J-pop Stars React To Teens React To J-pop (Perfume)

J-pop Stars React To Teens React To J-pop (Perfume)

– (Tom) That was so awesome. – (speaking Japanese) – (Pedro) I think I like
that one the most. – Yay! – (Jeannie) I like
their music videos. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – J-pop. – Laser Beam. – (Jeordy) Is this K-pop? – (Tom) K-pop. – (speaking Japanese) – (Ethan) What? – (speaking Japanese) – (Kaelyn) Oh, is he gonna
do the robot? – (speaking Japanese)
– (Jeannie) What? – (Tom) He’s a polar bear.
Yes. – (speaking Japanese) – (Tom) Watch out,
it’s a bomb. – (Ethan) Really?
He’s distracted by an apple? – (Sophia) What? – (speaking Japanese) – (Tom) No, we’re gonna
keep him as a pet. – (speaking Japanese) – (Tom) That was so awesome. – (speaking Japanese) – (Tori) Yes, sparkles, okay.
– Okay. – (Tom) This reminds me
of Kingdom Hearts. – (speaking Japanese) – (David) That’s a lot
of people. – (speaking Japanese) – (Jeannie) I love, really,
really, really good guy dancers. – (speaking Japanese) – (Sophia) Okay.
That was interesting. – (Tori) That was kind of
amazing. – AKB. – (Jeannie) Whoa,
this is so colorful. – (Tori) I love this so much. – (speaking Japanese) – (Pedro) The music videos
are better than ours. – (speaking Japanese) – (Jeordy) What sleepovers
are like. – Exactly. – (speaking Japanese) – (Tori) Is this supposed
to appeal to guys? – (speaking Japanese) – (Troy) Okay, I didn’t know
there was a mirror there. – (Sophia) Getting a little
suggestive. Calm down, everyone. – (speaking Japanese) – (David) Oh, so we were
peeping through the door. – (Troy) That’s a little weird. – (Tom) That’s kinda messed up
a little bit. – (Past FBE) What we just
showed you was three different bands
that are actually part of J-pop. – (Jeordy) Oh, that was J-pop?
I’m so sorry. – (speaking Japanese) – (Past FBE) So, before we go
into specifics, how would you describe
what you saw and heard overall? – (David) It’s very different
depending on what artist you watch. – (Tori) They put a lot
of effort into their music videos. – (Jeannie) Bright
and bubbly. – (speaking Japanese) – (Past FBE) So, the first
group we showed you was Perfume. What did you think of
their song and music video?
– (Pedro) I think I liked that one the most.
– Yay. – (Jeannie) I like
their music video. – (Tori) And it had
a polar bear in it. – (Troy) The mugged
a polar bear. – (Sophia) See a deeper
message, but I didn’t really ever come to a conclusion.
– (speaking Japanese) – (Past FBE) Exile, who have
sold more than 20 million records. – (Troy) Holy crap. – (Tom) That’s all of them? – (Jeordy) There’s 20 of them. – (Kaelyn) All the fan girls
don’t have to share now. – (speaking Japanese) – (Past FBE) Here is AKB 48.
– (Sophia) There’s so many of them, too. – (Tom) Let’s see how many
pretty girls we can fit into a band. – (Kaelyn) That’s too many
mood swings right there. – (Past FBE) They currently have
over 130 members. – (Jeordy) Why do they
need that many? – (Jeannie) Oh my God,
that’s a lot of girls. Mayday. – (Past FBE) Part of what
audiences love is to watch regular people grow from
inexperienced to professionals. – (speaking Japanese) – (Jeannie) It’s kind of hard
for independent music artists to try to
even make a big name for themselves.
Basically, it’s a lot harder for just people who wanna
do their own music instead of following
a company. – Exactly. – (Past FBE) To abide by
or even get fired or demoted.
For example, in some of the groups, you’re not
allowed to date. – (Tom) What? – (Past FBE) And one of
the AKB 48 members not that long ago ended
up in a scandal where she was seen coming out
of a guy’s place from another group
and she got demoted and ended up cutting off
her hair. – (speaking Japanese) – (Troy) That’s pretty harsh. – (speaking Japanese) – (David) Extreme, much. – (Jeordy) They should get
three strikes or something. – (Tori) It’s probably good
for younger people in Japan so they could look up to them
because they’re so pure and amazing and everything. – (speaking Japanese) – (Jeannie) Coming from
Asian culture, if I do something bad,
I have to do something to show that I show remorse,
but she signed that contract herself so she put herself
in that position. – (speaking Japanese) – (Past FBE) Last question.
Now that you have listened to some J-pop, are you
gonna start listening to any of these groups?
– (Troy) No. – (Ethan) No. – (David) I don’t think so. – (speaking Japanese) – (Shant) Not really. – (Jeordy) I don’t really like
pop music. – (speaking Japanese) – (Jeannie) I’m playing
some hip-hop, I can change it up
and play some J-pop. – Yes. – (speaking Japanese) – (FBE) So Perfume,
first of all, it is so cool for us to have you
here with us today. – Thank you.
– Thank you so much. – (FBE) So this video
we made years ago and we never imagined that
one day we’d actually get to show it to you. – (speaking Japanese) – (FBE) How have you viewed
your place within J-pop and its history over time? – (speaking Japanese) – (FBE) What was it like today
to see these teenagers from a few years ago
reacting to your music and also to J-pop
as a whole? – (speaking Japanese) – So pretty. – (speaking Japanese) – (FBE) So you guys have
been together since 2000. It’s rare to see groups
that stay together for such a long time.
Can you talk about your journey and how you’ve managed
to stay together for all this time? – (speaking Japanese) – (FBE) Music from Japan
and Korea in recent years has crossed over in a big way
into America and to the West. Compared to when you started
20 years ago to now, how much of a difference
is the reach of your music in other countries? – (speaking Japanese) – (FBE) You are the first J-pop
all female group to ever preform at Coachella.
What was that experience like? – (speaking Japanese) – Amazing. – (FBE) So finally, you recently
went on a North American tour that had many sold out shows.
You also have a new album out that debuted at number one
in over 20 countries. – Yay.
– Ooh. – (FBE) After almost 20 years
together, could you guys have ever imagined you
would still be having this amount of success? – (speaking Japanese) – (FBE) But are you happy
that you’re still here? – Yes.
I’m so happy! – Thanks to FBE for making video.
– Our new videos are a lot cooler.
– So make sure to check them out.
– Bye!

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