Let’s pop Alex’s shoulder back in – RWS EP10

Yeah, yeah, it’s dislocated Okay, put it back in so [we] [gotta] pop it back in I don’t [know] how I think you just pull on it to be honest Okay, you ready Careful careful slow, okay. Keep going just like incremental pull wow this must be why they call it fire tower All right, this is where we went? Yeah, we were supposed to turn right and then look dude We just went really far in the opposite direction of I’m pointing right towards so the Hunters We think told us the right way, but we jumped the gun and went into the trail Instead of continuing down the road, but instead. We just climbed and climbed and climbed for like 40 minutes Which will totally be cool because we get to where you’ll probably get back really fast all right Alright So let’s have fun Going back all that climbing that we did at least we get to take it back down now And look like so much fun. Yeah. We were like this would be is such a bummer that we’re climbing this It’s like leafy Slippery Downhill trying not to skid [as] much as I can [alright] it’s Sort of riding on like the edge of control with all these leaves it is kind of difficult to [see] And Alex is right on my ass Alex is good Descender. He thinks I’m going too slow Maybe I’ll let him get up ahead. So the good news is I don’t think it’s gonna. Take us very long to get back And this is this rate We had to climb all of this oh Yeah, I’m good. That was dumb. [I] Forgot there’s a hairpin turn right here done that I would have never seen that the children the trail goes right there [that] [goes] hit straight into a bunch of rocks [that] [was] a noob that was a noob move [I] mean Does a fault I move that the leaves get like this, and you can’t see anything? But I should have seen that this that this wasn’t a trail. There’s no excuse for that all right Why don’t you lead so you can take the next fall? And I can I Leave a little pistons you leave a little bit [of] distance between Alex and I Dude, no. Oh no dude horn hang on So it feels weird. I was laughing at you already. I know because it was job cuz it was a funny fall the funny fall It was really funny fall, but it’s not funny anymore, so let’s okay. Okay? No yeah. Yeah, it’s dislocated Okay, just put it back in so we [gotta] pop it back in [I] don’t know how [I] [think] you just pull on it to be honest Okay, ready, [okay]? [I’m] gonna pull wait wait. Wait. Wait. Should we look this up No service does your phone have service. Where’s your phone? I’ve never done, whoa Hold on. I need my phone to look up how to use an Android phone Not in the mood for jokes [alright]. How do we do this? Okay, you are offline Wait a second Are you in airplane mode no crazy feeling? It’s just out, huh? I’m pretty confident about it um. I think if we [just] I Think it to pull it out though, and we have to pull it out. Yeah That’s why I was gonna put my knee there pull. I think look Back in who’s put their foot right there? Okay [holy] ready, holy hold on don’t just yank it though. I’m not just gonna yeah. Yeah, I’m gonna go slowly, okay I gotta tell you yeah, all right. Let me know if there’s anything slowly Okay, hold on It’s still definitely not in okay [there’s] no way I could get it back by just pulling that hard I think I gotta pull a lot harder because to pop it out. I have to pull hard, okay There’s your shoulder There’s your arm [alright], let’s bail I could even try to ride somewhere where I can get reception and Look it up Try this again cuz try this and [we’ll] just ghost Careful careful slow, okay. We keep keep going just like incremental pull, whoa whow Did you do that? DUDE! I totally felt that! I was like over here, and won’t dude. I’ve never done that before oh Dude, we totally just figured it out Your shoulder was out of it Socco’s way out And we totally just I’m like I want to move but a threat chill for a minute. No. It’s not going to feel good That’s gonna because it’s going to be all inflamed for days actually at least bad Yeah chill for a minute, and then we’ll get up on a [ride] azalea mmm Feels loose yeah, I mean, it’s got to be inflamed as hell right now. It’s a good thing you knew that foot trick I was going to use my knee and kind of do it the same way [you] [learn] something new every day. I was going to pull up a youtube video like how to pop a dislocated shoulder back in Okay, so the something else to take note of is is the shoulder drooping further down than this one? It’s actually not that’s a set that is a separated shoulder. I ,I Have [that] have you ever seen this no oh Wow, it’s like that permanently gnarly. Yeah, [Brynnie] you guys haven’t seen this My shoulder is permanently like that because I got a separated shoulder So I know all about that, but I just learned something about that I Didn’t know anything about that Everyone crashes we book. It’s like the everyone poops book. We just crash more than others Unfortunately that might be true Whenever people [have] gotten hurt I’ve always been fortunate enough to be in a situation where [we] could either get help or somebody around knew what to do It worked out this time You know I pulled on a shoulder Alex knew for me to kind of put my foot there, and we figured it out, but it was a much more serious injury You know that could have been really bad. I’m going to take the time to educate myself How do you guys learn about that stuff you [just] learn through experience? Or is there some kind of course you can take let me know in the comments? Oh? Man! I have to tell you do not use this video as instructional footage for how to pop somebody’s shoulder back into the socket We’re really lucky that it worked out the way it did [I] know there’s going to be some Ideit in the comments like oh, you’re not supposed to do it like [that] But it’s like no, we don’t we don’t know what we’re doing is shoulder popped out of its socket You know it’s this line as [I] see those [hands] this really happened [excel] real life scenario anyway. Hope you guys realize that watch somebody who knows what they’re [doing] if you want to learn how to pop somebody’s shoulder back in but uh Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll see you next time

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