K-pop Stars Try In-N-Out (LOONA | 이달의 소녀)

What’s up guys, welcome to Hello82 We’re your host Evan I’m Yeji, and right now we’re here with LOONA. Hello, we’re LOONA Hello82, we’re LOONA Please introduce yourself Start from me? No actually, let’s start from there I love this vibe! Hello, I’m Heejin of LOONA I’m Hyunjin of LOONA Hi guys, I’m Haseul Hi, I’m Vivi I’m Kim lip of LOONA I’m Jinsoul of LOONA I’m Choerry of LOONA I’m Yeojin of LOONA Hi guys, I’m Chuu Nice to meet you I’m Yves, nice to meet you I’m Olivia Hye, nice to meet you I’m Go won nice to meet you We heard you guys were coming to LA so we have prepared some fast food that represents LA I really wanted to try it Never tried it before, right? I only heard about them. There’s a special sauce based on my research. You did your research well. I heard it’s America’s favorite… Number 1— Oh really? That’s what I heard… From where..? Reliable source? We have the burgers, the fries, and the shakes from In-N-Out. We also have some fan questions that you can answer while eating. Burgers, come through! Come through! This is a Double-Double burger. One of them has the special sauce in it. The special sauce. The special sauce that we were talking about. It looks very different from the burgers in Korea. It’s a bit intimidating. It’s much thicker, huh? It’s unusual. Don’t you have to show these off like this? You know what I mean? Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Does anyone here eat burgers often? She’s good at eating everything, everyday. The onion flavor is quite strong. Do you like onions? I do. Oh, that’s good to hear. For Koreans, it’s all about garlic and onions. Garlic and onions? You know it. This is so delicious and juicy. I can see a cow over here. To be honest, I can’t eat cheese. Why not? The smell— She can’t do greasy. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to eat this. But other members told me it’s not that greasy. That’s why this is here. The American kimchi. American Kimchi? Is this jalapenos? Yes. It’s very “moisture.” What a description. It’s so “moisture.” The patty is different from the ones in Korea. How so? Like from a charcoal grill. Newly diced, and freshly grilled. What about Korean ones? Korean burgers are good but— Korean burgers are kind of sweet. Yeah, they’re sweet. Kind of like bulgogi. I saw some videos of you guys arriving at the airport today. The fans all waited for you guys and shouted your names out to root you guys on. I was genuinely surprised . By the way, amazing fan service. I thought you guys were walking red carpet. It was crazy. It didn’t look like a lot of people when I peeked through the little gap. But as soon as the door opened the fans were like “HASEUL! HEEJIN! LOONA!” I was astonished. Just Haseul and Heejin? I was just saying! They were holding the signs and some were written in Korean. I was so touched. We got on the bus and they started doing our choreography. I was so touched by that. Is there anything you want to do or any places you want to visit in LA? I want to go to the desert. Desert? Such places you can’t find in Korea. Santa Cruz Santa Monica? Oh, right. You meant Santa Monica, right? It sounds similar. It happens. When these three members came to LA for a cover shoot, they brought back some white chocolate-covered pretzels. It was so delicious but they don’t sell them in Korea. So I really want to buy that. Barge into a house. Barge into a house? Throw a party. You know, one of those— Surprising your fans? Let’s do it next time. You guys are down, right? Yes! They promised! Our international fans don’t get to see us as much as often. So that would be ideal. I want to see that Hollywood… The sign? Yes, I really wanted to see that. My hotel was really far from it but I was able to see it. The Hollywood sign? It looked very tiny, though. Yes, we saw it together. “That’s the Hollywood sign.” You must have an amazing vision. What are some things that make LOONA stand out from other groups? We started with Heejin’s solo debut and so on then debuted as units I think this project itself was pretty special. Yes, everyone has a solo album. We also represent different colors. There’s a variety in genres. We could show you some bright aspects. or we could show you some cool aspects like “Butterfly.” So please look forward to our new album. That’s our leader. I personally really love “Butterfly.” We were thoroughly impressed. What’s your favorite part? I like the intro. When you all crouched like this. I don’t remember this being our choreography. I don’t really know the choreography… but it’s the intro part when you were all crouching like this. From that part. For my favorite, I know exactly which part. When you guys all did the wave. Our choreographer put the most effort into those two parts. These two parts? Because we have so many members, we can show fancy performances in many different ways. That’s definitely our forte. Your choreography is so fancy… Lifting each other up and stuff. Yes, these two lift me up. Time to feast. I know, we need to get stronger. Eat up. “Fans love the theory “”LOONAVERSE””
