OK Go – Needing/Getting – Official Video

OK Go – Needing/Getting – Official Video

You guys ready? Yeah. I’ve been waiting for months, waiting for years, waiting for you to change. Aw, but there ain’t much that’s dumber, there ain’t much that’s dumber than pinning your hopes on a change in another And I, yeah I still need you, but what good’s that gonna do? Needing is one thing, and getting. Getting’s another. So I been sitting around, wasting my time, wondering what you been doing. Aw, and it ain’t real forgiving, it ain’t real forgiving sitting here picturing someone else living. And I, yeah I still need you. But what good’s that gonna do? Needing is one thing, and getting. Getting’s another. I’ve been hoping for months, hoping for years, hoping I might forget. (All)Aw but it don’t get much dumber, it don’t get much dumber than trying to forget a girl when you love her. And I, yeah I still need you, but what good’s that gonna do? Needing is one thing, and getting. Getting’s another Did we get it?! Got it.

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  1. Why is musicals cars (like musical chairs) not a thing?

  2. Man their videos stress me out, just imagining what it's like to be on the crew that makes them happen.

  3. when you get your driving license

  4. Ready? Ok. And. 1. 2. 3. Go. A B C

  5. "Sorry, we didn't record that!"

  6. Okay go makes music in 2012.

    7 years later everyone gives a fucj

  7. Got a driver's lesson from a musical school

  8. enters a music shop employee: "what instrument do u want and how many?" them: "YES"

  9. The funny part if this video is they are not driving the car that's why the windshield is darkened from the front. It's a stunt driver. Still entertaining I g though even though the sounds are faked.

  10. You will notice the instruments are not synced with the car they fade out long after the car has passed also there would be no way of taking out all the wind and background d fro. The driving car. The sounds were done In a studio

  11. That driving reverse harmony at 2:59. That is great emphasis and climax for this song

  12. i don't even want to count those instruments.

  13. you wasted lot's of money and my 2 minutes 41 seconds.

  14. camera doesn’t record

  15. 3:06 beautiful harmony. I'd kill for the whole song to be sung like that

  16. This is what happens when you get musicians and engineers and way too much beer together. Ok… If car is traveling at x mph and is striking y pianos z barrels how far do we have to travel to play this song. Wait HOW MANY PIANOS?

  17. Ma andate affanculo voi e questa canzonetta di merda.

  18. Did they slap the pianos with a dildo?

  19. This is just a car commercial in disguise as a music video

  20. How long did this take???? #LOVETHIS

  21. Scoob and Shag got the Mystery Machine, but Ok Go has the Music Machine.

  22. anyone else hurting

  23. i found this song YEARS later after i was shown this in science class for our rube goldberg project. good memories

  24. What instrument do you play? Yes.

  25. "So which piano will you be taking?"

    Ok go: YES

  26. 日本人で聞いてる人

  27. I want this played at my funeral.
    With car.

  28. Me at a interview

    Boss: ok it says here you play a instrument what do you play?

    Me: Car

    Boss: what?

    Me: you heard me

  29. 2:58 when the instruments fall silent, i fucking love the harmony

  30. Wait what its 2012 damn how TF did i miss this :v

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