#MyBradford – Primary Music Live!

#MyBradford – Primary Music Live!

It’s Primary Music Live! The first time we’ve ever done one in Bradford and there’s near on 1,000 kids today. One lot this morning, one lot this afternoon and they’ve been watching the Bradford Youth Orchestra do a lovely live performance of all different types of music. and now they’re taking part in a Big Sing! It’s about giving children the opportunity to see and take part in something that they don’t normally take part in so a lot of children don’t have the opportunity to go to the theatre to watch a live performance let alone live performance of an Orchestra of music so they’ve had introductions to all the orchestral instruments from violins, to bassoons, to baritone saxophones they’ve seen all those, had them explained to them, and they’ve had the chance to listen to them as well and then singing is just such a wonderful thing to do so good for every bit of your mental health and well being As you can see they’re having an absolute ball out there joining in with all the singing We’ve got such diverse cultures in Bradford but they all come and join together and it’s just absolutely fantastic! They go out, they’ve had an absolute ball They say: “Oh! we really loved that it was fantastic to see that!” and hopefully some of them will go away and say: “I want to play one of those instruments” and it gives them that opportunity

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  1. Omg it's embarrassing xD

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