Millie Bobby Brown Raps a Stranger Things Season 1 Recap

Millie Bobby Brown Raps a Stranger Things Season 1 Recap

-Millie, everyone knows you
from “Stranger Things,” but one thing
they might not realize is that you also can rap. Last time you were here, we made
you do a verse from Nicki Minaj. -Yes. Yes.
-“Monster,” and it was the best. We loved it so much. I just thought it’d be fun if
you could maybe perform again. Would you up for that? -Yeah, but I have to do, like,
a recap of Season 1, right? So this has to be, like,
a recap of Season 1, about what Season 1 was about, so that people
can watch Season 2 and know
what they’re talking about. -That’s smart.
-So, are you ready for this?! [ Cheers and applause ]
-Wait. I want to be… I want to be your hype man.
-All right. Ooh! -I want to be your hype man.
-All right. All right. I got this. -All right, here we go.
Got your mic? Got your mic? Yeah.
-Come on! [ Cheers and applause ] [ Drum roll ] -Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey! Millie Bobby Brown! “Stranger Things,”
Season 1 recap! Make some noise! [ Cheers and applause ] -♪ 1, 2, 3, 4 ♪ -♪ Let’s go back to Indiana ♪ ♪ Circa 1983 ♪ ♪ Just four boys
in the basement ♪ ♪ Chillin’, playing D&D ♪ ♪ There was Lucas ♪ ♪ There was Billy, Will,
and Dustin ♪ ♪ There was Mike ♪ ♪ But one night,
Will goes missing ♪ ♪ While he’s riding
on his bike, yikes! ♪ ♪ That’s when they met me,
Elev ♪ ♪ I had no hair on my head ♪ ♪ I had been so close to dead,
courtesy of Dr. Brenner ♪ ♪ Who’s hunting me 24-sev ♪ ♪ Joyce was hanging
Christmas lights as a web ♪ ♪ Started hearing something
Willy had said ♪ ♪ This could be a message
from the beyond ♪ ♪ What happened to Barb? ♪ ♪ She’s just gone
in The Upside Down ♪ ♪ Hopper’s on top of the case ♪ ♪ While I’m throwing vans
in his face ♪ ♪ I’m lying down in a tank,
trying my best to find Willy ♪ ♪ And Dustin’s got pudding
for days ♪ ♪ Demogorgon’s getting
all in my way ♪ ♪ Blast him to pieces
just like a grenade ♪ ♪ Will’s now at home,
coughing in the sink ♪ ♪ What happened to me? ♪ ♪ I’m in The Upside Down ♪ ♪ What about now? ♪ ♪ The saga continues,
tune in to see how ♪ ♪ Upside Down,
what about now? ♪ ♪ The saga continues,
tune in to see how ♪ ♪ All I need
is my Eggo waffles ♪ ♪ I’m in love with those ♪ ♪ What I’m left with
when I use my powers ♪ ♪ Is a bloody nose, yeah ♪
[ Cheers and applause ] ♪ Bad news when
you see that bloody nose, yeah ♪ ♪ Bad news when you see
that bloody nose ♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -Millie Bobby Brown, everybody.
[ Drum roll ] Check out “Strangers Things 2,”
streaming on Netflix now. Stick around. We’ll be
right back with Kelly Clarkson. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ ♪♪

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  1. Hey Millie!!!😍I'm a girl

  2. Who ever doesnt like this.

    Your dead to me

  3. All the dislikes are likes from the upside down

  4. MILLIE BOBBY BROWN😆 ❤❤❤❤❤❤ I'mma be eleven from season 3 for Halloween luv ya millie

  5. Me: doing homework while listening to this while trying to learn it by playing it over and over Me now: I still havn't learned anything. 🙁 Love this!

  6. Joyce Season 1: WHERE IS MY SON
    Joyce Season 2: WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY SON

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  8. Season:1 hows Billy

    Season:2 I hate Billy!

    Season 3: Billy please don't dieeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  9. I would imagine with how shitty popular music is, technically everyone is a rap star. Some random homeless crackhead probably raps better than all the most popular rappers at this point. The whole music industry is just a pile of shit now.

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  11. She should do this with season 2 and 3

  12. She is so talented! Going to be a massive box office star in years to come as well!

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    El misionero: RUIDOOO RUIDOOO RUIDOOO!!!!!!!! 2:14

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  16. Pretty sure she was just talking

  17. Millie é portata per questo lavoro.. Io la adoro.. È una brava attrice bella simpatica carismatica, ma soprattutto ha talento da vendere.

  18. No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    Millie: bad news when u see that bloody nose

  19. Fuck you Millie Bobby Brown

  20. “Hoppers on top of the case while I’m throwing vans at his face!”I can’t picture thatXD

  21. Кто русский? 🙂

  22. Was this the first time everyone found out that 11 didn't die after killing the demegorgon

  23. Must be hard for the roots having to hear short bus rap all the time

  24. ich heisse feil elfi

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  26. We need season 2 and 3 recap aswell❤️


  28. Eggo lovers love and bloodys nose peeps

  29. I love stranger things

  30. She’s got game but her tone of voice liiiiike low key isn’t that great but I wouldn’t be complaining cuz I can’t even do that either man 😂 like if u agree

  31. Oh god that was awful.

  32. I was challenged to see if I still remembered the lyrics… of corse i did! Lol 😂


  34. Why do you hate the gays, Millie? 😩

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  36. Put on 2x speed
    Eminem: is surprised

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  38. Who else is watching in 2019 after reading a dozen other comments asking "who else is watching in 2019 after watching season 3?" ?

  39. Quem é brasileiro curte

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  42. But she is really good

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  46. Millie at 15 : Can Act ,Can Rap ,Has her own Brand ,Beautiful ,Famous ,Diva
    Me at 15 : wasting my time to steal funniest me at 15 comments in comment section

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    Excuse me what
    Nevermind it's willy will

  51. 2:27 millie didn't rap by herself, in this min u can clearly see a man holding a piece of paper with words on ._.
    DISCLAMER: i love millie and stranger things, im a big fan so don't attack me thank you.

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  55. Love ❤❤❤


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