Kinetik Tipografi di After Effect Menggunakan Animation Composer Script

Hallo my Name is Samkids From Sk Mograph Now I want to share to you About Kinetic Typography In After Effect Using Animation Composer Script You can download this script for free at Compatible for windows And mac And this script is very Powerfull You can work faster, and safe your time back to After effect Please download and instal the script Than, i want to create a New Composition And create New Solid (CTRL+ Y or CMD+Y) I use dark blue for color type the name “Background or etc.) and than i will precompose this layer (CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+C) Put some text in your composition for example “Hallo” duplicate Layer (CTRL/CMD+D) duplicate Layer again (CTRL/CMD+D) add some shape layer yeaah, this look nice and i want to bring it to the centre next step is, if you’ve instal animation composer you can open in Window Panel>Animation Composer select layer, and choose the preset, just drag and drop make it random, u can explore as you wish

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