Lil Jon Reacts To New Atlanta Rappers (Young Nudy, Lil Keed, Zack Fox) | The Cosign

Lil Jon Reacts To New Atlanta Rappers (Young Nudy, Lil Keed, Zack Fox) | The Cosign

What up, it’s Lil Jon. Right now I’m about to see which one of these
Atlanta rappers gets my cosign. The number one thing people have to understand
about Atlanta is we don’t make records for no-fucking-body else but Atlanta. We barbecue year-round. We love our fried chicken and our lemon pepper
wings. It’s just out of the culture of our city,
that’s just how we are. We just make fire records for the town and
it just blow up everywhere else. They spent some money on they video. Go ahead, Nudy. Got a catchy little style, okay. I have not heard this song before, but I like
shawty. Shawty cool. It’s just a lot of ass, I see ass every goddamn-where. Ass and guns. I think the song is cool. And like I said, I like his flow, I like his
style. I was an A&R guy, so I can see the talent,
and I can see that he’s just getting started. He’s going to get better and better and better
because he had a nice flow, he had a catchy flow. Really, really catchy flow, Because he was like, “Duh-duh-duh, duh, duh-duh-duh,
duh.” That’s an extra hook. He had the chorus, but that’s
an extra thing that catches you. It sticks in your head. So, that’s why I think, “Yeah, okay. He’s good.” We had no female rappers and now we’ve got
a shit load of female rappers. I love it. Nice quality video. I’ve never heard of her. I like the fact that she’s only 19 and she’s
spitting. Jealous-ass bitch. Just seeing one video, I don’t know what her
thing is. Like, Megan Thee Stallion is sexy and she
rap. She can rap her ass off, but she also got
her sex appeal thing that’s kind of her edge. I want to see what Killumantii’s thing is,
like where is she trying to sit in the game. I think I seen this on the internet. There’s the little people. I don’t know about the LeftCheek, RightCheek
name, though. Project X, oh, so they mean they going to
have a wild ass party. They actually twerking, though. They twerking like a motherfucker. What the fuck? Who knows, man. In hip-hop now, anything can fucking happen. And it don’t matter what you look like, where
you from, your ethnicity. People just want a hit record. If it’s a hit record, they don’t give a fuck. They’re decent. I don’t know about this record. I don’t think this one is the one, though. But they could potentially come out of nowhere and fuckin’ have a smash. This remind me of like a Young Thug. Not just because of the hair, but the flow. In all of these young
kids, I just see growth. I see the future. I remember when Thug came out, and to see
Thug where he started to where he is now, he grew so much as an artist. He probably knew Keed from when he was a little
jitt. He probably knew him when he was young, and
he probably just seen him around, he probably was hanging around and probably tried to freestyle
with him. You know what I mean? And just seen him grow, and was like, “I’m
going to put the little homie … I’m going to give him a chance.” That’s the great thing about what we can do
as black men. We can give someone a chance and potentially
a career. Him growing up in the same apartments and
then end up being signed to him is great. I remember when I was coming up, I’d go hang
out with Jermaine, TLC would be over here, OutKast is over here, Goodie Mob right here,
Dungeon Family got a show, we going to go over there and mess with them. Everybody just fuck with everybody. And everybody is happy to see each other succeed. I like the way they having fun at the beginning
of the video, we got to get back to having fun in rap again. People ain’t having … People too cool. Start trying to be hard and be too goddamn
cool. Shit Bag and Fuck Face, I love that. It’s just hilarious. It’s the energy of the youth. They love this slow hard beat, aggressive
vocal, turn up shit. I can see the whole crowd just bouncing. Comedy is everything now. That’s what’s going to make you go viral. Like every television commercial is comedic. That’s what people want to see. The world is so fucked up. People don’t want to be serious all the
time. We need to laugh. We need to escape. Like, looking at this takes you somewhere
else and it will help you forget about the bullshit going on in your life ‘cause it’s
a nice story and it makes you laugh. We need to laugh. We need to be more happier these days, so
this is awesome. Actually, overall, all of the artists, all
of them, I think, have talent. Even the Tiny Twinz. I think they got talent too. Everybody is rapping pretty good. Nobody was trash to me. After watching all these videos, the rapper
that gets my cosign is Zack Fox and Kenny Beats, because I like the hook. Square Up. Everybody knows what the fuck square up means,
it’s a good hook, it’s a turn up hook. Turn up beat, and comedic as fuck video. This video is funny as shit. Everything was pretty standard, the videos,
except for Zack Fox. They’re thinking out of the box, and they’re
being different. They actually sat down and really came up
with some really good skits in their videos, some good vignettes, a good story line. But everything else is like, “We in the trap. We at the gas station. We in the mansion.” That’s normal shit, but these guys really
stood out to me. Atlanta supports its local talent. When you come to Atlanta, you going to hear
the local artist on the radio. And it’s not going to be just like one or
two. It’s going to be like … You’re going to
be like, “What the fuck is that? Who is that?”

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