Madan Mohan Biography | The Renowned Ghazal Composer

‘Tell me, my heart’ ‘Whom do you love’ ‘Who has entered your dreams’ The son of an owner of a film studio. An army man. Who shot guns in the battlefield. He became the legendary
music director, Madan Mohan. His full name was Madan Mohan Kohli. He was born on 25th June,
1924, in Baghdad. His father, Rai Bahadur Chunnilal.. ..worked with the Iraqi Police. Since childhood, he loved music. And he used to listen to music.. ..on the gramophone at home,
for hours. ‘I let go of your love.’ ‘I let go of your love.’ ‘Tell me, where should I go?’ ‘I fear, that in your arms..’ ‘I fear that in your arms..’ ‘..I may die of happiness today.’ As soon as Iraq was
free of British rule.. ..Rai Bahadur Chunnilal
came back with his family. And back in Mumbai,
Madan Mohan’s father.. ..became a partner in Bombay Talkies.. ..and Filmistan studios. ‘Our hearts are together, today.’ ‘I am close to the destination.’ It is believed,
Madan Mohan was inspired about music.. ..thanks to his mother. She was a good writer, too. And in 1943,
since his father said so.. ..Madan Mohan joined the army. But his heart was linked to music. And when he had the first chance.. ..he quit the army and
entered the world of music. And he joined the All
India Radio in Lucknow.. ..where he was with
Ustad Faiyyaz Khan. Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. And ballad singer, Begum Akhtar. At the same time,
he became friends with.. ..the famous singer, Talat Mehmood. ‘A catchy song.’ ‘Why is the night singing it?’ ‘Why do I feel sleepy and then not’ ‘Someone has woken
these desires in my heart.’ ‘Who has entered my dreams?’ For some time,
he assisted music directors.. S.D Burman and Shyam Sundar. Lata Mangeshkar gave
the greatest number of hits.. ..for Madan Mohar. It’s well known that they
were like brother and sister. When we first met, we sang
a duet of a brother and sister. From now on,
you’re my sister and I’m your brother. Lata Mangeshkar sang
for almost all his films. His first film was the 1950 film,
Aankhen. After that, Jahaanara.
Dulhan Ek Raat Ki.. ..and the films followed,
one after the other. . . . Madan Mohan got Rafi
to sing many songs too. And all of them were a hit. It’s believed that he didn’t
use Kishore Kumar too much. But in the film Man
Mauji it’s seen, that.. ..Kishore Kumar has
sung great songs for him. ‘I need, I need, I need.’ ‘A lady wife.’ ‘An enchantress.’ ‘Who will serve her husband.’ ‘I need, I need, I need.’ ‘A lady wife.’ ‘An enchantress.’ ‘Who will serve her husband.’ ‘I need, I need, I need.’ Their combination in the
film Bhai Bhai was amazing. ‘My name is Abdul Rehman.’ ‘I am the man who sells pistachios.’ ‘The man who loses
his heart constantly.’ It’s believed that
Madan Mohan’s tunes.. ..suited Lata Mangeshkar more. But he refuted that fact,
when in the film.. ..Dekh Kabira Roye,
he used Manna De’s voice. ‘Who has come to my heart?’ ‘With the tinkle of anklets.’ His music was very popular. But he never received an award. And he was quite sad about that. Especially when his film
Woh Kaun Thi was released. ‘These myriad sorrows
and the loneliness.’ ‘These myriad sorrows
and the loneliness.’ ‘Love has been wronged.’ ‘Many nights have been spent..’ ‘..when you didn’t come
and neither did death.’ ‘The shining star of
my forehead ornament..’ ‘..feels like a burning ember.’ ‘The henna on my palms is sorrowful.’ ‘The tears rain down.’ ‘Steady and slow.’ ‘My love, I long for you to come.’ If we speak of lyricists.. ..the one who worked
most with Madan Mohan.. ..was Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, Kaifi Azmi. And Rajendra Kishan. Sahir Ludhianwi and
Majrooh Sultanpuri.. ..also worked with him in some films. But, Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, Kaifi Azmi.. ..and Rajendra Kishan.. ..wrote songs for him,
which proved to be bigger hits. I lost my heart..’ ‘ you.’ ‘I have lost, my love.’ This was a period when
the trio of the Indian films.. ..had chosen their music directors. Raj Kapoor was allied
to Shankar Jaikishan. Dev Anand was allied to S. D Burman. And Dilip Kumar didn’t
want to let go of Mr. Naushad. In this time,
Madan Mohan made his unique identity. ‘Why did I love a liar?’ ‘Why did I love a deceitful man?’ ‘Why did I light a lamp in the storm?’ ‘I fell in love with you..’ ‘..and I have lost, my love.’ Madan Mohan, Suraiyya and Raj Kapoor.. ..were childhood friends. But they never said that
if Raj Kapoor makes a film.. ..Madan Mohan will provide the music. The friendship stayed intact. But they never worked together. ‘The lightning of a naughty gaze.’ ‘Keep casting it at my heart.’ ‘Don’t care about me.’ ‘Keep smiling like that.’ Madan Mohan was a
man who was full of life. Besides making very good songs.. ..he used to cook extremely well. ‘The desire has awakened.’ ‘Just as a lamp lights up.’ ‘Now, I am walking
the path of love with you.’ But Madan Mohan was upset.. ..that he didn’t get any awards. In 1970, he won the
National Award for Dastak. But perhaps it was too late by then. Madan Mohan was fretting internally. And he was suffering
due to alcoholism. On 14th July 1975,
he bid farewell to this world. ‘Today we have..’ ‘..these moments, by a lucky chance.’ ‘Look at me, all you want closely.’ But an artist lives
on forever through his art. And this was proved
by Madan Mohan’s music.. ..when his son Sanjeev
Kohli found some special tunes.. ..for Yash Chopra’s film, Veer Zaara. And it was nice,
since Lata Mangeshkar sang for them. ‘This story of two hearts
lasted for two moments.’ ‘And then we were cast apart.’ Every song by Madan Mohan tells one.. ..that it is his immortal style. Madan Mohan be immortalised.. the history of Hindi film music. ‘When I told you my story’.. ‘..why did you cry’ ‘My heart was shattered.’ ‘Why did you cry?’ For the latest news in Bollywood.. ..log on to Hindi. And

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