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There’s like all these stigmas
and kind of bad stereotypes attached to strippers and dancers. I remember asking one of them, kind of a provocative question, like, “Do you ever go home with people
that you meet in the club? “You know, does that ever happen?” Just kinda thinking of
the romance, and what– Yeah.
What could happen at the end and she’s like, “I’m a dancer, “I’m not like, I’m not an escort.” I was like, “Oh, I’m
sorry, no, I didn’t mean “to insinuate you were.” (upbeat music) Hi I’m Jennifer Lopez,
I’m one of the stars, and producers of the movie Hustlers. And I’m Lorene Scarafia, I’m the writer-director of Hustlers. – [Both] And this is our scene breakdown. (upbeat music) – [Ramona] Front hook, ankle hook. Now you learned all of
these moves for this, this is–
Yes. Yes, this was choreographed
by Johanna Sapakie. (gentle piano music) Hook, meat hook, hold on with that knee. – [Destiny] Okay. From here you can do the carousel. Put your head back, come down. Destiny and Ramona have
just become friends, and Ramona is showing Destiny
how to conquer the pole, and Ramona is kind of the
top money-maker of the club. – [Jennifer] She’s got it all figured out. Yeah, she knows all of the moves, and she knows how to get
away with doing a lot less. (laughs) It’s like robbing a bank,
except you get the keys. Are you in?
That’s the key, that’s what everybody wants to know. How do I make the most money doing the less amount of work there is? That’s right, that’s the American dream. (laughing) – [Destiny] Jesus Christ. (laughs)
Then you can go into a fairy sit, (moans) stag. I want to have my heels on all the time. Can I wear my heels in this scene? Because now you feel short
instead of long and beautiful, you’re like short and chunky. They’re called pleasers for a reason. Yeah, when you first put them on, it’s kind of like you’re a baby deer. You’re walking around and you’re fine, and all of a sudden your legs give out, and you’re like, “What happened? “I know how to walk in heels.” Then it becomes like,
they’re ballet slippers. Then you can’t do the dance without them. We shot in Show Palace
in Long Island city. This really well-run strip club that had you know, so much space for us to work in. I know people said not to
shoot in a real strip club– What?
But I don’t think we could have had it any other way. Oh my God it was so perfect.
I know, I know. It was really incredible, and Jane Muskie, our production designer, added
all these incredible lights, and extended the stage,
and the owner of the club liked it so much, he
kept everything. (laughs) Did he really?
Yes, he did. Oh, I love that. Reverse stag.
That’s pretty, too. Scissor sit.
Was this hard? It was very hard.
Table top. I can’t do that. – [Ramona] You can do
that, you’re gonna do that. (Destiny blows raspberry) A climb.
(gentle piano music) We tried to treat it
like a stunt in a way, you know, and have as
many cameras going at one. The pole gets sweaty, it gets, you know, you’re holding it, you’re
touching and you’re wrapping your body,
and you start sweating. The alcohol kind of cleans off
the pole so you can grip it, or else you’ll slip right
off and break your face. Yeah. What if you don’t have muscles to do that? – [Ramona] You have muscles to do this. I don’t have any. – [Ramona] Every girl
has muscles to do this. The most important thing about the scene, and what we wanted to get was
the friendship between them, that she became like a big sister to her. She was just like starting out, and taking her under her wing, and kind of teaching her the
ropes, or the pole, perse. I wanted to make sure
that Constance, Destiny, was on stage with her, because I felt like there was this scene before
where Ramona was on stage and kind of separate from Destiny, and now Destiny’s a part of this journey. I just wanted them to play
with it and keep it open. They have such a great chemistry together, they have such a great rapport, and really have this big sister,
little sister relationship. This was a beautiful scene
to kind of play that out, play out that dynamic. Their friendship is unique. And I love that this Chopin
piece is playing over this to show–
You always had that. That was from the very first
script, that was in there. Yes, yeah. I remember saying, “What music is that? “What music is that?”
Yeah. It just shows the grace and
the elegance of the moves, what it takes.
Yeah, that is actually really difficult to do these
things, and it takes skill. It’s not like any person
can just jump up here– No.
And do this. No, they’re athletes, the
strength that’s required for them to do these moves, I mean you’re a dancer, of course. I had a lot of bruises and things. Yeah.
(upbeat music) In my own dance, in her
solo kind of performance, where she goes upside
down, the more really like spinny stuff was harder,
climbing, things like that. We’ve seen a scene in a strip club in every single movie and TV show ever, and so few have been told
from the dancer’s perspective, so I just wanted to be in their story. So being in their story naturally
sort of lent itself to the gaze, there’s a theme of
control that runs through it. Ramona sometimes decides
what the camera’s gonna do. I like to think she was
always in total control. (laughs)
She was. The best part of my night was to sit a man in a bar stool and watch
Jennifer and Constance and Kiki and Lilly sort of surround him, and turn him into a puddle,
that was a real joy. Honestly when you bring that talented group of women like that together, everybody’s kind of so
full of light and creative, and happy to be there. You know that you’re in good
company with cool people, and you’re like, this is kind of hot. This is gonna be a fun ride, this is gonna be something
fun for people to watch. ♪ Hot damn ♪ – [Ramona] We’re family now. ♪ Hot damn ♪ A family with money!
(ladies yelling) From the first time I spoke to Cardi about doing the movie, I called
her and I told her, I said, “You would know more about
this stuff than I do.” I said, “I would love to
pick your brain on what “it’s really like to live in
this world, because that’s “what we’re trying to
capture in this movie.” And she definitely gave
insight into the psyche of what goes on in an
exotic dancer’s mind, why they do it and things like that, so it was really helpful. The martini.
The martini. It really does look like a martini. (laughing) That’s it, it’s nothing too dramatic. Thanks for checking out
our scene breakdown. Be sure to get your tickets for Hustlers, in theaters September 13th. You can get your tickets on Fandango.

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