Is Music Not As Good As It Used To Be?

Man… Music is just not as good as it used to be Or is it? I truly believe it is and not only that, I think music nowadays might be even better than before Now, I know music taste is as subjective as it can be but for the sake of this video im going to focus on only one genre Rock since it’s my favorite and it has evolved enough in the past couple of decades that I find it to be a perfect example to prove my point Rock music has been changing constantly new bands take inspirations from the ones that came before and learning from them so musicians of this day and age have access to so much information that it’s not surprising that they can develop talent and skills far beyond of what was considered possible decades ago. and on top of that rock music has been mixing with so many different genres and styles that it has created a plethora of sub genres It has so many subgenres that you can find your particular niche no matter what it is Sentimental? Violent? Technical prowess? Epic fantasy themed adventure music? Yeah, there’s a subgenre of rock for that. Now when you think of rock music of the past you think of classics like The Beatles, Pink Floyd or Queen. And that’s the thing, they are classics and a classic by definition: is an outstanding example of a particular style; something with a timeless quality. So they weren’t just great bands, they were the greatest of their time and that’s why you know about them. That phenomenon is called Survivor Bias Survivor bias is the logical error of concentrating on the people or things that “survived” some process and inadvertently overlooking those that did not because of their lack of visibility. In other words, the fact that they were so good was what made them stand out over all other examples of their time. That’s why when you think of rock from the nineties, you think of Nirvana and not Moist Now that we know we are taking the greatest bands from the past we can’t justly compare them with your everyday garage band or the newest pop sensation that is going to fade away in just a couple of years. No, we need to compare them with the greatest of our present time but who are those? Well… we can’t exactly know at the moment for certain we need time to judge if a band is just a one hit wonder, or if they can keep on putting great music for years to come But what we should do is try to get out of our comfort zone in terms of music don’t just listen to the radio or that same old playlist you made 3 years ago try listening to up and coming bands, or bands that you never heard of or even music from countries you wouldn’t expect That way we have a better chance of identifying who will be the next legendary band I know it’s not that easy to find them but services like Spotify and Pandora have great features for discovering new bands But in my experience the best places to find new music are subreddits like: /r/Music/, /r/WorldMusic/ and /r/listentothis/ Not only did I discover gems that I would never find otherwise like Manganas Garden but there’s also great discussions and recommendations about music in general Now I would like you to give me a band or song recommendation it doesn’t have to be your favorite, just a song or a band you would want me to listen to, and tell me why From my part, I would like to recommend you Protest The Hero it’s a really good band with extremely talented members the vocals are top notch, the guitars are insane and the whole band is just amazing Listen to “Blindfolds Aside”, it might not be their best song, but its my favorite from them. Remember to like and subscribe And if you would like to know how I learned to enjoy other music genres apart from rock, watch this video

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