Learn How To Do a Pop Shuvit (Shove It) in ONE DAY! (Easy Practice Steps)

Learn How To Do a Pop Shuvit (Shove It) in ONE DAY! (Easy Practice Steps)

Hi, my name is Justin Lauria, and today I’m
going to teach you how to do a skateboarding trick called a pop shuvit. A pop shuvit is a trick that you can do on
flat ground, and involves popping one end of the board off the ground like an ollie,
but also rotating the board 180 degrees under you before landing. You can rotate your pop shuvits either frontside
or backside. Other skaters will usually specify if they’re talking about a frontside pop shuvit,
but if they’re talking about the backside version, they’ll usually call it just a pop
shuvit. In this video, we’ll just be going over the backside version. Before you start learning pop shuvits, you
should first learn how to ollie. If you’re still working on your ollie, you can watch
this video for some help. Now keep in mind that you can do this trick
without popping the tail off the ground if you want. It’s actually a common freestyle
flatground trick called just a “shuvit.” However, shuvits are much less versatile than pop shuvits,
since one set of wheels stays on the ground the entire time, so you’ll probably eventually want to learn how to do a proper pop shuvit where all four wheels leave the ground. Alright, so the first thing I want you to
practice looks like this. Stand with your front foot on the ground next to the board,
and pop the tail off of the ground with your back foot. As you do this, pull
your back foot toward your heel so that the front of the board rotates away from you.
Then, as the board does a half rotation, jump forward and try to land with your back foot on top of the back wheels. Once you get the hang of it, try to land with your front foot on the board as well. After you’ve practiced this for a while, we’re
going to move on to starting out with both feet on the board. Position your back foot on the board with
the ball of your foot in the center of the tail. If you place your foot either too far
toe-side or too far heel-side, the board is going to have a tendency to flip over in addition
to the spin you’ll be introducing. Next, position your front foot just behind
the front bolts. Later, you can adjust your front foot positioning to affect how slowly
or how quickly the board rotates, moving it farther forward to make it rotate more slowly,
and moving it farther back to make it rotate more quickly, but for now, let’s start with
it right here. Now, bend down at your knees like you would
for an ollie, making sure not to rotate your shoulders at all, and jump up into the air,
popping and scooping the tail of the board with your back foot just like you did in the
practice step earlier, and try to land with just your front foot on
the board. Once you start getting this practice step
down, you should be able to start landing with both feet on the board fairly quickly As you jump, concentrate on pulling
your front foot up and out of the way, letting your back foot do all the work of popping
the tail off the ground and spinning the board under you. The only job for your front foot
on this trick is to catch the board as it comes around to stop it from over-rotating. One thing to note is that the best results
usually occur if you concentrate on doing the shuvit motion with your back foot the
instant the tail of the board makes contact with the ground, rather than trying to do
both the pop and the scoop at the same time. If you’re having trouble with the board landing
out in front of you, make sure to jump forward toward your toes a little bit as you pop the
board. As you transition to doing this trick moving,
start out riding slowly and remember to keep your shoulders parallel to the direction you’re
traveling the entire time. If you start using your upper body to help swing the board around,
you’re going to have a lot of trouble staying balanced once you land, and the problem only
magnifies itself the faster you go. One thing you might be interested in working
on once you get this trick down is catching the board with just your front foot and then
putting your back foot on a little bit later. Personally, I prefer to get my back foot on the board before it hits the ground so I have a more stable and consistent landing. Be sure to keep me updated with your progress
and questions in the comments section below, subscribe now to stay up to date with the
latest trick tips, and as always, remember to have fun.

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