Myeongdong is K-Pop Heaven!

Myeongdong is K-Pop Heaven!

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  1. spot park bom @14:12

  2. Anyone know what the name of the store that have wanna one and pd101 product? And also the address:)

  3. omg i love Claudine!

  4. Catching up of Joan's vlog since I was busy this week. Love you Joan, from PH❤️

  5. Can you list/link the dessert place you went to as well? thank you

  6. I can't wait to go to Seoul in December and do a TON of shopping!!! <3 <3

  7. I love your video. I love EXO so much!

  8. I was in Seoul for a week during this time. I was hopint that I'd bump into you. Watching this makes me miss Seoul even more as I'm still having a Korea trip hangover. haha.

  9. Hi joan but what is the name of the store where you bought the pink produce 101 sweat shirts from?

  10. I went to that innisfree shop at Myeongdong that timeeee.. I'm sad i can't meet you joan

  11. Joan,can you share the restaurant?I love the dogbugi very much!

  12. i understood all the korean words lmao

  13. omg exo our one and only handsome boys

  14. Please support TVXQ they are active again and out of the army can't wait for a comeback

  15. Can you go back to this store and give more of a tour? Do they have anything for GD?

  16. Where in Myeongdong is this?! I couldn’t find kpop merch while I was there. 🙁

    PS. Please give Taemin’s new album Move a listen. It’s gold. I remembered because I saw his face in one of the shops you went to HAHA

  17. Claudine seems so fun to hang out with! Best vlog ever 💓

  18. omg claudine is so funny 😀

  19. Can i ask what is the place when they buy produce 101 sweater ?

  20. 13:09 EXO song Angel + chen kai..😢
    nice vlog👍

  21. Where is this exactly in Myeongdong? 😭

  22. Claudine is so cute

  23. i lost it when i saw the exo merch TT


  25. The random dancing in this video was very entertaining haha!

  26. Aw I really like how everyone was having a good time dancing and just enjoying the hangout ..reminds me when I hangout my friends ❤️. I love everyone’s outfit ! It feels so fall and makes me really get excited when Cali gets cold !

  27. Omg that was Taemin!!! <3

  28. i need a joan and claudine in my life! it's always so fun to watch a vlog of you two!

  29. I need to fly back to seoul ASAP

  30. im sorry but my inner exo-l cant hide the fact that i heard Chill playing in the background when they showed what they bought from olive young and innisfree

  31. Angela kind of has Sunmi kind of vibe & they have similar features! I love that she loves Jennie cuz she's my bae too. I really enjoyed this one. If i ever ever get to visit Korea, i'll check out Myeongdong for sure!

  32. Joan, what store is it that has Produce 101 pop up store in Myeongdong? My friends are a fan of them and I’m visiting Seoul in two weeks 😄

  33. Omgg is that RISING SUN @ 13:26 ? I can't believe I picked it up (maybe) lol I'm having war flashbacks of the early 2000s

  34. omg they have the produce 101 pens in store but not online😭 I tried buying one but they didn't have it on the site:((

  35. Wanna One THE BEST!!

  36. What was the kpop place you visited Joan? 🙁

  37. This is one of my favorite vlogs because I love how much you're outside walking and I can see how pretty and aesthetic Korea is as well as how cool inside the stores and cafes etc I just really love it haha also you guys look like you're having so much fun so it's just overall a happy and great vlog lol <3

  38. Can anyone tell me the location that have wanna one merchadise ???? please tell me cuz at Disember I'm going to the Korea

  39. 13:59 My Twice babies caught my eye!

  40. Your friends are so easy-going, I like them ❤️

  41. i saw chen and kai, i click

  42. Hi Joan! Can I know the location of wanna one and exo merch that you go and what level it is?

  43. I'm from Germany and I hope I'll go to Korea 🙏 because… this is heaven 😢

  44. 13:05 Jay park stay with me😍😍😍😍❤❤❤

  45. omg which part of myeongdong is the kpop store in!!! it’s literal kpop heaven 😭

  46. What's that kpop store they were in?

  47. What store is that the one with neogen cleansing something?

  48. 😂 am I the only one who jammed to Apink FIVE when it played at the store 😂

  49. I love your vlogs, I just realised that Joanday sounds like Jong dae XD is that where the channel name came from? and if keem is your last name then it is the same or almost the same as Chen.

  50. Where is this place in Myeongdong ???? 12:30


  52. hey! i just wanna ask where you and your friends buy wanna one and exo stuff?? like is there any specific mall or street area?;]

  53. Omg joan how come i just found your vlog todayy 😷😢 u are awesome!!

  54. At 12:02 where exactly is that place?? I'm going to Korea in April might wanna check out…

  55. when she said angela i was like, THATS MY NAME NVJRDVLKSKDV

  56. I loved it when as if it's your last played it's such a good song you guys should try to do dance covers..

  57. Very much wishing to visit Seoul One Day
    Watching Joanday feels like closer to Favourite Seoul 👑 사랑해 💖

  58. Are there still pink . . shirts thingy from Produce 101 there? I want to buy!

  59. ''Theres nothing like the naked feel of an iPhone. ''

  60. Omg! How much did you buy that pillow?

  61. U look like jhope

  62. Claudine seems so fun! Great vlog 😊

  63. omg i love claudine 😂❤️❤️

  64. does anyone know the direction to that kpop store?

  65. Is the EXO one in myeongdong too? Or isit sm coex?


  67. Does anyone know what's the fried chicken place featured! 🙂

  68. What is the name of the store (specifically) of the produce 101 merch?
    And where?

  69. 12:15 what store is this located? omg 🙁 i want to go there likes so bad

  70. Hello! i just came here! So nice. And the girl who dancing to Blackpink's song is so CUTE!

  71. Watching all these old vlogs because I’m so excited for my Korea trip this year!!!!!

  72. Does anybody know what store they went to with the kpop goods?

  73. what is the kpop store called that you went to? i’m going to korea this summer and i’m going to have to go cause exo-l😂❤️

  74. woahhh exoo.
    yeshh exo so good looking hehehe.

  75. what is the title of the song playing in the background @13:21?

  76. love this fangirl squad haha

  77. The "don't drop that…" "dundundunnn" is me and my girls 😂 always finishing each other's sentences.💕 it's so nice to see you with a group of girls, makes me miss my girlfriends even.more 💕😭

  78. Omaygad!!!! WANNA ONE

  79. What are those cards that you use and how do you get it

  80. Ahhhhh I just went there todayyyyy I didn’t find anything except a few Kpop stands TT

  81. 14:07 – YG Republique 14:58 – Fool by Winner 15:08 – As If Its Your Last by Blackpink <3

  82. Can someone please please answer me:((( Does buying albums in Myeongdong is counted in Hanteo and Gaon Charts?

  83. 😂I'm going to wanna ones concert at Kcon

  84. LOL Can I hug Leena! I'm such an hardcore Wannabe as well.

  85. 무슨 명동이 케이팝 헤븐이야? 바보인가? 이래서 검은머리 외국인이 싫다.

  86. What place was that where all the kpop items were being sold? Do they sell lightsticks? My sister's like trying to start a collection of sorts and we're going there this October… Thanks…

  87. hi joan. may i know what is the name of the mall where your friend bought the wanna one merch and also the place with exo merch? really appreciate it if u can reply me. thank you! ❤❤

  88. Where is this place?

  89. okay but what lip product is Claudine using LOL

  90. Guys.. I am speechless over and over again.. please use the seatbelts! There exist for serious reasons!!

  91. i saw jaehyun and i freaked ouT HAHHSHSS

  92. Joan I love your voice it's just so pleasant to hear you speaking!

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