Lil Bri vs Dylan Jacob: Next Generation Of RAPPERS Battle! | S2E7 | The Four

We’ll bring forces Dylan Jacob We have low breathe and Dylan hoping these artists gave charreah room for their money, so they’re coming back for revenge last performance I came out strong but I didn’t finish as strong. She wanted to eat and you became dinner Last time I was here lady told me different things that I could work on a better life So I went back to Houston lots of time to work on more lyrics to get better and Writing my music so I can fit it into the beast the right way. I’m coming back to the for the show. BTW that obviously I come from humble beginnings. I’ve hustled so hard rapping on the streets of Las Vegas I got a support not only my mom with my family. Everything’s at stake for me. I have no plan B I’m ready to show everyone this time around I do have what it takes to beat charreah. It’s time to shine This is definitely my chance to show I can finish the battle. I started with Trey it’s game time Listen the hot You’ll see color musical chair Give it up little pre Dylan Jacob, but now it’s your turn to show the audience. You deserve the chance to challenge one of the core fresher than my sneakers random words I fell like a cheater shoot I’m supposed to past the teacher thats why I’m back from hell foe if you pick me up put a tag on the toe yes my rapping is cold but I goda stand up and put you back on pole. I’m back from the show at least i come back to show I have still have one life and I’m coming at you though I’m matching some balls I really need this to fill up the bucks to my hands you foes gotta make a lot being a millionaire laughs these rappers they soft like they from build a bear laughs they say well I came for rice in union square so don’t tell me to be mean come and check out my demeanour I need to take a seat cause the grass look greener that’s Justin Bieber little white boy got a mad flow why you mad foe you never tell me oh yea we both just some teens but imagine I’d be if I had a geman depree no shade I feel like they don’t take me serious I’m liberty give the hair like talking in my bed like fire up the grill why you act like a sheep I’ m little pump from what you see I know I still pay from a bunfee and I’m still eating though oh Labrie, I still think you used Too many words for where your breath control is at right now. I wish I could say more. I’m just telling you straight up. I think Dillon displayed that he had more breath control and a little bit more skill and that type of rat thank you for But I will tell you I don’t think you stand a chance with charreah If you do the same thing that you just did up there Khaled I Like Brie’s performance. She representing the south so she gonna give you them flows. Thank you You will continue growing and growing and growing you gonna be great. And also, you know the beat you picked All I do is win. I think you have a great year Janice and Dillon you came ready to paddle? So I want to say both the uh, congratulations don’t represent the young world Chance to challenge one of the four four spots in next week’s finale please votes now Will it be well breathe or Dylan Jacob He comes right for you And the winner of this challenge is Dylan Jacob Little breathe you’re gonna walk in next pass with pride. Thank you little breathe I feel like I did everything I could I gave in my Arms, and I honestly felt like I put on a better performance than dealing but the crowd made their decision This door closed and doesn’t stop me. It’s just not my time yet Dylan Jacob has earned the second challenge of the night Dylan. Do you know what you’re gonna do? I’m just excited to come back and show you guys I can finish what I started and picture a right now It’s my baby You

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