Microsoft Flight Simulator – E3 2019 – Announce Trailer

Microsoft Flight Simulator – E3 2019 – Announce Trailer


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  1. let fly to area 51 and north korea


  3. Please make Twin Towers DLC with realistic physics 🙂

  4. Jihad simulator 2020

  5. i hope the walking animals are not some marketing stun

  6. Whoever edited this trailer did amazing job.

  7. Me: How many people will comment with memes?
    90% of comments in this comment section: YES

  8. Cant wait to crash an A380 into my living room window

  9. Cant wait to experience the real physics engine and weather.

  10. im here in 2019 saying graphics cant get better than this

  11. Rockstar Games wants to know your location

  12. Cant wait to do 9/11

  13. Can't wait to intercept North Korean nukes at 4 k

  14. I came for 1:44 minute. Thanks Microsoft.

  15. Xbox one x, Rudder pedal and Thrustmaster controller are set and awaiting for this Flight simulator:)

  16. Lol after this Microsoft should invest into driving sim

  17. Cant wait to visit area51 on flight simulator RIGHT!?

  18. When will this be available for Xbox

  19. Gonna see airforceproud95 all over this and he gonna comment on all the planes flying in the wrong orientation

  20. gets in b-29 here we go again

  21. Inverted in 4k check

  22. We wanna know the pc requirements

  23. Wait can we play it on xbox or you have to play it on pc

  24. We can go to area 51

  25. Sponsored by Cessna

  26. Me when I look up from my fsx flight for 1 second:

  27. the first uncrackable game in the history of games

  28. i used to leave my PC on for hours to fly from airport to airport in FS4, can't wait for the VR experience

  29. Microsoft: "this game has your freaking house in it too!"

  30. I will crash into Area 51 , whose with me?

  31. I can feel some people's computer's CPU quivering vigorously

  32. Can you fly over area 51 in the game?

  33. Can't wait to recreate 911

  34. Everyone shocked on RDR2 150 Gb hard disk capacity
    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Laughs in petabytes

  35. Thank god my PC has 4 teras, this thing will easily get one of them.

  36. I guess we're going to Nevada to get close to Area 51

  37. lets just wait everyone to remake the 9/11 scenario with this simulator.

  38. Can’t wait to go full kamikaze into my neighborhood.

  39. We’ve waited 10 years for this

  40. Can we drive cars tho and maybe walk?

  41. I starting to smell right here the 2 petabyte requeriment…


  43. Now we need Combat Flight Simulator 2020.

  44. Imagine rockstar using this map for gta 6

  45. kinda looks like los santos from GTA 5 in some scenes

  46. DLC's for this game will be the moon and mars, just confirmed

  47. can't wait to fly over new york

  48. Nobody:

    Me: (to my girlfriend) nice knowing you 👍

  49. to będzie na xboxa

  50. How about ray tracing!?

  51. next level simulator

  52. 2 fricking peta byte, djeez

  53. Hopefully steam let's us download it!

  54. Cant wait to test out my new seconds per frame meter

  55. Does anyone know when its gonna release this game

  56. Can I used bitcoin's mining computer power around the world to play this game at 4k @ 60fps???

  57. Pelican please 😁

  58. It's going to put X-Plane out of business.

  59. cooperate with rockstar pls 😂

  60. Black Mirror doesn't make any sense right now

  61. I hope Airforce Proud 95 will be the ATC?

  62. The rendering issues are gonna be hilarious

  63. Lets make another invasion to the Area 51 in this game

  64. istg if it isnt on PC

  65. I think my computer will exploded when i run it

  66. Imagine the time it took them to upload the full 192 million square meters to their servers

    Edit: They probably spent 5 years making the game and then 5 years uploading it

  67. Computer fans finna be like “VRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR”

  68. I cannot wait for this . Looks amazing .

  69. Does anyone know If you will be able to buy this game for Xbox One or will it ONLY be available for Game pass?

  70. Can't wait for 9/11 2 when this comes out

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