and they enjoy analyzing it.” That’s also one of our uniqueness. Also, fans really love the chemistry between members. No matter who we are paired with, we all have good chemistry. Who do you have the best chemistry with? For me… I think it’s best when the four of us are together. Our youngest member— Well said I think it’s because we are with her now Right Well, I’m not gonna leave any of you out. This looks amazing. This thing… Time out. Please edit this out. You’re supposed to eat it as a chunk. Oh really? You hold it like that and just bite it off. It’s a trend. You guys ever heard of potato pie? I don’t eat fries with ketchup. I enjoy the taste as is. A true gourmet. I personally eat it for the ketchup flavor. I love ketchup. You only taste ketchup that way. So true Then I will take this as a souvenir. This is good. Honestly, the fries are so much better when it’s right out. To be honest, it’s kind of cold. We’re the last group to go… I just chewed on something very hard. Wait, me too. This is so good. The well-done one is more tasty. More tasty and crispy, right? LOONA has a lot of members. Do you guys ever confuse each other’s names? I’m Heejin and she’s Hyunjin, so it’s very confusing. For me as a foreigner, they sounded completely the same. So I was like, “Heejin? Hyunjin? What’s the difference?” This one time I called Hyunjin “Heejin!” Your own name? Heejin and Hyunjin? It was so confusing when we were trainees. Not to mention they’re both so pretty. Compliment all of sudden? You guys watching? I had to call this one member, but I couldn’t… Who was it? That’s really sad. Can you spill the tea? We’ll keep it a secret. It was Yves. So you just paused like this? Like, “Excuse me…”? “Excuse me…” We have a lot of names with “Jin.” Heejin. Hyunjin. Yeojin. Jinsoul. They wanted me to be Hajin so we can be the “Three Jins.” Oh, right. I saw our lyric sheet and “Hajin” was written on it. So I really thought they were being serious. But it was just a prank. Was this on camera? No, we didn’t get a chance to film that. A prank that only we know. Her name is Olivia Hye. But the three of us weren’t used to that, so we called her Olive to our fans. Ever since then, her nickname is Olive. It’s cute. I don’t think she likes that name. Oh, do you not like it? It didn’t sound like you mean it. “That’s cute.” This is just how I talk. “That’s cute.” Our director named it— Just in case you cry. Our director named it… All twelve of you are living in one house, right? What are some unforgettable moments you guys have? There’s usually the messy members and the cleaning members. But the cleaning members are hot-tempered, so when they get angry, they throw things away. A lot of socks went missing. They throw away socks? Socks. All of our socks have gone missing. This is true story. “Alright, be honest.
Who’s throwing away the socks?” I never threw away socks. It’s not me. This one time Chuu fell off the bunk bed. When people fall, they usually just say “Ow.” But when Chuu fell, she went “Oh no, I fell! I have to hurry.” I asked her if she was okay. She was like “Oh no, don’t worry about me” and went to the restroom. She talks to herself a lot. We have tons of shoes by the door. I’m nervous. We sometimes just wear other member’s shoes and go. The lights died there so it’s really dark. We’d just have to guess our shoes especially at night. And then we find out later that we have mismatching shoes. It’s okay, that’s the trend these days. Why, thank you. Among all of you, who is the one that makes the most funny face? One, Two, Three… Can we see? She is showing this for the first time. Only the members have seen this. As you can see, she looks very calm— Not at all, actually. It’s right here. You saw her eating fries before, right? I see That’s not gonna make it into the cut, anyways. I guarantee you that’s going in. I like that you’re down-to-earth. I personally love stuff like this. You don’t look like you mean it. Please show some expressions! What did I do? I like that you are down-to-earth. Very down-to-earth. Which member does not know how to clean up? One Two Three! What? I clean up very well these days. People usually aren’t aware of their own faults. Agreed. Couple days ago you left the cheese wrapper. I really love cheese. Recently, she bought a whole bunch – I bought the 100 quantity pack. 100 quanity pack? Where do you even store them? The rectangular shaped cheese can fit perfectly in the fridge. Once they fit, you can just take them out one by one easily. Choerry and Yeojin! ME?! You are actually very messy. What are you talking about?! Choerry usually leaves a lot of small mess. For example, when she opens up a snack, she would leave the tiny torn part of the snack wrapper. Ok, I’ll admit that. Yeojin just does not clean up at all. But then when she does, it’s a full cleaning service. I immediately clean up when someone asks me to. Well, not immediately, but I still end up cleaning. But we have to remind you too many times. From now on, I will try harder to be better Yeojin. “Which member needs to
stop nagging so much?” Right away! One! Two! Three! For example, she doesn’t throw away the cheese wrapper after eating. So I ask her to throw it away. But because she still doesn’t throw it away, I end up reminding her again. You know those people that smile while nagging. “Let’s throw this away~ Yeah~?” “The wrappers are piling up.” “Look~ we have a lot today~” For me personally, nagging is— Enjoyable? Wait… Enjoyable? What? Like it wouldn’t feel good to be complimented all day. Why not? It’s always nice to get compliments. Imagine you’re being told pretty 5,000 times a day. Oh, so you’re saying you do hear that 5,000 times a day? Time out. Lip always asks for help before talking to Yeojin. She asks if she should scold Yeojin harshly or if she should be gentle with her. Like “Should I go ham on this girl? or…” “Lip always says good things after she scolds me.
