they’re not really blending, bleeennnnndddd! Ah! Good day everyone, and welcome to today’s video where I have a lot of damn Pop-Tarts because guess what, I’m going to mix them all together in this video and eat it! So yeah, we are going to be doing another mixing one of everything together video theories, thing… Okay, anyways, Let’s get on with today’s video shall we? We shall. So there are so many new flavors that have arrived in the pop-tart universe! Some are just the craziest flavors that I’ve ever heard of like who would’ve thought, ‘oh let’s make a jolly rancher freaking pop-tart.’ I’ll tell you who, not me, but there are some that do look yummy! And you’re probably wondering Joey, how the hell are you going to mix all these flavors together? Well, i have miss blender-anya over here, and we’re going to put a pop-tart of each flavor inside here, blend it up, and make it into a pop-tart smoothie… which does not sound good at all. But um, that’s the only way we’re gonna be able to put these all together, so let’s get it to blendin’. Okay, so what i think we’re gonna do is just put one of each inside of here. This is so crazy. Ooh Pop-Tarts are so pretty like look at how delicious that looks. I mean it doesn’t look healthy, but it’s delicious. So that one was chocolate fudge. Up next we are going to do green apple. why? Why Pop-Tarts why do you have some of the weirdest flavors? I don’t get it. *Sniffs Pop-Tart* Okay, that one did make my mouth water, I will say that. let’s, yeah okay. Oh Yes baby mama yeah! We’re doing brown sugar cinnamon, oh these were my everything, these were my favorite! Um I like them so much I would hide the rest of them behind a drawer in my house when I was a kid because I didn’t want anyone to have them. I also don’t know what this is gonna taste like with the rawness. Normally, they’re eaten toasted. Up next is Chocolate Chip, which I’ve never had the chocolate chip one, but I’m sure it just tastes like Chocolate Chips. Next is a classic, S’mores, i feel like this has to be like the first like crazy flavor they added. Great. Am I right, or am I wrong? I’m right. Here it is. next is cinnamon roll. mmm It doesn’t look that pretty though. Oh girl something happened to this box. She went through it. Okay, so this is cookies and cream. I can already tell you guys the ending of this video, it’s not gonna be good, it’s not gonna turn out well for me. Gorgeous Cherry Lynn! Oh we’re gonna have two cherries! Cherry Jolly Rancher and just Classic Cherry. Beauty-em i live for her! Okay get in there. I guess we’ll just go into the next one which is this cherry Jolly Rancher. Oh my gosh, she’s so pretty! Wow! Hot fudge, freakin’ sundae. Are you kidding me? How are these advertised as a breakfast food? That’s just so insane to me, this is literally a dessert food. Wow, pretty. Ooh! This one is so cute! it’s a strawberry milkshake! Oh my gosh, I didn’t even know this flavor existed. Oh, just kidding. I take that back, this one is my favorite. Look at how freaking adorable this Pop-Tart is. Next is Chocolate Vanilla Cream. It’s okay. All right, up next is Wild Berry which was the prettiest back in the day when it was just like a couple flavors. Wild Berry looked so good. Oh she was the prettiest of the group. Look at those classic colors. Down to our last two. Up next is Jolly Rancher Watermelon. The Jolly Rancher ones don’t taste that good, but, they are like the prettiest of the bunch. Cute! And last but not least is the classic strawberry which is my second favorite Pop-Tart next to the cinnamon one. Okay, I honestly don’t know how we’re going to blend this up, but we’re gonna try. All right! So we have all the Pop-Tarts in here. That was so wild and crazy and, you know what? Let’s actually just like, let’s actually just birth them out. These are gorgeous. They’re beautiful. Okay you guys go back into the blender. Cool. Cool man, cool. Let’s pour some milk in there, let’s blend them up, and let’s taste this. I don’t think anyone’s ever done this before. I think i’m the first and probably going to be the last. Okay, here we go in three, two, one, blend! They’re not really blendin’. Bleeeennnndd! I think she’s done. This is gonna taste foul, I already know. Who would blend up a frickin Pop-Tart let alone 20 of them? All different flavors. Alright. Let’s sniff it. You know what it smells like? It smells like um one of those meal drinks. Like you know, like the ensure drinks? The ones that you have to like put an entire meal into. I don’t know. Are you sure? No, I’m EN-sure. Okay let’s. Oh creamy. That is thi-i-i-ick. Oh this is going to be weird. Oh I don’t know what flavor this is gonna to taste like, this is so weird! Who blends Pop-Tarts?! I’m still so confused by my own actions. Okay, um i’m going to guess the thing is with these videos I, it’s so hard for me to comprehend what flavors are going through my mouth, so because it’s like so overwhelming. and theres so many things happening at once. So i’m gonna try my best to give you as much description as possible. Uhhh I already feel sick ooooook. Here we go It’s warm. It’s a warm milkshake. Uhh Oh wait! Okay, it was the warmth and the texture that got me to the gag, but the gag is, this tastes actually really good. I’m actually really surprised. What the heck? You know what it tastes like? It tastes like cake batter, and that’s probably because of all the like cookie outside stuff with the sugary filling. Oh my God! This tastes so good. Really, like shook right now because holy damn hell I’ve done so many of these videos where i mix a bunch of one thing together, and it never tastes good, but this is delicious. I think I discovered something. It’s like, you know how good it’s like when you lick the bowl of when you’re making a cake? That’s exactly what this tastes like and not just any cake, a damn Fun Fetty cake so you know it’s real good. Let’s just have a little sipple again. Wow. I definitely taste the jolly rancher which made it really good by the way. I taste the strawberry, I taste the berry, with a hint of chocolate. Bravo, bravo, bra-damn-oh. I honestly thought it was the dumbest thing to blend up a freakin’ Pop-Tart. I think they should make Pop-Tart milkshakes if they haven’t already someone needs to invent it. Yep. There you go. All right, well I have a sugar high. I gotta go. I gotta go somewhere. But if you enjoyed today’s video give it please damn thumbs down up. Okay. I’VE GONE MAD!!! Um, give it a subscribe, and do all the things, and I love you,

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