Kids React To Panic! At The Disco

Kids React To Panic! At The Disco

– It’s like he’s in the same
outfit every day, ’cause he’s wearing a suit. – ♪ Bride is a ♪ ♪ (playful intro) ♪ – (FBE) For this episode today,
we are gonna be showing you a selection of music videos
from one of the most popular bands of the past fifteen years.
– Ooh, interesting. – (FBE) Today, you’re gonna be
listening to some Panic! at the Disco.
– Yay. I love them.
They’re so cool. – They’ve been around
for fifteen years? – Oh yeah, my uncle
listens to that a lot. – Panda in the disco?
– (FBE) Panic. – Panic.
– (FBE) Panic! at the Disco. – Oh, okay, so it’s gonna be
a panic? – (FBE) First video’s gonna be
one of their most recent songs going all the way back
to when I was your age. – Oh wow.
That’s a really old thing. ♪ Mama said
fulfill the prophecy ♪ – I know this one. – I’ve heard of this one.
This one is on the radio 24/7. – (singing along) ♪ We wanted
everything, wanted everything ♪ – For my school performance,
I had to do a dance to this. ♪ Mama said don’t give up
It’s a little ♪ – I don’t know the full
lyrics to this song, so I’m just lip syncing to it. ♪ And I’d hate to see
you waiting ♪ – (singing along) ♪ Had to have
high, high hopes for a living ♪ Oh my gosh.
That looks so cool. – Whoa, he’s like Spider-Man. – Why would he climb up
that wall? It’s so dangerous. – What? – Listening to this makes me
feel really energized and that’s why so many
people like listening to this music because it makes them energized. – You know what, they probably
just had a building that was that way
and he was just walking normally and they just filmed it sideways. – It’s on all the time.
Pandora, Apple Music, radio, stores, bathrooms, elevators. ♪ Do I look lonely? ♪ – This is way different. – I honestly don’t know this song. – No, I do not believe
I have heard this one. – Death of a Bachelor. ♪ People have told me ♪
– Oh yeah, groovy snaps. ♪ The same
Maybe I lost weight ♪ – I like the background. – I don’t see any people. – It’s like he’s in the same outfit
every day, ’cause he’s wearing a suit. – I like his suit, too. ♪ The lace in your dress
tingles my neck ♪ – I love this song. ♪ The death of a bachelor ♪
– Nope, heard this song before. Death of a Bachelor. – It makes my hands tingle
just with energy. I could run a mile to this song. – (singing along) ♪ The death
of a bachelor ♪ – It’s kinda dark when it says
“death of a bachelor.” ♪ Whoo ♪
– Yes, hit that high note. ♪ Laughter at the expense
of the death of a bachelor ♪ – Ah yes, the death of a bachelor. – I mean, everything’s getting
really emo and dark these days. – (FBE) What did you think of how
it was in black and white? – Wait, I didn’t think about that.
Maybe it’s in the ’80s. – Was it talking about
the Bachelor or something? – (FBE) The song is called
Death of a Bachelor. – Death?
No wonder it’s black and white. ♪ Welcome to the end ♪ – Ah yes, don’t forget
the edginess. – Is he wearing another suit? – This looks like one of those
really weird TikToks where they have the times
three speed. ♪ Decapitated
you just might see a ghost tonight ♪ – Oh, I was gonna say he looks
like a zombie. ♪ I’m taking back the crown
I’m all dressed up and naked ♪ ♪ I see what’s mine and take it ♪
– Ew, what is on his chest? – Oh my gosh,
that scared me. – I think he’s turning into
a goblin. ♪ See what’s mine and take it ♪
– That looks kind of gross. – My gosh.
It’s kind of scary, but it’s not that scary.
I like how it’s like thunder. – It’s very, very, very emo.
It’s dark. – The music itself is really good.
Panic! at the Disco, they have a talent for
making the lyrics to music and portraying them
in the music video as conveying their emotions. ♪ She paints her fingers
with a close precision ♪ – Seen it before. ♪ Empty bottles of gin ♪
– I like her mask. Oh, his suit’s cool. ♪ A lonely speaker
in a conversation ♪ ♪ Her words are swimming ♪
– This is robotic times or something like that. – Kinda reminds me of 1800s stuff. – Steampunk.
This thing is steampunk themed. ♪ Say what you mean
Tell me I’m right ♪ ♪ And let the sun rain down ♪
– He’s like a vampire? ♪ Give me a sign
I want to believe ♪ ♪ Whoa, Mona Lisa ♪
– That looks cool. – He looks like an anime
character. – Not my favorite song, I guess. ♪ I’d pay to see you frown ♪ – That was pretty interesting. – I just like them.
Their music’s very unique. I’ve never heard something
like this before. – These guys are actually
kinda good. Most of the music videos
are all one of their own stories. ♪ Back to the street ♪ – Is this their first song. – It looks like a Beatles
person. – Way different. ♪ Picking up things
we shouldn’t read ♪ ♪ It looks like the end
of history ♪ – Their dresses are
a little weird. ♪ Back to the street
where we began ♪ – Oh, oh, oh no.
That took a turn. – Hunger Games edition. ♪ ‘Cause it’s nine
in the afternoon ♪ ♪ Your eyes are the size
of the moon ♪ – It’s not my type of song. – This is a catchy song. ♪ Just the way that we do ♪ ♪ When it’s nine
in the afternoon ♪ – Oh, there’s a bird.
There’s a bird. He’s just there. ♪ We’re feeling so good ♪
– It’s weird. I don’t really understand it. – I wouldn’t listen to this.
I need something that would blow my mind. – It’s one of those catchy songs
that you just get stuck in your head when you’re
driving to school, you’re just like, “Oh.”
and then when you get to school, ♪ Nine in the afternoon ♪ – I think I’ve heard it before,
but I didn’t know it came from them either.
I’ve heard a lot of these songs. ♪ Oh, well imagine ♪
– (squeals) This is them?
