Matt Hypnotized while Recording Song for Musical! (Rewind Christmas to find Truth about Best Friend)

Matt Hypnotized while Recording Song for Musical! (Rewind Christmas to find Truth about Best Friend)

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  1. Will we be able to help out Matt and what was in the box?

  2. Agent R do not do this to Alice she is upset with you

  3. Matt’s hypnosis has something to do with the word BRIGHT

  4. I think Matt your with now is M2

  5. He is just trying to make you happy.

  6. I think the box is the key

  7. You always do of course you can

  8. The hmm is my anisdhalls and the end of my last name

  9. Why can you guys be like old times I really miss that😭😷

  10. Chambers was recording when the game master came in

  11. Anybody else cringed when they were dancing?
    Sorry Rebecca nice job tho
    Love you…

  12. Alice is the best dancer!!!!!!! I think Alice's real name could be Amelia because its starts with a and m

  13. I think her name is amelia,amerah or Amanda

  14. When did agent S get a iPhone 11

  15. When chamber stepped out of the room game master game in Chambers wins the window and he was recording you

  16. Chambers saw you with the game master

  17. at 10:06 it was kinda weird when she bit her finger. NOT TO BE RUDE OR ANYTHING IT JUST LOOKED WEIRD OKAY!

  18. Alice is still a GMI ageant

  19. I think alices real name is Amanda


  21. all boys unsub if we drool

  22. I can't wait to know Alice's real name😊

  23. Agent r was really annoying in this video

  24. 13:26 agent c was filming with his glasses 👓🎥

  25. I think Matt is hypnotized but I think also it's permanent or maybe not

  26. Chambers was recording while the gm was in the room

  27. sofie dossi is a aleny

  28. Chamber was in the back recording you

  29. Chambers was recording when the game master came with the box

  30. At 13:30 Mr. C was in the doorway listening to the conversation

  31. I saw some one looking in the window

  32. chamber was spying on you

  33. Check Matt's neck at the back…. He may be m2

  34. okay so whoever thinks that is better than Matt slay so I don't really think so because that's kind of dumb Rebecca zamolo has kind of. So like I don't live like that showed you like to comment below so if you do then you put yes or no so if you want to put a yes then you have to put the thumbs up if you want to put enough to put a thumbs-up to buycuz I do not like the show cuz who watch mad or Rebecca was a mole of whoever watches that that's

  35. 13:23 look at the door

  36. Shut up boys boss girls dumb

  37. Agent. S is um… I think he is Mr. X!!!

  38. I think rebecca zamolo love you

  39. Alices name is amanda

  40. Rebecca I am at your side

  41. i think Alice’s name might be:

    1. Amy
    2. Amanda
    3. Amber
    4. Ambery

  42. Can I get a shoutout please like if you want one too


  43. Agent c was recording with glasses watch out take agent c’a glass and delete the footage he was watchign

  44. Alice did it better

  45. MERRY CHRISMAS🌲then🎄🍀

  46. All is bright as a clue that must be part of the song he was singing at the masquerade ball

  47. Hey I think Matt it’s not his self

  48. Alice had the best moves -*-

  49. I hate you agent r. I can't believe you betrayed Alice like that. You broke her heart. Rebecca saw you talking to Maddie her cosen

  50. agent .s was on a computer when Rebecca and Alice where practicing there dance video very closely trust me!!!!

  51. 1. Click. Then. Matt. Stop. Singing

  52. 黑色火药呢。

  53. The person who went to take the call used his glasses to spy on he game master and you guys and what you guys were doing

  54. In two days i am gonna go to tucson with my family like um cousins,aunt,and uncle sooo ya it will be soo much fun

  55. The numbers r 95486

  56. The game master is Daniel i saw his beard!

  57. Rebecca Matt is hypnotize

  58. i think Alice real name is Amber


  60. Go Alice it's ok shhh hopefully shh dont tell agent r or s

  61. At 13:24 Chambers was recording with his glasses

  62. Is it me or am I starting to have a crush on kurt😬😍☺ he's cute❤

  63. Agent C was spying on you guys at the end and he really recorded when the game master came he was behind the door

  64. agent s has a iphone 11

  65. Every time he said bad he was himmpintied

  66. Chambers was recording on his glasses when the game master was in the room. Which means he knows that you guys are taking down Mr. X

  67. If you see camber behind
    Give me a like

  68. Every time mat said it is bad he freezes

  69. Agent r were hugging the two girls before you came in and Matt was hypernertised after he sings all is bright

  70. Hi Rebecca !! Agent C has listen and watch when game master has come in the end.

  71. 6:35 did you all notice the tatto on agent s

  72. Agent r can't do that to alice

  73. Rebecca i think matt working for GMI because matt is frozes for like 5 seconds

  74. I think matt is a clone again

  75. matt is hipnotized

  76. Chambers was at the window when the game master came in

  77. Is matty part of the switch??

  78. Matt kept freezing !!!😰😰😰😃😂😂😂😃😥😅😂😰😂

  79. Matt is definitely hypnotised

  80. Agent C saw the game master don't trust him

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