OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – Rube Goldberg Machine – Official Video

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – Rube Goldberg Machine – Official Video

[music] [vocalise] [vocalise] Y’know you can’t keep letting it get you down And you can’t keep dragging dead weight around [vocalise] If there ain’t all that much to lug around, Better run like hell when you hit the ground. [vocalise] When the morning comes. (comes) When the morning comes. (comes) You can’t stop these kids from dancing And why would you want to, Especially when you are already getting yours? [music] ‘Cause if your mind don’t move and your knees don’t bend, well don’t go blaming the kids again. [music] When the morning comes. [music] When the morning comes. [music] When the morning comes. [music] When the morning comes. When the morning comes. When the morning comes. (comes) [music] Let it go this too shall pass. Let it go this too shall pass. You know you can’t keep letting it get you down. (let it go) No, you can’t keep letting it get you down. (this) (too shall pass) You know you can’t keep letting it get you down. (let it go) No, you can’t keep letting it get you down. (this too shall pass) When the morning comes. (you can’t keep letting it get you down) (you can’t keep letting it get you down) When the morning comes. (you can’t keep letting it get you down) (you can’t keep letting it get you down) When the morning comes. (you can’t keep letting it get you down) (you can’t keep letting it get you down) When the morning comes. (you can’t keep letting it get you down) (no, you can’t keep letting it get you down) When the morning comes. [Text on the board: “LET IT GO”] [Text on the board: “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”] [bang]

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  1. Am I the only one who got introduced to this by school because of working on a rube goldberg project?

  2. Who found this channel from their teachers?

  3. I Guess These Were The "Dudes" and Then They "Perfect" Their Tricks. Lol.

  4. Outfits music and camera work is dogshit

  5. At the beginining i was like wtf is this

  6. What a mess to clean up.

  7. Why the frick did we watch this at school

  8. Just seeing how much paint was in them before the final shot from the cannons tells you there was multi resets if things went wrong lol. Mad respect for the time n man power involved in making, setting up, and getting the materials needed for the video shot.

  9. I love to teach my students about Rube Goldberg. This is always a fun introduction to the concept! What a tremendously creative band!

  10. they look like they were gonna hurt somebody if that didnt work

  11. who saw the ipod at 0:22?

  12. Always my fav rubegoldberg vid forever!!! <3

  13. One of my teachers in high school showed my class this, coming back to it now.

  14. 9 лет прошло а до сих пор помню эту песню – по большей части из за необычного клипа .

  15. I'm showing all this videos to my students and they are all loving them, they get really inspired, thanks Ok Go ❤️

  16. This is some serial killer shit imagine this with you kidnapped with shotguns at the end… Scary right

  17. In the match between Ok go and dude perfect my money is on Ok go 🙂

  18. This explains my life haha

  19. My class thought this was fine but I thought the teacher was crazy that time why would you break the tv

  20. Dominos were fun rest was pretty boring

  21. Just a simple push of a button

  22. My teacher showed this to our class it was so fun

  23. Remember the days when YouTube used to be FREAKING GREAT?

  24. Fucking Tweakers….

  25. My tech and communications teacher should use this to learn about Rube Goldberg I’m glad he did

  26. I watched this for my science class

  27. Ok, that was cool and everything, but why is the first dude wearing a shirt that an axe-murderer would wear? Just wondering…🙄🇨🇦

  28. Años tratando de encontrar esta canción

  29. i just want kuwn how much money did your use

  30. The one who invented this mechanism also designed the Morning breakfast machine in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

  31. So glad they showed off the engineers who worked on this amazing work of art!!!

  32. Who esle watching in 2019

  33. Who else watching this for school

  34. 2:52 and 3:21 : “no humans were harmed”


  35. Good video shit song

  36. Stephen Colbert brought me here🤨

  37. dear mr OWL how many takes, did this take, to get it all in 1 shot??

  38. 2:00 Focus at the broken piano. lol wut.

  39. When me and the boys are home alone

  40. А вот когда собаке делать не хуй, она себе яйца лижет

  41. Just seen behind the scene of this song in modern marvel TV show

  42. 2:30 It is nice to see the cameraman…

  43. That Home Alone kid approves this video

  44. the music isn't great. The documenting isn't great. The labour obviously immense.

