musical style is a sort of fusion made of classical music and other genres. Can you say more about your collaboration with Motoi Sakuraba when working on Tales of Zestiria ? It’s a bit like working with God. It’s something that is very impressive. And then, I got to work myself on scores, on some phases of the game, so it was split. So if I understand correctly, you worked together on some scores and then each had your own compositions. So tomorrow, you will participate to the premiere of the official Bandai-Namco Entertainment concert “Orchestral Memories”, how are you feeling? This is the first time he does a concert with Bandai-Namco. He’s very excited. So, how do you feel about playing your own compositions in a very well-known Concert hall in France, the “Salle Pleyel”? When last time, you mainly came for autographs and to meet the public. *I absolutely cannot understand what she says here* -Lemmy It’s a very heartwarming event. Very intense. He really enjoys the proximity as well. Last question : Does he has a few words for his French fans ? He wants to continue to support…. huh…. …huh… support the development of the game.
(Barely able to understand this sentence. Translated what I could) Hello, I am Go Shiina It was raining this morning but I’m glad that the weather is nicer tonight. Are your shoes wet ? *audience lols* That’s all You just heard the Classic Medley We will now proceed with Shattered Skies and Megalith (Agnus Dei) from Ace Combat 04. But before, a round of applause for Motoi Sakuraba and Go Shiina please. *Clap clap clap* Woooooooooo WOOOOOOOOOO

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  1. It's nice to see him back for AC7!

  2. God, I wish we had the full recordings of the Ace Combat songs they played. Hearing Megalith at the start and end of this video… nnnnnngh. Bamco, please release them on a CD or something! And bring this concert to America!

  3. Oh hey! I was at that concert back in February! It was a fantastic moment! We had Megalith Agnus Dei, the Unsung War and part of Zero and The Liberation of Gracemeria!
    It's a bit late for me right now, but tomorrow, I can start working on that translation, if no one took the opportunity before I did. 🙂

  4. I also heard that Keiki Kobayashi (the King) has left Bandai after Infinity. Is that true?

  5. Translating the video right now ! Give me some time !

  6. les Francophones vous êtes là ?

  7. Cool que se soit en français ^^


  9. I want a translation on megelith

  10. My friend say Go Shiina left Bamco :/

  11. anyone have a live vid of what was played?

  12. 2:38 RESETTO?!

    Don't let Pixy see this.

  13. i want the full video of the track of megalith in concert, sounds magistral

  14. Man I wish I could have the chance to experience this myself

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