Very kindly.” She’s a mom. She really is like a mom. One, two, three. Chuu, The Ventilator. I usually ask to air out or turn the AC on. But then she would open the windows when everyone is cold. And when everyone else is hot, she would— Completely opposite. Disturbing the peace? I’m Chuu, Disturber of the Peace. How is it? Is it good? This is amazing. I’ve never had anything like this. It somewhat tastes like… cold medicine? Is that a good thing? It’s like the best version of cold medicine. This is amazing. It’s really good. Americans take the lid off and dip their fries in it. Oh, right. Strawberry is my favorite. How is it? That’s the way to do it. Which one is your favorite? The strawberry flavor is best for drinking. For dipping, it’s vanilla. The chocolate flavor is really good too. Yeji kept telling me that she wanted to see your dance. The butterfly thing. I should have shown you this. It was too short. I’m just keep smiling over here. I’m gonna show you modern dance. Modern dance? I’m truly sorry. What have you done?! Popping I’m gonna use the french fries. I was gonna use the french fries. I’m gonna use every joint in my body. The hammer dance?! Watch me using all 56 joints in my body. That’s not that many actually. Mom! How are you? You seem like you can sing well. Me? No way. Show us! What… I’m not! “The Monster dance was really cool.
Can you teach me?” Oh, really? You should do the hammer dance alongside. Ok, fine. I’m not very good at dancing, but I can do this. Stuff like this. Wait, hold up. Why did you play so hard to get? Like this. From head to chest to belly. Like an ant! She’s dying over here. What’s so funny?! I’m really sorry. This is going in for sure. Face the person to your right and give compliments. Can it be anything? Haseul’s bobbed hair looks so good that
she makes me want to get a haircut. I really appreciate Hyunjin’s brightness. She promotes positive energy whenever I see her in the studio. Heejin! They are the same age and have known each other the longest. Must have a lot to say. I’ve known you for a long time I’ve always admired how hard you’ve worked from the beginning. Let’s continue to strive forward. I think Vivi is truly an impressive person. The fact that she’s a foreigner living in Korea. She’s very fluent in Korean. She’s very good. She also speaks English. As someone studying another language, I think you are a very smart person. You’re amazing. Thank you Look into my eyes! Thank you for always putting up with all my clowning. Mhm. Thanks for all your advice. Mhm. Thanks for never complaining when I go on your bed. You’re a beautiful human being. Thank you so much! Jinsoul you are— You’re such a reliable person. A strong woman. And a kind-hearted person! First of all, Kim Lip is— More friendly please. Our Lippie… Has beautiful shoulders. Yeojin, you’re such a cute person with a small face. Thank you. I like you the most when you’re sleeping. Olivia Hye. You have a beautiful name. Get outta here! Also very tall. You’re just a perfect person. I like everything about you, but… But? You’re supposed to compliment. Chuu, you always talk kindly, very energetic, and has a powerful voice. Whenever I feel down, you keep me busy. Like chaotic? Yes chaotic, But thank you for keeping me busy! Oh, a bug! Am I a bug to you? Go Won! You’re such a caring person. This is true! Thank you for trying to be quiet when I’m sleeping. But I can actually hear everything. Thank you for keep shuffling around on top of the bed! So I always have a fun dreams. I’m confused. “Before 2019 is gone,
is there anything you want to accomplish as a group?” We LOONA are here in LA for the first time as a whole group. Using this as a stepstone, we want to grow much more globally I wish to see our music become known worldwide and be echoed throughout. Everything is still surreal. Just being here in LA, coming here and meeting our fans, and filming Hello82. I’m very grateful for everything that’s happening. Hello82! This has been LOONA. Thank you! I love you!

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