Korean Girls React to Panic At The Disco- Victorious,Girls/Girls/Boys,Emperor’s New Clothes[ENG SUB]

They win seems like a toast Champions! I know them! Haven’t you heard about this song? No This song was used by TV show ‘Take care of my fridge’ Exciting! I want to hear this song When i drive a car I heard this song took Billboard 100 when it was released They are cool He is cring! Does he get a broken heart? So fast! Crazy We have to be crazy! W…e…… t…o…be…crazy… He doesn’t wear pants! Oh wait! Don’t you see? He wears something! God! Is no-pants-man your taste? This kinds of M/V always shows Rich guy with Bikini beauties What a kind guy! He is helping He success! After that, Skoal again? I love that look [PD] Wow, You guys know dancing! I don’t want to hear you have a BAE~♪ Yeah Yeah Are these songs about a broken heart? His eyes makes me addicting! Eyes are so big! Is he nude? Yes!!! little bit more!! He is sexy He looks no-briefs This M/V would be banned If he did that in Korea This M/V make me focus on him like his look or gesture BTW, I want to focus on unshown part But It never happened! Play hot and cold Look! It’s like to say ‘If you change your mind, I will tell you where i am’ Maybe, This guy crush on someone… Ohh!! little bit more! Not going to down anymore! No way! It’s frozen! Just DOWN Is his belly button singing now? It play with my heart Slim people has big one. Oh he gets angry! I mean his back mucles get angry! He has so sexy Erector Spinae Muscle He looks handsome He looks nice in this time Suit fit! cool I love that suit fit! l love men’s suit fit! Right It is scary one Oh, I can’t watch scary things! Song is good… Yes, It’s fine makes me thinking about Shin Hae-chul (Korean singer) Well made looks like a zombie movie He really loves to show his stomach anyway He undress again and again I think calm music is not his style, right? [PD] They are rock band Surprised! They are so Dynamic! They directed well Goblin? Demon? feels like a devil! Horns on his head! Satan! You took a yellow lens~ Oppa, You are so good at costume play [PD] Is he ‘Oppa’ to you? He is ‘Oppa’, clearly Oh, He looks like Justin Bieber when he shaked little bit It’s similar to this.. more and more He is becoming Archfiend or Devil look that! Is that Kim Gu-ra? I like this third M/V Fine The costume matched to him so well [PD] You know about this band? or heard their song? Is their name Disco..or somthing? No [PD] Never? Absolutely I heard. When i play drum at the arcade. Or DDR I heard about they were on Billboard. Just right now? Yeah, Just right now All members are four, isn’t? [PD] Yes they were. Right, but some members left the band two members? I don’t know [PD] How was M/Vs? Songs are so match with their band name So Panic like their name! Fit in their name! They are so individuality and stimulating Right I can’t remember others because last had a big impact [PD] Do you like this kind of music? Not bad for playing Yeah, looks good for dancing for us Cause we have lots of passion! It’s Funny If DJ plays them in club , would be fun Still awkward about this genre But, they have an attraction, anyway visually and coustically Especially, Early part of music appeared to me Yes..disco.. Stimulates a bit First was exciting Second was I couldn’t watch lyrics so I can’t say well but, It was good and funny They did good work for direction Couldn’t take my eyes off! When i get on a bus If I listen these songs with wacthing outside They will make me running out from the bus Just like “Yeh, Today is my last day of my life” [PD]Can these kind of band compete with Korean idol in Korea? It will be hard in Korea If they visit Korea and have maniac Korean fans They can have some cool concert anyway But It looks hard to compete continually with Idol Now That’s hard It’s ok to seek some maniac fans But, seems hard to survive in Korean idol market. [PD] You guys heard songs of Panic! at the disco, Today [PD] After this time, Are you going to find their songs? I want to watch last M/V again When i get a stress… I want to go mad, but I can go mad They can take my madness A vicarious pleasure? That’s a fascination of them I will download and listen I’m going to find their songs I will be a head of Panic’s Korean branch and I’m going to assist them with fans Yes! I want to live like that

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