PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE 3!!! Learn How To Make Spongebob Star Wars Jedi & Wonder Woman DIY Pancake!

PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE 3!!! Learn How To Make Spongebob Star Wars Jedi & Wonder Woman DIY Pancake!

– [Devan] Three, two, one. – [Collins] That looks amazing, dude. You challenged us to do the
Pancake Art Challenge, again, and this time we’re
kicking off with Spongebob. – Dude, what are you doing? – Gotta get the top off. – That’s like the most– (glass crashing) (laughs) Almost made a mark on the wall. – Yay! (object clatters) – Everything you need is important. Please, do not bump me. Be cautious of my elbow. – [Collins] My Spongebob’s
going to be huge. – Bro, that’s going to be massive. The eyes are a very
small part of Spongebob. – Yeah, I didn’t realize that. – Oh, dude. (screams) – Jeeze.
– What, what? – (laughing) My thumb
barely touched it, bro. I thought I burned my thumb off. Why did we put the bottles so close to the super hot skillet? (hip hop music) Spongebob looks like he
just got electrocuted. Like a giant bolt of lightning hit him. Oh man, no! No, no, no, no, no. Stop, stop, stop. (laughs) – It’s like a club or like a spatula. – [Collins] He’s got a massive forearm. My Spongebob has no legs,
it’ll only have an upper body. I apologize. Okay, there we go. Now my dude just needs to roast. I’m very excited to see how
both of these turned out. And now, the moment of truth. Devan, do you want to go first? – Yeah, sure, I’ll go first. Hopefully it doesn’t break. – [Collins] Oh my gosh, it looks so– He’s got even the little legs. – [Devan] This is always the hardest part. Oh! – Oh! – [Devan] That actually looks pretty good. – [Collins] That looks fantastic. – You don’t have any legs, what happened? – Well– (sighs) Alright here we go, you ready? Three, two, one. No!
– Oh, no! – My hand. – Both his arms broke off. – Arms broke off. Dude he got super burned. Look at his eyeballs, bro. His eyes are, like– (screams) Three, two, one. (mumbles) – And this is actually a
battle, and you get to choose who wins each round. So, comment down below
who won round number one. Was it my beautiful– It looks like a little mole
that’s supposed to be his nose. – That’s supposed to be his nose? – That’s his nose. And then you got Devan’s, so comment down below who won. We’ll be eating these
at the end of the video, so stick around for that, but right now it’s on to round number two. For this round, we are making a clown. – Wait, what? – Yeah, we’re making a clown. – No, bro. Clowns are terrifying. – What? No, dude, clowns are
like, they’re all happy and they juggle stuff, they got, like– (record scratches) – Have you seen a clown, bro? – Well, let’s do this, then. Maybe you make your version
of a clown, and I’ll make my version of a happy, just
wonderful, tiptoeing clown. – Okay. – Tiptoeing in my clown shoes. – Alright, I have one eye done. It’s a good start. Whoa, I love his eyebrows. Those are cool. – Thank you. He’s got a massive nose. Rudolph the red-nosed clown. Oh, dude my guy looks so happy. He’s like, “Yeah I’m a clown, what’s up? I’m here for the birthday party”. – My eyes are looking like
some eagle eyes over here. Oh, it’s looking good. – Alright, here we go. The final tooth. Yeah boy. And actually, guys, right
now comment down below, what would you name my clown? ‘Cause he looks super friendly. He needs to have yellow teeth. My clown don’t brush his teeth no ‘mo. He has bad hygiene. – That’s not good. – [Collins] One tooth is
gonna be blue for no reason. – Oh, dear. – Okay, I gotta unclog my thing. There we go. Oh! – [Devan] Oh! – [Collins] They always
have rosy cheeks, right? So I gotta get some pink
on my dude’s cheeks. (hip hop music) – Ooh, this is turning out nice. – See, I only have a very
limited space right now to make the rest of my clown body. So, I gotta really make the most of it. Dude, if my lower body stays
in place, I will be so happy. Three, two, one. Yeah!