Wow, why is it all the good songs? ♪ What a beautiful wedding ♪ – (singing along) ♪ What a
beautiful wedding ♪ ♪ A bridesmaid to a waiter
What a shame ♪ ♪ What a shame the poor ♪ – (singing along) ♪ Bride is a ♪ ♪ I chime in with a
haven’t you people ever heard of ♪ ♪ Closing a damn door?
No, much better to think ♪ – Are they okay or something? – It looked like he’s
getting married with someone and then he doesn’t really want to
so everybody’s just dancing and doesn’t care. – (singing along) ♪ Haven’t you
people ever heard of ♪ ♪ Closing a damn door
No, much better to ♪ – A lot of women are men. – That woman had a beard.
I’ve met someone with that. It’s really cool. ♪ Poise and rationality ♪ – Yeah, this is one of
my favorite songs, but I never really watched
the music video. I just let it play
and I just listened to it while I’m drawing
or playing a video game. – They are awesome right now,
but some of their older videos, I’m like, what? – I like the artisticness
of these types of videos. They clearly portray a story
and they convey something deeper meaning. – (FBE) So, Panic! at the Disco
is a rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada
and was formed in 2004 while the main group members
were still in high school. – What?
That’s so crazy. – (FBE) Since then, all but one
of the original members has left the group and there’s
only one member left named Brendon Urie.
If you were in a band with your friends,
could you ever imagine wanting to leave and split
away from the band? – Friend drama happens
or they could just want to start their own music
and just be independent from the band. – It’s kind of fun to be
the last one left in the band, ’cause you don’t have to worry
about how someone feels about the outfits and stuff. – He started the band
with all his friends and then one by one
they’re all, “See you, dude. We’re gonna go make
our own band, just us. Bye.”
Come on, people. Bring in more people for him.
He’s lonely. – (FBE) So, Panic! has put out
six albums over the past fifteen years, all of which
have sold over half a million copies each and their first album
got over three million album sales just in the United States.
– Whoa. – They must be getting bank. – (FBE) Meaning that there have
been people who’ve been fans of them for over fifteen years. – I think that’s almost older
than my dad’s car. – (FBE) Can you imagine being
a fan of a musician for that long? – If they were good, yeah.
– (FBE) Are there any musicians that you like right now
that would be listening to years on if they continued
to make music? – I know I sound so weird
saying this, but probably System of a Down. – Yeah.
This is probably really uncommon, but probably Eminem. – Billie Eilish and Halsey.
I’ve been a fan of Halsey since she started
and I’ve been a fan of Billie Eilish since she started. – I like to keep up with them
at least for three or two years, but after a while, I might start
listening to some other people. – I think if it still sounds good,
then I’d just listen to them. I just really care if the material
is just good or not and just does not turn into
something good into something that’s just bland
or bad. – (FBE) Panic! at the Disco
has been known to change their overall sound over time.
They started off as kind of alternative rock, like you heard
with those later songs. – Yeah.
– (FBE) They kinda slowly changed into a more pop rock
sounds. – Yeah, like High Hopes. – That’s what I kinda like
about Panic! at the Disco is they change from more
of a rock, rock, rock to a pop rock, which I think
is more 2019. – (FBE) Would you still listen
to your favorite musician even if they decided
to change their sound to something completely
different from what you originally liked them for?
– I mean, if System of a Down decided to do full on pop
instead of heavy metal, I’d be like,
you fools are crazy. Goodbye, I am not
your fan anymore. – I like Ariana Grande
and I like how her music videos is all with her friends
and I would still see her music videos. – Halsey actually started off
with a dark song, Without Me, and her new song,
Nightmare, is more rock and I love both of them
the same, so I’m gonna be with Halsey no matter what. – Every band is different.
People like them because they evolve
over the years and they learn more
so maybe they don’t like them in the beginning
and they have different music and now they like them more. – (FBE) So finally, after hearing
some Panic! at the Disco music and learning some more about
the band, would you consider yourself a Panic! fan?
– Probably not a fan, fan, but I like their music. – I would say a little bit. – Probably. – Not really. – No, but I like the first one
a lot because he looks like he’s Spider-Man
and I like the city. – Yes. – I’m kind of in the middle
of kind of a fan. – I would say yes. – I wouldn’t consider myself
an obsessive fan. I just consider myself
a normal fan that likes listening to their music.
I could listen to them for a long time if they
keep up the really good work and they just keep inspiring
to go on and go on with their dreams. – Thanks for watching Kids React.
and shoutout to King Falcon. – Shoutout to Rose Alysse. – Don’t panic, hit the notification
bell and Subscribe. – Thanks for watching, bye. – Hey everyone, Lauren,
producer here at FBE. Thank you so much for
watching this episode of Kids React.
Make sure you check out all our other episodes
across all generations. Their links will be
down in the description. Bye, everyone.

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