Neil Myers – Rebecca Gold, Composer’s Journey

So I’m on holiday having dinner and I got
a phone call from a friend of mine who has a friend of his who is a director need that needs some music
yeah so I’ll be through the footage and just made a few mental notes what I like
to do now is to try and just kind of compartmentalize these but just
instincts tend to work really well so what I’m gonna do is get out of the room
I’m just thinking about creatively coming up with ideas for cultural
references historical references potentially and thinking about location
characters narrative, plot, demographic all these things kind of just feeding into
thoughts. So the next stage now is when the next couple of hours going through
some music and then being able to have a good conversation with the director, a
few films that come to mind would be Leon, Nikita
a range of meetings who then discuss so you can see my thoughts and we can go
through a few ideas from there, just in the BFI with Ian Diaz as the director who’s
actually filming this for me so we’re going through some music ideas I can
feel of Rebecca gold character and all the things that I’ve been discussing
along the way and researching and let’s hope he likes it and then the fun begins.
Here’s hoping!

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