– Oh! Whoa! – Dude, it’s Bubbles the Clown. Look it, he’s so colorful and happy, and he’s got a blue tooth. – Yeah? – (laughs) He’s got Bluetooth. I’m gonna turn off the thing right now, I’m gonna go get a snack and
let me know when you’re done. – Will do. (circus music) – Ah! Why you bumping me bro? – Sorry. (circus music) – Nope. – Probably not. – What? (circus music) – Yo dude, that looks crazy! – I know, it’s finally ready to flip. – I cannot see what this
thing’s gonna look like, so you got it? – I got it, I got it. – Wait, wait. First we have a five second
subscribe challenge for you. Can you subscribe to this
channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds? Here we go, are you ready? Five, four, three, two, one. Done. If you got it, comment down
below “Keyper Squad” right now and let’s see what this
pancake looks like. – I think I got it, here we go. – Three, two, one. – Oh!
– Oh! – Get it, get it, get it… Go, go, go, go, go, go! – Oh!
– (laughs) – That looks incredible! What the heck? (clapping)
– Wow, alright. – I don’t even wanna do this anymore. I just wanna like cover
mine and be like R.I.P. You get to vote which
clown won this round, whether you want the happy clown or the flipping masterpiece. – It did turn out better
than I even expected it to. – Mind blown. And right now we are on to the next round. For this round, we are doing Wonder Woman. – Alright, time to get some detail. – No, no, no because we are doing a 90
second flash challenge. You’ve got 90 seconds
to make Wonder Woman. – How am I supposed to–
– Go! – What? – My grill’s not even
on, oh gosh, okay cool. (squeaky voices) – How are we supposed to do this? (squeaky voices) – Dude, we only have like one minute left. – Wait, really?
– This is not enough time. – I couldn’t find the right color. Here we go. (squeaky voices) (groans) (overlapping chatter) (squeaky voices) Five,
– What? – Four,
– Now? – Three,
– Really? – Two, one. Done, done! What happened there? That was insane, like the pressure I felt
on that was unprecedented. – What is that? – Yeah, she’s definite not joining like the Justice League looking like that. Yours is just like abstract art. – It’s weird. – And now the moment of truth, time to see if we can flip it. – Hold up, truth I think
both of these were a fail. – Aw man, this is not looking good. She’s getting wrinkled, she’s
getting a little bit old. Oh my gosh! Oh no, well that’s great. – Oh no! – [Collins] She lost an eyeball. – [Devan] Her torso, I
didn’t even flip it properly. – I can’t even put this onto a
plate, so here’s how it works again you guys comment down
below who won this round. Alright, it’s a toss up.
– Yeah. And this round is gonna be sweet ’cause we are making an ice cream cone so no time restriction. That looks like a pizza, that
look like a Doritos chip. – It kinda looks like the Illuminati, you should just build
the rest of the pyramid. – Yeah, illuminati ice cream cone. (suspenseful music) My Doritos chip now looks like
a giant malfunctioned waffle. So here’s what I’m gonna do guys, I’m going for an artistic vision. I’m making a super tall ice cream. – Why does it have green spots on it? – Well, because I wanted
to be like flavored so I gotta put it all over now. Alright, so here we go. There’s three types of scoops:
you got the long scoop, the medium sized scoop which is next, and then you gotta little stump scoop. – Scoop dabbed it. Scoop dabbed it. Scoop dabbed it. (hip hop music) This is my fourth time
doing one of these things and I should learn my lesson at this point that this challenge is not for Collins. At all. – It even looks like some
sort of weird spacecraft. – I was going for like a foot– I’m tryna be abstract with it here because this is not what
it was supposed to be in the beginning. Right now, it’s time to see
what my flippin’ ice cream flippin’ looks like as
I flip it right now. Let’s flippin’ do this. – Flip it.
