K-pop Vocal Coaches reacts to Daryl Ong & Morissette Amon – You Are The Reason

K-pop Vocal Coaches reacts to Daryl Ong & Morissette Amon – You Are The Reason

Familiar Name Duet version The sound is more softer than the original nice I can see the Mariah Carey Yes, a bit And then truned back to the Morissette So nice Awesome Nice, Beautiful They just wound it up What a harmony the male voice, is so nice and warm He has beautiful tone, which the women likes so good and the Morissette Morissette’s unique tone, husky but powerful and the vibration, at the last part was awesome the naive voice How can I explaint this.. is so nice, How can they sounds like just talking each others? I think for the man, it takes times to adjust the tone Because there are only a few instruments, and the technique, harmonious sound, adrip They are the veterans, so can’t explain more. Perfect And I can feel that they are caring each other Trying to match the tone.. This is real expert’s duet, Isn’t it? They know each other so well even If the harmony is good, when the tone has something wrong, it makes a huge heterogeneity, But they are doing so well. awesome

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  9. Love watching your reactions

  10. Here in the philippines we improve our own talents than our outside features, coz in your country, businesses they prefer the beautiful ones than the talented ones. They promote all the beautiful but less talented

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    It's on ASAP. A Korean collaborating with the Filipino singers. Some lyrics of the Filipino songs are translated in Korean 💯💯💯

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  14. Mariah Carey is her biggest influencer in singing..

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  16. I watched all of the reaction video about you are the reason of daryl and morisette this channel is the best i love the reactions of the reactors and their analysis

  17. hi ! i just want to ask if you want to react oh holy night by morissette amon last 2016 thank you

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  20. perfect…,, 👏🏻👏🏻.. proud PINOY HERE…. MABUHAY PILIPINAS

  21. Please react to Daryl Ong and Kyla singing The Secret love song.

  22. Akin ka nalang by Morissette please 💓

  23. Proud Filipino here❤️, both of them are my greatest idol❤️

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  32. Please react to Daryl Ong thinking it out loud…kamsahamnida

  33. pls react to budakel "kung maibabalik ko lang"
    well, you have to know the song first/ original version.. tnx

  34. 3:45 "Ayon nagustuhan ko" 😂

  35. Hwasa and Morissette almost have the same singing voice.

  36. Pls react to daryl ong' s "everytime"

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  38. Kilig moments hahahaha

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  45. your intro is so well made i tot it was an ad.. seriously…

  46. My most favorite singers❤️

  47. Oh how I wish to see Morissette and KWill's duet


  49. I like it they just let the sounds flow perfectly and not get overheard by their voices so other who haven’t watch the video also enjoy it. Happy 100k anneoyong heseyo. ❤️

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  51. Please you react katrina velarde,she amazing singer, thanks,kiss from spain

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  53. I like seeing how these people love morissette from the beginning💙 I love youu guys thank you very much for supporting morissette uwu 😭 Aymm cryinggg

  54. nice reaction from Prof. Careymi 🤣

  55. Please react to Johann Mendoza & Kim Molina's – If Ever You're In My Arms Again
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  56. I SERIOUSLY want to hear Morisette Amon do a duet of I SEE THE LIGHT from Tangled or SUN AND MOON from Les Miserables!!!!!

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  62. ladies and gentlemen for the both of you they are Filipinos from the land of good singers the philippines

  63. Wow pilipinos wow very very good singers

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  65. Maybe use a good headphone?just a suggestion of course

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  67. Soooo perfect wow…..

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  74. OTHER talent of Morissette

  75. Million thumbs up to you guys

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