Lana Del Rey – Doin’ Time (Official Video)

Lana Del Rey – Doin’ Time (Official Video)

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  1. Her legs is so fucking sexy 😩

  2. Wear pants when your a gaint u skank.

  3. İ’m foot fetish 🧟‍♂️♥️💋

  4. who else is addicted to this song?

  5. Yammat FM approved summer smash 2019.!

    102|5 or

    YFM / More Than a Machine!

  6. Ok, I'll give it to her for trying to remake a great song but it's no good. Should have just left Sublime alone.

  7. Im not a lesbian, but if Lana asked me out, i wouldnt say no.


  8. Imagino os homens de baixo dela 🤨😐

  9. Dude where’s my car?!

  10. Большевичка

  11. Me recordó al video "Giving you up" de Kylie Minogue

  12. Who here is an OG Sublime fan?

  13. Her smile is just like… perfect… like… I don’t stan all her music (still a lot of songs but not all of them) but god she truly is a beautiful person.

  14. everyone was smelling pepsi cola that day

  15. This version of doin time is god awful

  16. I would not be running if lana del rey came out of a screen….

  17. Que rica Lanita uwu

  18. This song should have never been touched

  19. Лана,а ты не зажралась?

  20. Lana Del Rey looks like Amanda Cerny

  21. What's up with Lana's obsession with 1950s culture??? Can someone care to explain

  22. İstanbuldaki deprem nedeni

  23. SUBLIME 🤘🤘🤘

  24. Soy la única que sintió ced al ver su video? 🌚

  25. Nice. And also honnest :

  26. Super Hot Giant Alien

  27. i love how everyone carries on minding their own business like there isn't a giant woman passing by

  28. You are a real queen

  29. Juraba que este tema era mas antiguo 😮. Suena como tipo 2010 o 2011 xd

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