Mr Disco Pants Episode 2

Here you go, sweetie Thanks, Mom I love you, honey I love you, too Hey! Get in the fuckin’ car You better have every fucking dollar this time, Disco. I swear to God… I’m good, homie Will you get the fuck off my ass Fuck this shit Yo, Disco You in there, buddy? Disco? Disco! Disco, come on. Wake up buddy. Wake up! Shiiioooot, Disco! You really gave us a scare back there What? Where am I? You’re in the hospital buddy Why, what happened? Well, brother… Julius over here found you passed out in a pile of percocets and palladone Yeah, man, you’re lucky to be alive Lucky? Buddy, you know… Me and Darlene have plenty of room I think you should come stay with us for a while Nah, man I’m not about to do that to you guys Well, I ain’t taking no for an answer I’ll call up Darlene and have her whip up some of her famous coon and carrot casserole You know… After we lost Peter… Well… She could really use the company Thanks, Rog That would… That would be really great Eat up sweetie Put some meat on your bones Thank you, Darlene And thanks again for letting me crash here for a while Oh honey, It’s my pleasure Hoo wee, that woman can cook. Can’t she? Believe it or not, I was as skinny as you before we met Oh stop it, Roger So Disco, Roger tells me you have a baby on the way Uhh… yep You don’t sound all that excited Listen honey… You gotta get your shit together and try to work things out with Evelyn For the baby… For you… I mean look at you. You look like shit sweetie I mean no offense, but we care about you. You know that Darlene… Just think about it, okay? Hey, Evelyn… Listen Evelyn… I’m sorry I…I… I really haven’t been myself lately… Yeah, you’ve been a real asshole I know Things have just been… I dont know… I want things to be how they used to be Disco, it’s a little late for that. Don’t you think? Evelyn… I need you… I need this… I… Disco… You’re such a little pussy Disco… Disco, the baby’s coming! Ooo, oh, Disco! You got this. You’re gonna make it (labor noises) I cant do this! I cant do this! You can do this You got this baby I love you (screaming) Disco… Evelyn… Evelyn! Baby! Doctor! Do something! Mr. Pants… Mr. Pants? Mr. Pants! I’m sorry… We were not able to save her… But you have a beautiful and healthy… Baby boy (barking)

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