– Flip it. Three, two, one, flip. Oh! (groans) Dude, actually, yes yes. – It looks like a cradle. Bro, how do you mess up ice cream. It’s literally just a
cone and like two blobs. (melancholy music) Alright, here we go. Three, two, one, whoa! Actually, bro, that actually
looks pretty darn good. Look at this. Do you see this? – Well, my– (groans) So comment down below right now who do you think won this round? This round, for this, we do Yoda. – No, Yoda we do. – Yoda we– I’m not good at this. So guys, for this round, we
are doing Yoda from Star Wars. – Let’s go. – And begin. – Wait, I just said that. Aw man. – I think I got the whole
table and the camera. (groans) (hip hop music) You know that long hair
that you can never control? – [Devan] Yeah. – That’s why Yoda’s got,
he has one that has like– (laughs) (hip hop music) I don’t understand what you’re
doing but I’m sure at the end I’m gonna be like, “Oh,
that looks awesome!” – [Devan] You have a red nose? – [Collins] I have a red nose! – You’re thinking of a clown then, bro? – Yeah boy! Mine’s very simplistic,
as in I’m just gonna take a whole bunch of green over here. Oh! Come on! Maybe the part of my strategy is Devan will have no green left. (chuckles) – What? – Yoda’s been holding his breath recently, and his face has turned to purple. So Yoda, you gotta breathe my man. – Breathe, I will not. – Breathe, I will not. (hip hop music) Actually, the ears look
more like little arms. I heard that the Hulk is gonna
be in the new Thor movie, and maybe this is how he’ll
look when he’s in the movie. I doubt it but I think it’s his chance. (hip hop music) Dude I am exhausted just watching
you make this whole thing, like this pancake is just next level. Time to flip the Yoda pancake, this is gonna look super interesting. And we have a three second like challenge. Basically, can you like
this video in three seconds? Right now, here we go. Three, two, one, done. Alright, here we go. Three, two, one. Not my hairs. No! Yoda went bald. – [Devan] It looks like
he’s on a pogo stick. – I can’t believe he
broke his spingly hair. It was my favorite part
of this entire thing. Yeah– what? I don’t have time for that Devan. Alright, three, two, one. That looks amazing dude! You have him a bit burnt, that’s what happens when Yoda’s
in the sun for too long man, his face just gets– It’s incomprehensible to
me how you do what you do. This is called the Pumpkin
90 second flash challenge. Again, 90 seconds to put
the pumpkin emoji, Devan. Three, two, one, go. (squeaky voices) I forgot the Pam, hopefully
doesn’t burn the pumpkin. (squeaky voices) Dude, I’m not gonna get this at all! (squeaky voices) Ah, triangle illuminati. Alright, here we go. Dude, we have like forty seconds left. (squeaky voices) – I need orange, I need orange! – No, dude that’s mine! – (screams) – Ten seconds. ( squeaky voices) – I’ll help out.
– Thank you. Four, three, two, one, done. Stop, stop, stop. – Mine almost turned out good
but it wasn’t cooked enough, so now I think it’s just a mush. – Man, bro, my heart is beating so fast like that was a quick palpitation for it. – I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it. – And I think I smell it burning because we forgot to use the Pam. I’ve got a whole bunch of
little bubblies at the top. The first ever simultaneous flip. Three, two, one. (screams) I caught it! That was awesome. Can we get an instant replay
on that ’cause that was legit? Mine got so burnt you can’t
even tell it’s a pumpkin. Everything looks the same color. The green looks the same color
as the brown, as the purple. Like a basketball had
gotten squished in lava. – It’s a deflated basketball. – [Collins] Yours looks
very, like, abstract. – I messed it up. – Sweet, mine’s smoking. I’ll just turn this off. So comment down below, who
do you think won this round ? And right now, we are
headed into the finale. – Ooh, the finale. I’m so ready. – Let’s do this, let’s do a cross flip. I’m gonna put my pancake
over your pancake. – Can I do a full flip? Three, two, one. (splats) Oh, oh! I did a full flip! – Aw, I missed. As a tradition, we are doing
self portraits of ourselves. But this one’s gonna be
taken to the next level because we’re doing Snapchat
filter versions of ourselves so if you haven’t added us already, right over here is our
