‘OMKalen’: Kalen’s Kultural Mukbang with K-Pop Group ATEEZ

‘OMKalen’: Kalen’s Kultural Mukbang with K-Pop Group ATEEZ

[NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Yeah. You’re going to introduce me
to some Korean food, right? You’re a brave man, yeah. Oh, yeah, that is spicy. OK. So let’s do this. It’s time for Kalen’s
Kultural Mukbang. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right. So let’s get to
know one another. Do a dance move that
best describes you. Ah yeah, I bring my hair. OK. Whoa. OK. Whoa! Oh! OK! [CHEERING] Yeah! (SINGING) Catch my hair
and look at my eye. Dab. Whoa. Yeah. Ho, ho. (SINGING) Hakuna matata. Whoa! Hakuna matata means no worries. You say 8 makes 1 team, right? Well, I guess because I’m here
today, nine makes one team. Of course. Yeah, of course. And in the spirit of
teamwork, can somebody teach me how to use chopsticks? Because I don’t know how. Ah, yeah. Do it like this. OK. So like this? It’s hard. Yeah, like this. So– Yeah, yeah! You’re good. You’re very good. You’re better than me. Really? I’ve never done this. Yeah, you’re doing like Korean. Great. OK. Well, let’s try the first food. Oh! OK. So we got cheese on here. This looks like
a hot dog wiener. And then this is
the rice, right? And maybe spicy. Oh, it’s a little spicy? You good at spicy? Yeah. Ya’ll I’m trying– I’m trying my best
with the chopsticks. Here we go. Can I get a fork, please? I got it now. OK, here we go. Ready? That’s great. Great. That’s really good. Yeah, yeah. Thank you. Yeah, wow. That’s right. It is spicy. Yeah. It is spicy. Yeah, it’s spicy. But that’s good. That’s good. So your group’s name
is ATEEZ, right? Right. OK. So what does ATEEZ mean? So it means we have everything
that teenagers like. Oh. Yeah. OK. So you basically are
like a complete package. Yeah, yeah. Complete package. So teenagers can’t want
for more, because you are everything and more? You provide it all. So who in the group is a tease? You get it? What I did there? Everybody. I love that so
y’all spread it all. That’s like a package
deal, all in one. I like that. Yeah. OK. Next one. Second. Oh, what is that? [HEARTBEAT SOUND] This name is Gopchang. It’s potato, it’s
[NON-ENGLISH SPEECH].. OK. OK. So delicious. Trust you. Yeah. Yeah. Not bad. It’s not bad. Yeah. It’s not bad at all. Yeah, not bad. Chewy. Yeah. Chewy. Flavorful. OK. Yeah. That’s good? You’re not going to
eat none of this? OK, because I was concerned,
because y’all dug into that one. So I was trying to figure
out why you were ain’t doing nothing with this plate. Good. I heard you all are
amazing dancers. OK? So if you all had a dance
battle, who would win? Maybe it’s you. Yeah, maybe you. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh! Little pop, pop, pop, pop. Yeah. Hey, hey, hey. OK, so here in Los Angeles, what
was your favorite thing to eat? In-N-Out burger. In-N-Out. In-N-Out. In-N-Out? Really, In-N-Out? Can you recommend to us? After we eat. Oh, Roscoe’s
Chicken and Waffles. That’s Los Angeles. Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. Chicken and waffles. Yeah. That’s where you need to go. Wow! Very, very good food. Really? OK, this looks good. OK, here we go. Meat, and then I
put it in the sauce? Yeah, the sauce. Yeah, that’s tender. OK, is it spicy? No, little– it’s
a little bit salty. Oh, it’s salty. Yeah. OK. very delicious. Oh, that is good. Oh, it’s seasoned real good. And like, I like seasonings. Yeah. A lot of Americans don’t know
how to season their food. Oh really? Yeah. So all y’all live together,
in the same house? Do you all live in one house? Yeah. Together. Yeah. How is that? We eat together,
and sleep together. So that’s one of our
teamwork is good. Oh, so that’s like your bonding. You’re bonding, so because you
live together, you bond a lot. I heard that’s actually
common for lot of groups. I know Destiny’s Child
used to live together. They all lived together
in the same house. So how big is your house,
because it’s a lot of y’all. Big house. OK. Big house. Yeah, our house is big. You’re living large. OK. I like that. Yeah. [CHEERING] I like noodles. Yeah, danger food. It’s danger food. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Danger food. Yeah, Korea’s famous
[INAUDIBLE] noodle. And this is three steps. First– What’s the first– Grab your heart. OK. And second, eat. Third, drink some water. OK. OK. OK. OK. Go. Oh! Are you OK? Yeah. Oh. This is fine. Whoa. This isn’t that spicy. I’ve had stuff
spicier than this. Really? Yeah. So, try more. OK. OK. OK. Oh! You’re a brave man, yeah. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Don’t cry, Kalen. It’s spicy. Oh, it’s kind of creeping on me. It’s coming. OK, I think it’s not OK. OK. OK? OK. OK. It’s dangerous. Whoa, yeah, that is spicy. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. You can’t stop, drink milk. I know. My lips is burning. I heard that one of y’all can
break an apple with your bare hands. Yeah. Well, lucky for you,
I have an apple. Yeah, oh. Whoa! Show me how it’s done. Whoa. OK. Oh. Apple breaker (DEEP VOICE) Whoa! Yeah. A round of applause. A round. That is very impressive. Yeah, this is our dessert. Yeah. Jang Ho can break a watermelon. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] How do you break a
watermelon with one finger. Ping, pong. You know what? After the apple, I kind
of actually believe that. You brought up dessert, right? So, since I tried
Korean food today, I wanted y’all to try a
popular American dessert. Oh. That I made. Oh, you made? I made it, personally,
just for you. OK. Good old peach cobbler. Whoa. Yeah. Mm! So sweet. Yeah. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Well, everybody. That’s all the time
we have for today. And I want to thank
ATEEZ for joining me, and make sure ya’ll
check them out. They’re the real deal, baby. Have a happy
Saturkay, everybody. Bye-bye! Bye-bye!

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