KYLE Designs His Marvel-Inspired Superhero

KYLE Designs His Marvel-Inspired Superhero

– Wow. Bro, this is me living my best life. Hey, what’s up, y’all? I’m KYLE. ♪ Girl I know you playing with me ♪ ♪ Girl who are you playing with ♪ Super Duper Kyle, that is my alter ego, that is the version of
myself that is unstoppable. – Hi, my name is Karl Altstaetter, and I’ve been a comic
book artist for 25 years, and I’m here to turn
KYLE into the superhero he’s always imagined he could be. Tell me about your superhero alter ego. – KYLE is kind of like
a shy, nerdy drama kid, and then Super Duper Kyle
was his voice in his head that’s like ‘nah, dude,
you’re a superstar.’ – [Karl] What’s his
most prominent feature? – He’s got these big ass
teeth, and he goes like this, like big as hell, and they
just shine dummy bright, like (high-pitched humming), and then people are like (screaming) gosh. He’s gotta be kinda swole. Can you make me semi-swole?
– Absolutely. – He’s definitely swole. I would love to go just
fly high up into the clouds and kinda just get away from everything and just be able to look
down at the sky and just, you know, chill. And he’s a little tall,
you know what I mean? Not too tall, but he’s kinda tall. Attractive. Yes. Wow. Oh my God (laughs). Yo, dude, this is crazy. – Well, one of the things you mentioned that really resonated with me was you flying above
everything in a positive way, and that’s really what
I wanted to capture. So, there’s sort of the gray
clouds and the city here, and you’re sort of above it.
– Yeah. – Going towards sort of
the positive energy up top. – This made me think a
lot about the, you know, the person I’m trying to
be, you know what I mean? Even more than what I am today, I think I wanna leave
this room and try and be more of this version of myself. Everybody is somebody’s superhero, and based on how you act
out there in the world, you know what I mean? Depends on who’s gonna say
that about you one day. This was eye-opening, dude, and this is… This is tight. Wait, can I show it to the… Can I touch it? I’m sorry.
– Go ahead. – Bro, this is (bleep) epic. (laughing) (inspirational music)

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  1. Girl, who are you playin' with?…

  2. me: sees marvel anywhere
    also me: clicks video

  3. “we hired a former marvel comic book artist”
    puts a picture of a dc comics character on screen


  5. he’s a lil tall, but not too tall.

  6. Him : Hey guys i'm Kyle .
    Me: Who ?


  8. SEENT IT. 😀 also, can we PLEASE give credit to the artist where it's due? you know, the one who's actually doing the designing. KYLE is a sweetheart, i'm sure he'd want a shoutout to the artist as well.

  9. Girl why you keep playin wit me…..finish it off😉

  10. I already saw this video

  11. Hes actually a really good drawer

  12. its been months since i heard a song from kyle and heard about kyle

  13. Did i miss the marvel inspired part?

  14. Cool SHero and positive idea/attitude too.

  15. Kyle looks a mess in the thumbnail

  16. So he drew Sentry?

  17. he made my brother white


  19. He just drew a black version of the sentry lol

  20. Wait

    Who da f**k is Kyle?
    And why is he relevant?

  21. why was this taken down and reuploaded??


  23. Had no idea who kyle was

  24. Saitama with hair?

  25. where's GOT7 Interview ?😭

  26. Yes, Kyle! Always good to see one of my favorite artists.

  27. Yo Kyle is here!! NICE!!! 🔥

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  29. What a cutie pie

  30. Aghhhh The buzzfeed unsolved background ( cant wait for the next season ! )

  31. You guys should you worth it sauage

  32. Why did he draw him white?

  33. Thuper Duper Kyle making moves.

  34. Definitely gonna be revamping my channel since I’ve been at it for over 7 years with no luck. Satirical commentary videos, HERE I COME!

  35. He is from my home town ❤️ VENTURA LIFE

  36. Is it a reupload

  37. 0:26 Why does it just say former marvel artist if he drew for both Marvel and DC

  38. Captain Planet? 🤔

  39. Kyle, Karl, did they purposely do that?

  40. the try guys do boot camp for a week

  41. I never expected this video.

  42. Why is the cartoon white?

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  44. Who the hell is Kyle?

  45. He's white that's racist


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  48. I like his little tooth

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  50. to the Belayez channel

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  52. He’s tall. Not too tall, but kinda tall

  53. sub
    then my turn
    thank u

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  55. pes 2019
    Best game

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  58. SUPER DUPER KYLE :)))))

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  61. Omg u guy should watch this video its the best YouTube video

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  63. Okay has buzzfeedvideo just like stopped posting or something

  64. If I did this I’d be a villain

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  66. so basically he made Shazam from DC?

  67. Kyle with logic though

  68. So basically all might XD

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  70. Why does Kyle sound like Tyler the creator


  72. Izuku c'est un super hero :f

  73. I actually hope everyone in buzzfeed kills themselves

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  77. He made him white

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  79. Reporting snake thing zqnmbd rather demand description golden according reader expertise else.

  80. HE'S FROM THE SAME TOWN AS ME (ventura, ca) but he's annoying so i dont care

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  87. I’m disappointed in KYLE for partnering with buzzfeed

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