Kristin Wears Sheer Outfits For A Week • Ladylike

Kristin Wears Sheer Outfits For A Week • Ladylike

– Yeah, hold on. (group cheering) – Buckle up, friends. So for the past few months of fashion, sheer clothes have been super in. You see a lot of sheer
clothing at festivals. Now you just see people
wearing sheer clothes to like the DMV or the movies or honestly, even here at work. That’s super cool. But I will admit I do not
have the courage to do that. So I thought it would be
interesting to challenge myself to wear clothing that had sheer paneling and see how long it takes for me to quit. My personal style is I’m
really big on vintage clothes. I like fit and flair. I like dresses. I don’t wear a lot of pants. I don’t like to wear form fitting things. For me, sheer clothing really
is like the final frontier, especially as a plus sized woman. I don’t think of it as
something that’s for me, and that’s my goal for
this week, is I want to see how I can make this trend work for me. So first I wore the black
bodysuit with the rose appliques and I decided to style
it with a black skirt and a black bra. – Fred didn’t realize
I was doing a project. – No I didn’t. I thought Kristen was literally
just like slaying the game, just on her own, like she usually does. Love this slight scantily
clad sheer situation. But still very classy. – Even while I’m keeping it assy. When I put it on, I realized
that you can’t actually see that much of the sheerness of it, so I kept having to pull the skirt down so you could see my stomach, because otherwise it kind
of felt like I was cheating. This isn’t too bad.
– No. – But I have some very
sheer stuff coming up. – I can’t wait to see your tits. – I also decided to wear
this outfit to our Ladylike meet and greet, because when I get judged, I like to get judged by
a huge group of people. Would you know that I was
doing this as an experiment and it’s not something
I would normally wear? – No. – Really?
– No. – I love it. It looks so cute. I actually have it in tan. – Really? – Yes, but it looks better
on you than it does on me. – Okay, no, stop. Everyone I showed the
outfit to was super excited. It photographed really well, which is always an interest of mine. After that day, I realized
I was going to have to crank up the challenge a little bit, because if I was just
gonna do the whole week dressed like an American
Girl doll from the 1850s, I wasn’t gonna feel like
I really pushed myself at the end of the week. So the next day I did the pink dress with the sheer back. It feels nice though. It feels kind of breezy. It’s got some little sheer panels. But the big thing is the
completely sheer back. – Where’s your bra, are you wearing a bra? – [Kristen] Yeah. – But the back is sheer. How is this possible? – I did not wear a full bra with it. I only wore one of those
horrible sticky Instagram bras. You just kind of feel
like you have two snails adhesed to your body. I did buy a dress that
was a little bit too big because I was very afraid of this being both sheer and tight. I feel like I can only
commit one sin in a day. – I like the color on you a lot. I think it could be
tighter in the sleeves. That’s not your fault. – People were like, “You know,
that dress could actually fit “a little closer to your body.” And I was like, “Why,
because then people could see “my body and I don’t want that.” You can definitely see my back fat. In my wedding dress it was backless but it had a lot of jewels
and beads and crystals. But with this dress,
it’s just sheer pink net. I would have been better
off just getting a dress that fit me correctly and not
like a Lisa Frank potato sack. I bought all these sheer pieces. I didn’t really know how to style them, so it took me a while to figure
out what to wear with them. You can’t just wear a see
through lace dress to work and be like, “Here I am, send me to jail.” So I bought this black
bodysuit, and then I realized that you could see a
lot of treasure chest. There’s no such thing as business vagina, unless you’re a gynecologist. I had to get a a pair of underwear
that matched the bodysuit and I had to wear the
underwear under the bodysuit so it looked like just one big bodysuit. How do you feel about this outfit? – It’s butt-tastic. – So my husband had a
lot of fun this week. Mostly he was just like, “Could you wear that with less clothes?” This is definitely more of my upper thigh than I’ve ever shown. – [Brian] I think it’s fine. This is a nice,
professional amount of butt. – I’m not wearing a bra,
which I think is always a little bit precarious. I just put athletic tape on my nipples. By the way, don’t wear
athletic tape on your nipples. Always wear pasties. Now that I’m headed to work I can see this is just a whole lot of leg. No one really thinks of
upper thigh as being a thing you want to hide from people until you’re in a meeting at work. Every time I pass someone
from HR, I’m like, “Sorry I put legs on the menu today.” – Oh my. This is Kristen at the Grammys. – It looks cute. (mumbles) Yes. – It’s so beautiful. I’m obsessed with it. I think this should be an office norm. – Thank you.
– Jesus. – So whenever you do projects
like this at Buzzfeed, you get lots of compliments. But I have never gotten this many. I posted this outfit on Instagram. People loved this outfit. I did not understand. It was like basically a
bathing suit plus a doily. – You look so hot. Is this even allowed? – I don’t think so but
we’re doing it anyway. Whenever I do things like this, it’s not something I’m gonna do again. This was the first time
