NYE Disco Makeup Look | Julia Dantas

Hello everybody I am Julia Dantas and
today I’m going to show you this full glam bedazzled blinged out makeup look
just in time for your New Year’s Eve parties so you can celebrate in style so
if you guys want to see how I got this look then please keep watching. So the most important thing about your whole makeup application is priming your face
this will just ensure that your foundation glides on your face nice and
evenly Next moving on to foundation I’m using my Makeup Forever
Ultra HD Foundation and I love this foundation because it really has a long
wearing time so this is great for a night out Moving onto concealer I’m
using my Kat Von D lock-it concealer and I love highlighting a really large
portion underneath my eyes to really help wake my face up. And then we’re
gonna jump right to the cream contour I’m using my Pure Cosmetics contour
sticks and i love doing a three shape so on top of my forehead under my cheekbone
and underneath my jawline and whenever I’m doing a night out makeup I like
doing cream products first and then I set them with powder which is what I’m
doing a right here I’m gonna dust a little bit of blush on the apples of my
cheeks for some colour and then we’re gonna move straight to the brows I’m
using my Benefit Brow Pencil in the shade 4 and I love doing a very defined
fierce brow especially if we’re doing a dramatic makeup look so I’m quickly just
going to define my brows So since we use a cream concealer we always want to set
it with powder so I’m quickly just gonna set underneath my eyes with some
translucent setting powder this also really just ensures that all of the
eyeshadow that we’re using using doesn’t fall out to underneath our eyes so this is kind
of like a barrier Moving straight to the eyes i’m using my Jaclyn Hill x Morphie
Palette and I’m gonna start out with a really nice transition colour. I like
starting out with the soft Browns and then working my way to the darker colours
on the outer V of my eye this is also really gonna elongate our eye and make
our eyes appear a lot larger keeping the darkest colours on the very edge of our
lash line and keeping the lighter brown colours as a more inner crease And you
really just want to take your time and blend with this makeup look to just make
sure everything looks smooth and seamless and flawless For the inner half
of my eyelid I’m gonna lay down a base with concealer this is kind of
priming your eyelid Then I’m moving into this gorgeous Stila
eyeshadow in the shade diamond dust and I’m gonna put that on the inner part of
my eyelid and then for the fun bedazzle part I’m going to be so extra and I’m
actually gonna be applying little gems on my eyelid so I’m starting out with
really tiny gems at the very inside of my eye then I’m working my way to a
little bit of a bigger gem and then diffusing it with a tinier gem as I get
to the darker part on my eyeshadow Of course with this look we need to be
glowing to the gods so I’m gonna be highlighting my cubes build the bridge
of my nose and my inner tear-duct So whenever I do a nude lip I really love
pairing it with a brown lip liner this really helps define your lips and make
them look a lot more luscious and juicy so I’m using my Mac lip liner in the
shade Spice Finishing off my lips with this gorgeous BH Cosmetics liquid
lipstick and I am using the liquid lipstick because I want this to last all
night long Last but not least we’re gonna give this look a little bit more
sass and we’re gonna apply some silver glitter to the inner part of our tear
ducts and also on our cheekbones so we are literally glowing like a disco ball
when we’re dancing all night long So here’s the finished result I really hope
you guys enjoy this tutorial although it is a little bit tedious the
end result is so gorgeous so I really hope you guys try this look out if you
guys want to see more from me check out my personal channel And I’ll see you guys in the next video Bye! you

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