K-pop Vocal Coach reacts to Dionysus – BTS

Dionysus Oh it’s one-take the stage is like the temple wow that voice pronunciation is accurate oh stable vocal even they are dancing like that great impact compare with another song, “boy with love”, “make it right”, It is totally another song They are using power, while singing But pretty stable. They are pretty good at singing And RM, that rap part pronunciation, power, and also performance Probably the vocal members are hard to singing like that but they are squeezing the sounds anyway, I can feel that power. Normally If most of idol ( boy/ girl bands in Korea) singers sing like that? their voice cords must be hurt But I think they will be fine look at that dance lice this part is most hardest part different dance at the last chrous part From the second verse, they are insane! thats tough even the first verse has powerful voice, but at the last part, the kick was In fact, the rythm is and they are singing very high-range even we knows it’s very hard thing Yeah, especially the breathing is hard but singing like that, with that dancing? I never can’t do that yeah It is very hard so maybe that’s reason why people love them

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