Magic Mask Effect for Avid Media Composer

Magic Mask Effect for Avid Media Composer

You can create a cool effect using the magic
mask feature combined with a tracker in Avid Media Composer. Check this out. To create this effect, navigate to the effects
palette and look for the paint effect within the image category. Drag the paint effect onto a clip. Make sure the position indicator is at the
first frame of your segment. Then press the effect mode button. Within the effect editor window click on the
tracking tool. Place the tracking crosshair on a high area
of contrast. Then press the start tracking button within
the tracking window. After the track is complete, close the tracking
window. Move the position indicator back to the front
of the clip. Now move back to the effect editor window
and click on the ectangle tool. Twirl down the disclosure triangle for the
magic mask parameter. Drag the cursor from the color well into the
Canvas window to select a color you want to change. Now drag a rectangle around the area you want
to change to a different color. Change the mode from solid to hue. Now adjust the gain and/or softness controls
until your back to original color of your image. Twirl down the disclosure triangle for the
color parameter. Adjust the hue slider for until you get the
desired color your looking for. The last step is to twirl down the disclosure
triangle for the tracking parameter. Go ahead and activate the first tracker. Okay, that’s it. Press play to watch the composite. For other great tips like this, or to enroll
in an Avid Media Composer training course, visit

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  1. oh thank 's man and very good chanel
    i am new in avid media composer andi think that is better than adobe premiere and final cut

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