Kanye West Tried to Join Chance the Rapper’s Wedding Band

-I’m so happy to see you
every time. How’s everything going upstairs
on “Saturday Night Live?” -It’s crazy.
-It’s nuts, right? -It’s a lot of moving around. It’s a lot of duties
and responsibilities. But it’s amazing.
-Did you ever think that you would ever host
and musical guest? -It honestly has been a dream
for me since I was a little kid. My older cousin Chris used to have all this
MC Hammer memorabilia. -Sure.
-I guess it wasn’t memorabilia, ’cause it was current.
-At the time. -Yeah. At the time, it was —
Yeah, but now it’s memorabilia. -It was passed down to me,
and it became memorabilia, and he had all this stuff, and
one of them was a VHS recording of MC Hammer hosting
and musical guest at “SNL.” So I just always
wanted to do that. -Since Hammer.
-Since Hammer. -Hammer time, man, yeah.
-Got out the hammer, yo. -Absolutely. [ Cheers and applause ] Last time you were on our show, we announced the name
of the album, the release date.
-Yes. -And it was a big deal.
-We did a lot that day. -We did a lot that day.
We got a lot accomplished. And since then,
it’s been streamed over 100 million times
on Spotify. -Thanks to you guys.
Thanks to you. -I mean, come on. “Big Day.” “The Big Day”
is the name of the record, but honestly, this is kind of
inspired by your actual big day. -Yeah.
-You got married. And you had a beautiful wedding. [ Cheers and applause ] -Oh, hey. That’s gorgeous.
-Yeah. -That’s a nice ring.
Here’s a picture of — [ Laughter ] Here’s a picture
of your wedding party. -I saw you posted this — Everyone’s wearing — Yeah,
everyone’s wearing a nice tuxedo except for Kanye. That’s fine.
[ Laughter ] He’s always getting
into trouble, man. Come on. No, you just can’t tell Kanye
what to do. -He does his —
He does his thing. -No, he does his thing.
How is he as a wedding guest? Is he a fun wedding guest?
-Yeah, he’s awesome. What I remember is he tried
to join the wedding band. Like, they were playing music. -Really? -But he didn’t have his setup,
his beat machine, so he just kind of
stood next to them. We’re like, “What –”
[ Laughter ] -He’s ready to go. If someone had a beat machine,
he would have been there. -He would’ve been there. -You delayed your tour…
-Yeah. -…for a good reason.
-Yeah. -And I want to show everyone
the good reason. -Yeah.
-You just had your — Is this your second daughter? -Yes, that’s
my youngest daughter. [ Cheers and applause ] -Aww. -That’s my baby. Yeah. -How beautiful is that? -Yeah, she — I’m on — -Two little girls. -Yeah, two beautiful girls. Yeah, I’m on paternity leave
right now. -Yeah, just doing your — Yeah. -Taking care of business
at home. -Say goodbye to sleep, yeah.
Sleep is gone. How old is the oldest? -She’s 4. Kensli’s 4,
and Marli is 2 months now. It’s crazy, actually. Kensli’s first time
being on a flight was to come to my first
“SNL” performance, and now my youngest
daughter Marli just got off of her first flight
to come see me at “SNL.” -That’s her first flight.
That’s good luck for you. -Oh, yeah. -That’s great. [ Applause ] Not only do I like your music,
but I like you as a person, too. You’re great to talk to.
-Thank you. -But as a philanthropist, you give so much back
to your hometown of Chicago. You’ve given $1 million
to Chicago public schools. You’ve given…
[ Cheers and applause ] …$1 million to mental health services
in Chicago, which is — [ Cheers and applause ] I love that you do that.
I really do. I love that you do that. Tell me about —
What is OpenMike? -Oh, OpenMike.
Oh, that’s a good one, yeah. So, in Chicago,
my nonprofit SocialWorks has an open mic program
that we do once a month, and basically, it’s kind of
the antithesis of a talent show. We just have kids
that are young creators, whether they’re writers
or, you know, rappers, poets, dancers, comedians, actors, like, just young kids
that are in high school come up, and they get
three minutes onstage to do and say
whatever they want to do. And hopefully, you know,
the next “SNL” guest or host is coming out of the program. -Yeah, absolutely.
I hope so. Hope that’s true. [ Cheers and applause ] I think you’re the only album — You’re the only artist out there
that has a duet with — I’m just going to name some
names right here. I mean, En Vogue. You have — Yeah, sure.
Megan Thee Stallion — You have Megan Thee Stallion and
Randy Newman on the same album. -Randy Newman’s on there. -I mean, who does that? I mean, it’s great. Gucci Mane. I mean, these are — I just love
that you see Nicki Minaj and then Randy Newman just
keeps popping back up again. How did you get involved
with Randy Newman? -I mean, I’ve always wanted
to work with Randy Newman. The first movie my parents
took me to the theaters to see was “Toy Story,” so I just like,
from a young age, was familiar. And then I got more familiar
as I got older, and — -You love him.
-Yeah, he’s just — He’s an amazing artist.
Great to work with. Everybody on the album,
for the most part, you know, came to Chicago to work with me and just, like, put
a great energy into it. I think it’s such a diverse cast because so many, you know,
different sounds that you play
on your wedding day. So they all kind of tap in
in different places. -It’s a great record,
and you’re a great dude. -Thank you, thank you.
-Always good to see you. Chance the Rapper, everybody. “The Big Day” is available now.

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