music genre: video game

music genre: video game

That’s it? The final boss of the game? THOSE PUZZLES TOOK ME NIN-

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  1. thanks for the million views, my friends! (i am in fact not dead! i am doing something new… and it may or may not be related to zelda music, hehe)

  2. But i like the water level

  3. Who else thought the boss fight sounds like the start of “danger zone” from Top Gun?😂

  4. "Menu Theme"

    Im sorry i though that song was called "It wasn't me"

  5. Reminds me about Super Mario 64 (64 and DS)…. Nostalgyy

  6. Tutorial you're forced to complete sounds like the intro music from those Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies.

  7. I really, 𝑹𝑬𝑨𝑳𝑳𝒀
    want someone to make sheet music for the complicated puzzle because it reminds me of fireboy and watergirl. And we all know those games were the bomb

  8. Strange dire dire docks you have there

  9. it's like a coelination of zelda ocarina of time and mario 64 level sounds

  10. 0:07 sounds like the sad music from Clannad

  11. Am i the only whose favourite levels in every game was the water levels

  12. I found the One Punch Man of instruments.

  13. This shit is awesome, so happy I found this channel after the Billie Eilish video. Subscribed!

  14. inspired by: the legend of zelda ocarina of time

  15. Why does the menu theme sound like something out of a Papa's game?

  16. Water level song is so pleasant to the ear ❤

  17. The unskippable cutscene music is soooo good

  18. I tried to insert code to give hair to seth character,but it didn't work.the code is invalid.

  19. sounded like Papa's Pizzaria at the start

  20. 90's kids are the best

  21. you are the final boss baby!

  22. 0;56 sounds like F Zero to me.

  23. I hate the complicated level including, the tutorial.

  24. Zelda, is that you?

  25. Kenneth was an evil bastard, what sicko finds themselves.

  26. IT REALLY REALLY be like that tho😂😂

  27. my plans are :
    1. take over world. the strongest™
    3.have a great time
    4. find myself :'( – felt that

  28. Почему у него на толстовке написано Анус

  29. Very zelda. Much good

  30. Me : It's Zelda Game
    Seth : No
    Me : I'm sure its Zelda ga…
    Seth : No
    Me : Bu…
    Seth : No play Zelda theme

  31. water level feels more like a feel good winter level where missions are just winter games.

  32. Undertale waterfall(?

  33. #zelda and Mario 64

  34. its super luigi u i fucking raged so goddamn hard that i was bout to break the wii u gamepad

  35. He's basically flexing his n64's on us at this point

  36. 00:06 spirited away theme?

  37. Really its ice levels that everyone hates

  38. You cry a lot, right?

  39. 0:09 One summers day?

  40. Why do you bald beacuse you reacting video in 10 hours or beacuse brain surgery

  41. Why your title on this videos is writing in Spanish?

  42. Mario soundtrack anyone…

  43. My man out there playing 3 instruments and I'm sitting in my bed all day

  44. Zelda ocarina of time part 2

  45. this guy is a god?

  46. Menu theme and tutorial sounds like papas pizzaria

  47. i like water levels

  48. the beginning of unskippable cutscene sounded like one summer day from spirited away

  49. 6.9 million views

    Perfectly balanced as all things should be

  50. Jajaja mucho Zelda

  51. Is like zelda twilight princess

  52. I come back to watch these at least once a month because they are so good


  54. When you play Legend of Zelda

  55. "that puzzle takes me 9 years" 😂😂😂

  56. Why have I not liked this? I saw it years ago and forgot to like it!

  57. Omg I luv mInEcRaFt 😃😃😃😃

  58. I get all of the references

  59. i dunno whats better, his music, or his humor

  60. Ocarina of Time anyone?

  61. We definately need the extended version

  62. Nice tutorial music for dark souls

  63. bro you funny i dig it

  64. This is basically just Ocarina of Time with a Sonic Adventure 2 interlude.

  65. This is just OoT music

  66. Kenneth the evil (and strong's)plans:
    1. take over the world
    2. Be the strongest
    3. have a great time
    4. find himself ;'(
    7. bread
    8. mustard

  67. The unskippable cutscene sounds like old town road and i cant unhear it

  68. This was my first Seth Everman video I've watched and I can't believe that it's already been 3 years! I'm so proud and thankful of your great development and your quality content, Seth/bald guy! 😭👍

  69. He somehow made this sound like every game and no game at the same time.

  70. Where is the annoying fairy ?

  71. i couldn't think another game that wasn't zelda

  72. この一人わまさしくてんさいだ。🤩

  73. 𝑖 𝑚 𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑙 𝑠𝑒𝑎𝑡ℎ 𝑚𝑎𝑛😂


  75. Water level just sounded like gran turismo 5 multiplayer theme 😂

  76. if i ever make a game, i will have 3 random music compositions for my loading screen, so it is never the same and you can actually enjoy loading into a game/ new level.

  77. sirey You tireus. Baby. Hirey.
    Love love love love love. direy day.
    fired. hiup.wirekjob.

  78. Am I the only one with an urge to pee whenever Water theme starts?

  79. Now do it with movies. Pls

  80. you're hilarious and you're not even saying anything, imma subscribe

  81. I made a booty V A P O R W A V E version of the “water level” on my channel. 😢

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