Music Leader Training Programme – Karl Pupe

The best way to describe it, it gives you the tools in order to be a music practitioner, to teach music and also be able to run and facilitate workshops Obviously it’s music based But the skills that the MLT gave me so,
for example, you know setting boundaries which is important for a teacher. Being
able to encourage students to be able to establish the student’s learning style
to be able to inspire, motivate, mark papers. These things are universal. It’s given
me the confidence to walk into an environment and if I’m given something to teach,
I will know, I will have the framework basically, which is awesome. The course itself is fantastic, it’s fantastically structured,
organised and the instructors are brilliant The instructors are not, you know, ‘theorists’.
These are guys that are actually teachers. These are guys that are actually practitioners and they can give many
real world examples which I found fantastic again I didn’t know much about CM before I came here
but it’s one of those companies which I honestly can say
It hits your heart as well as your head Because people here are so caring They are cheering you on to pass, they’re cheering you on to succeed. So that’s what makes CM very special and I think that is the greatest quality of CM Once you have learnt to become a teacher, it’s something that stays with you for life. It helped me in my own musicianship
because now I’ve got the tools to motivate myself and to take the steps. It’s helped me in regards to now
walking into places and organizations and i can say and it gives you a
different – It creates a different impression when you say I’m a musician compared to I’m music
practitioner, because then they say wow, what does that mean? and then you explain. There’s a different level of respect so I think it has helped me all around. This course, it is what you make of it like anything in life, it is what you make of it. I would 100%
recommended it but to get the most out of this course you have to challenge yourself as well. You have to be willing to put yourself forward I mean I came in not knowing
that you know came just as a musician and now I’m a practitioner and i teach in this college.
So if you’re serious about your music, I’d do it If you’re serious about teaching I would do it – hundred and fifty percent. If you’re
serious about, if you’re thinking, I don’t even know if I have all these things. If you’re thinking about growing as a person, I would do it.
But the most important thing is that I challenge you. Do it and you will come out a different person but
it’s all up to you and that’s all I’d say about that

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