  45. u wasted so much shit give it to chairty shit heads

  46. OH my god, grow the hell up!!! This is the world we live in, motherfuckers! The morning doesn't come for some people!! Ask the dead at Auschwittz if the morning came for them? You trivialize our struggle by saying, "OH let it go." Pretty fucking words derived from your privledged white upbringing. Ask the homeless, the broken,k the INSANE the Betrayed, the MILLIONS of those that the morning didn't come for! Oh, let it go man" That is SUCH a BRILLIANT Insight! I never thought about just Feeling better because you say so!! We're sorry if our depression impinges on your beautiful but otherwise unrealistic world view. THIS IS THE WORLD! IT RAINS ON THE JUST AND THE UNJUST ALIKE!!! Did you ever stop tro consider that maybe this is how we work through shit that you obviously havn''t had the special, wonderful, honor of experiencing! Count yourself lucky, you insensitive, reductionist assholes, that you HAVN"T experienced something that you can't shake off at the drop of a hat. Jesus. Now flame away internets, who completely missed my point, but are angry because I disagree with a song that I actually LIKE. Changes nothing.

  47. LOL no, jaw dropping, Eye opening, Thanks!!! I love you.
    Recommended to friends & relations suffering with depression.

  48. Os caras são foda!!!

  49. Nothing I can say would matter. Holy fuck.

  50. who else came from their science teacher

  51. 3:23 love the colorful paper airplanes

  52. I remember watching this when I was in 7th grade, in 2010 or 2011. Hm.

  53. Oh my god my teacher showed me this so long ago and I just now discovered it again wth I feel like I’m tripping out

  54. The bass player is the dude who played Steve in Blue’s Clues. You’re welcome 🙂

  55. Even Rube Goldberg said: GODDAMN!!

  56. Не могу перестать это смотреть.

  57. I love the glass part

  58. As soon as it was 2010, camera quality was at it’s finest

  59. Today, my Science teacher showed me this in Physical Science.
    I always cherish OKGO as always unique in their Music Videos.

  60. Why does ok go never get radio play? Is it because they are not included in the record companies mafia union? they make us listen to what they want us to hear!!!

  61. My children also love doing this . These children must have good parents to let them spend so much time and money .

  62. I made a VR version of this in a game called RecRoom. Hope the OkGo guys like it, and I appreciate how much work went into making this video.

  63. Pretty much the dumbest thing I ever viewed on you tube

  64. Drugs all around!!

  65. Bruddas epic song never heard one like that for a decade or so!!!

  66. Im a 7th grader who is working on a music video using household things for MYP design. Watching your videos has inspired me so much. For people who are doing similar things, also check andrew huang. Hes also very good at making music or check wintergatan. These bois are SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!

  67. pls dont stop making songs they are legendary. There will never be people quite like you. You are a one-of-a-kind band that the world needs to know about, even when you are dead. This really gives me joy and makes me feel happy the rest of the day.

  68. My favorite song of yours so far is Upside Down & Inside Out. It is sick. How could someone possibly do that in a vomit comet???!!!

  69. My teacher's brother was in this , no lie

  70. I’m here from school lol

  71. TBH im not the biggest fan of the song but this is insanely impressive. OK Go has some of the best music videos.

  72. * Coldplay working on music video *
    * OK Go starts to work on a music video *
    Coldplay: " Alright everyone! Stop the music video production "

  73. This really inspires me to create a machine that create its chain reaction

  74. My teacher showed me this in class an

  75. Cantidad de gilipollas ay en el mondo

  76. Music has healing power and I have to say thank you to you guys for what you do.

  77. Who's here because they remembered this video after watching Youtube Rewind 2010?

  78. Cool video but nobody should ever purchase a product or service that advertises on a platform that heavily censors speech, like YouTube does.

  79. this took 8 takes, you can tell by the amount of smashed TV’s in the background

  80. Ah yes this brings back assembly memories growing up back in elementary

  81. Kids across the world see this every school year. 1 like=1 kid actually liking this song

  82. I just saw these guys on a field trip and there channel is amazing!!!

  83. I met these guys at school

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