I ever wore an outfit where I thought, “Yeah,
that’s going right back “in the outfit rotation.” Day four, we moved into advanced mode. I wore the blue bodysuit except
I didn’t wear a bra at all. I gotta wear this bodysuit. I think it’s gonna require
something to cover my nips. Yeah, if I can see my face,
I’m probably gonna be able to see my nipples. Brian, what do you think
I should wear this with? – [Brian] Uh, nothing. – [Kristen] You think I
should wear this with nothing? – Yeah, just that. – A lot of Brian’s fashion
suggestions were not the best. You’re no help. – I’m helpful. – You want me to just go to work naked? – Sure.
– OK. (laughs) Now that I see this in
the cold light of day, this is a significant amount of titty. I feel like I might actually
get in trouble for this. You could see the north
pole, the south pole, really the whole globes. Let’s see what happens
when I lean side to side. This shirt is not roller
coaster appropriate. I couldn’t, like, do a
lot of cardinal directions or else they would just be like, woo! As I’m walking, I see people
do lots of double takes, which I get. I keep doing this. I keep being like, my
mermaid hair will save me. – Kristen, I like them pasties. – Yeah. – I will say I’m very impressed
your boobs are out today. You’re not touching more. I feel like if my boobs were out, I’d be all about touching them. – I’ve been touching them all day. I was like, “Are they still here?” I get why boys like to play with boobs, because they’re pretty fun. Jen, how dangerous is this outfit? On a scale of one to I might get arrested? – You might get a little cold. I would say that is the biggest danger. You’re not gonna get arrested for anything except for having too nice an outfit. – Honestly I feel pretty good in it. I like this outfit so much,
I wore it to Palm Springs. I was amazed by how much
people liked this outfit. This is around the time when
I started to notice people being like, “Wow, Kristen is
stepping up her fashion game.” And I was like, “No,
not really, but thanks.” Day five is when we
started to get into deep, shark infested waters. This jumpsuit with long
sleeves, long legs, it’s completely sheer mesh up top. So I had to wear a bra. Oh hi. – Kristen. – [Kristen] Oh, hi. – Wow, look at you.
– Oh my god. – That’s crazy.
– What? I want this outfit. – Nowhere to hide in this outfit. – There is nowhere but you
don’t need anywhere to hide. I love it. – I like where I’ve gotten to the point where wearing a bra is like a safe option. If people can see my bra, it’s like, phew. At least they can’t see my tits. – I didn’t know it was Be
Catwoman At Work Day today. You look incredible, Kristen. – Oh my God. – [Fred] Look at this number. – Can I just make my food
without you objectifying me? – [Fred] Wait, I just
couldn’t hold myself. This is my favorite outfit. – How is this your favorite outfit? – [Fred] It reminds me of
like, ’90s Janet Jackson. – Literally, I was like, okay, I’m done receiving compliments because I will never able to top that one. I feel like a floating head right now. – It’s a lot of black. – I usually use my hair as a shield, but this was the outfit where I felt like it was best to just throw it up and let the whole
situation speak for itself. – You look really hot. – Thank you. I am really hot because it’s long sleeves. – This is so cute. – You could see other parts of my body I’m uncomfortable with, like
you could see my stomach and my hips and my arms
and also there’s a collar, so you can see my chin that I hate. I do feel really good
in this jumpsuit though. I feel, like, polished. So I decided to take the
bodysuit from day one and then wear it with a little
bit less security clothes. I wore it with a horrible Instagram bra and a pair of pants which I don’t like, and we all know this. I’m wearing the same bodysuit, but with the weird Instagram bra. Oh my God. Wow, this shows a lot of my boob. Can I go to work like this? You have terrible ideas. – I have great ideas. And everyone says that. – I think it was a good experiment. But I don’t know if I felt great in it. – I think you look like a rocker chick. – Yeah. – I think you’re definitely
a head turner in this outfit. – I do see why you feel a bit exposed. – This is obviously a
very boob-friendly office but some treasures you gotta keep buried until Indiana Jones can come find them. So Devin just realized
that Freddy and I both have matching flower tits. – Yep. – If I had known today was flower tit day, I would have whipped out my best bouquet. – We didn’t tell you. We just texted each other. – Thanks, guys. – There were a couple of
things that went wrong. One thing is one of my boobs
is significantly bigger than the other, which is common, but with the Instagram bra, it means that you can really see it. Your boobs are like– This bodysuit is sheer, so
all day, it was like, hi guys. ♫ Welcome to my boobs ♫ And here they are right now ♫ And one of them is high ♫ And one of them is east This bra is so itchy and sticky. I have to take it off. Even though my back looks banging. So we got through the week. I thought I was going into this wearing like basically a costume
of a person who isn’t me, and I ended just kind of
discovering a new side of my own fashion sense. My body didn’t really matter. What mattered was to
have fun with fashion. I think this isn’t like, “Can Kristen get away with
wearing no clothes at work?” We could do that video too. Kristen is naked for the week. That’s my last video.

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