Mr Disco Pants Episode 1

Mr Disco Pants Episode 1

Who is it? Alright, alright… What up, Disco? Hey, Julius Um… Yeah… Come in. Have a drink So, what you been up to, man? Shit, you know… this Hey, thanks buddy So uh, how’s Miriam holding up? She’s doing just fine That’s good to hear, man That lady’s gonna live forever Yeah She better for your sake.
How else can you afford all this? Yeah… Anyways, I heard about the breakup Just wanted to see how you’re doing I’m fine Everything’s fine Things just weren’t working with us anymore I thought things were going well with you
two I don’t know, man We’ve been having problems for awhile now Well i’m sorry to hear about that, man Like i said before, Julius I’m fine Well… I think i’m gonna get out of here You take care, buddy Have a good one, man You too, Disco Goodnight, Mom I love you Get the fuck off of me, Cooper What’re you doing out here, you little pussy Go home, Coop So where’s the old lady been? I haven’t had tummy scratches in over a month She’s been… sick I gotta get back inside, man Shiiiioooot, Disco Hit some of that, brother That’ll slap the frown off your face Fuck Jesus Christ You feelin’ better buddy? Yeah, I’m alright Thanks for the catnip, Rog I needed that It’s just, everything that went down with me and Evelyn And this fucking dog, who won’t even let me leave the house Who? Cooper? Yeah, It’s like he’s always watching me Boy, Cooper’s nuttier than a squirrel turd But he ain’t nothin’ but a harmless puppy
Besides, you ain’t got nothin’ to hide Yeah… I outta take you out huntin’ one of these
days That always makes me feel better I don’t know man, maybe Well, brother, I gotta hit the bushes
I’m full as a tick on creamed corn and coon cakes And i’m growin’ a monkeys tail that
stinks to high heaven You killed her, you fucking bitch! Cooper, What the fuck are you talking about?! You killed Miriam! You fucking killed her! And you buried her in the backyard! Cooper, man, take it easy
I don’t know what you’re talking about You know exactly what i’m talking about! I’m gonna kill you, Disco! I’m gonna fucking kill you! Please, Cooper, put the gun down, man
Let’s talk about this Aggghhh! Ahhh Fuck! Cooper, don’t do this! Please! Say goodnight, you furry little… Shiiioooot, Disco! Motherfucker didn’t see it comin’, did he Oh you’re fine You got eight more lives What do we do about the body? Evelyn Hey, Disco I’ve been trying to get ahold of you I really think we need to talk Fuck

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  1. Hahaha~ Oh, man. I love it

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