Lego Batman Movie Interview with Lorne Balfe Composer

Lego Batman Movie   Interview with Lorne Balfe Composer

[Music] I got involved I a phone call from the director mr. ok and we basically had a conversation about he tell me what the film was about the fact that it was a mixture of about the boy which lets you got film meet Michael Bay and when I heard that I thought that sounds fun and you know if I’ve done quite a few animation and I had been involved with quite a few of the batman three of the fact that sells this place the additional means of problems and produced schools so I was in that world but really he wasn’t looking for a parody of school he was looking for a deadly serious actually seen but with heart and feelings he thought about it and then we met up and got on and that’s really how it all started ready it was coming four main theme and before we met up by five are managed to watch the element and of course the animation that never finished until the last minute that you’re looking you’re looking at a loss of unfinished team and the Deaf storyboard you you have to have a range of imagination with them the first time i worked on was the Robin theme and I think that we we just we spoke a lot for eyebrows single notes and that’s why normally tend to do because the Christian worked on this for three years and and I had just come along and maybe like seven months near the end I was kind of a baby project so there was a lot of tools for any likely and Robert the first and Robin Bruce Wayne have got a lot in common and mainly deep breaths firstly that they are both open it’s very touching story so i work from that means and i sent a clear before before we kinda tricky track down so if we had some thoughts about and and then we kind of sat down i work with the main focus was Robin theme the Joker theme the Bruce Wayne and Batman theme and then the whole concept of coming together the whole team with because of me that always had talked about fat if you’re if you’re a supervillain like the Joker you are going to have your own band that follows you around obviously so we wanted to have it so that it was a mixture of progressive rock 90s heavy metal guitar particles to hold the whole gangs involved with this so i think that the colors not only does music change the colors changed when you’re working on an animation the colors of the firm it’s constantly changing the music has evolved around the only records to me with the nail happy I didn’t intend it and and I didn’t and I didn’t there’s no seams any of the other film in there its trade as a very classical rock bottom action school so I i think that people are made here not the Alpha and schools that all of that said they’re not unfortunately they really are not too before classical music to this will work there with the world equal to use it every time I done an animation film as I think I’ve never looked at it as writing for children I’ve always thought that children are far more advanced the week it’s incredible and I never felt that I was right and she needs that i was writing you this that was rightful the 15 compared to when you watch the light Looney Tunes or all partying from that time that are very comical and they use all the comedic trick in the book and I think our audience just progressing so so my riding clothes that was not look at this as an animation film it was a it was as good as a real action film that how i live and of course it was a lighter moments like mayhem any in Boston which was a part of the plan and that was food writers if it was a band play but they’re really i think the darkness change the fact that some of the instances visually the colors in a very blacken are an orange and it was I looks that sounds like the whole opening sequence I look at it as it’s very serious and I thought well but if I’ve if i call it seriously then admit it lets the humor do it its job and I’m not interfering the hardest part of any project is is the theme it’s the it’s the fear you have a bike page sitting and starting a project because the theme to me at least the theme and the colors are what makes the which is the tissue of the whole school so I think sitting down and writing them Robin theme and the Batman theme was the most intimidating but really the most scary i find i find it very scary and and also been playing it to your director is very intimidating it’s like being asked you to your favorite child it’s just very difficult to please you you put your heart and soul anything and they give it someone else and this and they may not like always it’s constantly and I think about when you’re on a person working on a film things change the film changes the characters change so the music is constantly evolving it if it’s not that happened then and then the music changes even right at the end when the film is being finished because those other things to take into consideration that sound effect that there is dialogue there’s 50 parts that all that is going on and you have to you have to keep that into consideration so it’s constantly evolving and you’re always sitting back and looking at the whole school and ask about it i’ll be here we’re getting enough connection their characters is 1515 strong enough it it’s always very difficult to distance yourself that there’s always self but then I think that’s part of other composers you’ve always thought a bit of doubt with with the process it’s not finished so it’s an ongoing struggle [Music]

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