Lil Yachty Freestyles With Kids | Arts & Raps

Lil Yachty Freestyles With Kids | Arts & Raps

– You know who you look like? You’re too young for this, but there’s a show called Kenan and Kel, and you look just like Kenan. – What? – No, it’s a great thing. You gotta search Kenan Thompson. Let me see what you see. – I do not look like him! – Let me see. – I look nowhere near like him! I look nowhere near. – No one else sees it? No one sees Kenan Thompson? You look just like a baby Kenan Thompson. – Excuse me? What? – No, it’s a great thing. (upbeat music) – My name’s Dilan. – And I’m Zaria. – And today you’re watching Arts and Raps. And we have a special episode with Lil Yachty from Teen
Titans Go! To the Movies! (energetic music) (energetic music) (energetic music) – ♪ Go Teen Titans, go,
go Teen Titans, go ♪ – [Announcer] Teen
Titans Go! To the Movies. – Oh, ah ha ha. Tight on the crotch. – We heard that you’re on the
new Teen Titans Go! movie, so today we wanna make our own superhero. So we have the fabric for the masks. – Okay. – You can use both of the same color, but it just has to be really hard, so it’s not floppy on the mask. – Oh, I’m more of, like,
a dry-fit type of guy. I like it thin and sleeky. – Okay. – What is Green Lantern’s
rap name would be? – Like G Lant, T Lant. – Oh, what about the GLG? – That was … – The Green Lantern Guy. – It’s the GLG on your TV, Here to serve you some nice … – Tea. – [voice from audience] Hey! (audience laughs) – There we go. – What’s the one power that
you would do with your ring? – If I could have a magical ring, I’m not even sure. I’d probably, like, use it to make a jet. – Oh. – [Lil Yachty] Maybe like. – High five. – Yeah, you like flying? – I do, but it’s kind of complicated. Our relationship is complicated. – You and flying? – Yeah. – Okay, sister. – The thing is, she can’t fly. She gone fall and bust
her head if you try to. – Wait, wait, how? – You don’t know me Dilan. – No, but. – [Dilan] Yes, I do. – Just, Jesus, okay, so. It’s like loving hip hop. So, I remember on my
first day of kindergarten, I cried. – I did, too. – Yeah, see? – [Zaria] Actually … – I wouldn’t let nobody
touch me or nothing. – Wait, why would they wanna hold you? – [Dilan] I sat alone. (audience laughs) – So, what’s your favorite … Whoa! – I’m in the lead right now. – That’s so cool. – Thank you, sister. – Say you have one spot
left on your little boat. Would you do Cardi B or Nicki Minaj? Okay. – Oh my God. Ya’ll just trying to get me in trouble. Um, I think at that point, I’m just gonna jump off the boat. (audience laughs) – Who’d be your superhero girlfriend? – Just superheroes? – Anybody that you think is natural. (computerized whum) – That slowed me down. (audience laughs) – Why do they try to play you? You need the little scissors. – Aha! – I don’t know. They think I’m a kid. – Look at her scissors, and look at your scissors. – Snap, snap! – Oh, ho, ho, ho. – That is so rude. (audience laughs) – Snap, snap. – I’m bleeding. – Oh, jeez, ooh. chillllld – Why you such your own blood? – She’s a vampire. She’s adventurous. – Who’d you rather bring
to the club with you, the Teen Titans or the Migos? – Okay, so, first off, I hate the club. I’m gone tell you guys right now, the club is not what you think it is. It’s terrible. It sucks. It’s like a birthday party minus the fun. (audience laughs) – Like, it’s so terrible. – It’s just people dancing? – Yeah. No, they’re not even dancing. That’s the crazy part. It’s people and music and standing. And like, it’s a bunch
of girls doing like this on Snapchat. (audience laughs) – And then a lotta people
are drinking alcohol, and so, they’re like, hey
man, what are you doing? And then you’re just like, don’t touch me. (audience laughs) – So, the club is just overrated. – I always tell my mom that I
just want to grow up so fast. – No, no, no, no, you don’t. – I wanted that. My mama always said, Dilan
can’t you just stay little? – Yeah, yeah, my mom said that, too. – I don’t get why moms say that. It’s just a mom thing. – No, no, it’s a life thing. So like, being older is
sometimes really hard, really hard. – How? – You gotta lot of responsibilities. – How? – You got to take care of bills. – How? And especially for you because … – Oh, no, not me. I’m good. I’m rich. (audience laughs) – Yep. – Do I get to come to the premier? – Yeah. – I’ll be your plus one. – No, nu uh, no. – Pick me up at five. – No, no, no, no, no! – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! – He needs boy time; he needs boy time. Not no annoying little girl. – He gets the boy time every day. – I do. (audience laughs) – Told ya’. – I wanna live the rich
life with him, so … – Can I wear that face? – It’s really heavy. – How heavy can it be? – Very heavy. – Dang, that’s heavier than I thought. – [Zaria] What? – [Dilan] How come everybody
else that I thought was light. – Well, son, let me tell you, in life you gone meet
a lot of real people, and you’re gone meet a lot
of fake people, all right? Now listen, brother, right
here in your presence, you got a real one. You hear me? – Yay. – You understand that? So this is how I’m gone do mine. (lively music) – I told you to add more. (lively music) (audience laughs) – Is this good? – It looks really good. – So stand up. Everybody hit a superhero pose. – Okay. That’s upside down. You have it on backwards. Your crown should be facing
that way, ’cause you’re a king. – No, it’s not a crown. – Oh. (audience laughs) – No, it’s supposed to be something. I just thought it was cool. – [Lil Yachty] She be
laughing at you, brother. That’s how girls do me, though. They laugh at me, too. (lively music) – Thank you guys for
watching Arts and Raps. – Be sure to check out Teen Titans Go! To the Movies on July 27. – Can I keep this? (audience laughs) – Oh, no. That’s very expensive. (audience laughs) – But you said you’re rich.

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