‘It’s Just A Big Disco’ – 20 Years Of Bugged Out (Full Length)

‘It’s Just A Big Disco’ – 20 Years Of Bugged Out (Full Length)

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  1. This is top stuff thump! 

  2. one of the erol alkan's new tracks is in the start of the video

  3. Brilliant documentary! I'm so glad that there is a focus on the artwork and flyers… I remember being way to young to go to Bugged Out but going round Afflecks Palace on a Saturday and collecting the Bugged Out Flyers because the artwork was so memorable. Manchester influencing the music for generations!

  4. No mention of dreadlocked Barbie!  Anyone who went to Bugged out Liverpool should know this fella

  5. What's the name of the last track?

  6. The Music at 2:40?

  7. Keep the faith.  I know I always do.

  8. What ManUnited Players partied at the club?

  9. haha this is not legendary in 100 years no one will ever know this shit happened its great but its not legendary

  10. what's the song playing at 1:46?

  11. It's all about the residents. 🙂

  12. Anyone knowing the track name at 21:25?

  13. Having played the first weekender its delightful to see it went off second time round. Mind you I loved it the first time, it was like a festival mixed with The Shining.

  14. What's the song at 3:40??

  15. whats the song at 2:40

  16. great stuff! thanks for all the memories from the ulverston and blackburn crew.

  17. Tracklist for those too young to have witness Buggedout at it's finest at Nation in Liverpool (its spiritual home!)

    Slam – positive education
    Justin Robertson – Have Mercy
    Mylo – Drop the Pressure

    The percussive one around 2:40 is (I'm pretty sure) by Halo & Hipp-E…the track name evades me
    Not too sure on the one around 18:00 minutes but I have heard it before

    Unsure on all that electro-clash bullshit, it's cunt music.

  18. First attended in sept '99, and from around feb '00 till (i think) nov '02, i didn't miss a single one. Amazing times.

    They said "viva acid house" is their clarion call, but electro-clash bares no resemblance to any kind of house imo. Maybe they should've done a spin-off night to cash-in on that craze, whilst techno had its down period. Kind of ruined the legacy imo. I know the london crew who loved those parties will disagree, that's fine…

    But the idea that electro-clash started the crossover thing is bollocks. Bugged Out always used to have indie and hip-hop acts playing live. The very first thing i ever saw at bugged out was death in vegas! Also remember roots manuva being awesome. Jon Carter's sets in the annexe really mixed things up.

  19. "You're all behaving like insects"

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