names, go add us right now, we do a whole bunch of crazy
stuff behind the scenes. And begin. (hip hop music) I got big ol’ eyeballs because that’s what Snapchat filters do, takes your eyes from here
and is like “Whoa, hello!” (hip hop music) – Oh, I’m gonna do some
red lips, some nice– – Smoochy. I’m looking like the
orange eye bandit, man. This is going pretty slow, I
gotta speed up the process. – Whoa! No, no, no. You can’t do this. Oh my gosh! – Yeah, yeah, don’t try this at home. – It looks like a marshmallow. – [Collins] I know. – [Devan] You got ’em. You can stop now. Whoa, you’re gonna burn, you gotta stop, you’re gonna set off the
smoke alarm, it’s good. – Perfect (coughs) perfect! So I think I’m ready to flip mine now, ’cause that was a good little scorch. Three, two, one, whoa! It didn’t get burned at all. It doesn’t look anything like me, but it didn’t get burned! (hip hop music) Alright, it is time. If you make this flip
happen, I will give you– – Give me what, the win? – Yeah, I will automatically
give you the win if you make this flip
happen where nothing breaks. – I’ll take it. Alright, here we go. Three, two, one. Oh! (laughs)
– (screams) – I made it happen. – How is he so good at this? – This guy looks pretty funny. I don’t think it really looks like me. – Dude, that looks just
like your Snapchat filter. So again, make sure you add us
on Snapchat, right over here because we are doing crazy
stuff on there all the time. And comment down below who won this round. We are about to eat these pancakes, but right now we have the final round. For this one, we are doing
a freestyle challenge. Whatever you want to
do, it’s time to do it. – (laughs) Okay.
– (laughs) Again, 90 seconds and
that time starts now, go! – Alright, here we go. (squeaky voices) Alright, got that done. Okay, alright. Next up, I gotta get the wheels. (squeaky voices) Dude, you’re so focused. – Yup, all I do. I know exactly, I know what I want. (squeaky voices) Oh, only 40 seconds left. Alright, here we go. The masterpiece comes into play. – Oh, no. (squeaky voices) – I hope you don’t need
these colors Devan. (squeaky voices) (timer dings) Oh no, there we go. Alright so mine’s just roasting right now, mine’s gonna take a little bit. What the heck did you draw? – (laughs) It’s supposed
to be a skateboard. I messed up the perspective
in the very beginning, all downhill from there so. – And this is the skate park. It was literally gonna compliment whatever it is that you made. So if you were like,
“I made a skateboard.”, I’m like, “Well this is my skate park.” And if you made like a bird, I’m like, “Well here’s the sky.” – Alright, now here we go. Three, two, one, oh no! Alright, this is gonna be very hot. – That’s hot? Speaking of hot! Whoa, roasted! – The heat’s like going into the pancake. – Oh, no. – And making it like in flames. – Oh, there you go, now– Oh snap, that’s smokin’,
that’s smokin’ real bad. – (coughing) – The fire alarm better not go off. We still have a video to finish. – If you don’t want the
fire alarm to go off, stop using the blowtorch. – I must cook my pancake. (fire alarm blaring) Ah, how do we turn this off? Here we go. You might wanna move back a little bit. Three, two, one, no! – It actually kinda looks pretty cool. It looks like some sort of landscape. – Now this is kind of a bummer
because the main thing that made this was the different
colors, but as you can tell, the colors have scorched. I’d say if nothing else,
you made a good emoji. (laughs)
– This is a masterpiece. But really, it’s up to you guys. If you want to prove Devan wrong, and you think that this is just
brilliant as I think it is, comment down below who
won this final round. Now the moment you’ve
all been waiting for, time to taste all of
these different pancakes. So let’s do this right now, pick up Yoda. I guess you can eat your
Yoda, I’ll eat my Yoda. – Okay, looks yuck. – I’m gonna go for, I’m gonna
direct in the middle here. – Ready? Oh wait. (crunching) – Dude, Yoda tastes great, I mean– Next up, we have our
beautiful self po– Oh man. I do not wanna eat this, I
forgot I scorched this thing. – Oh no, that’s the
downside of the blowtorch. – Aw man, it’s just
charred, I don’t wanna– Okay, I’m gonna go for the mouth, it’s the least charred bit of it. Here we go, three, two, one. (crunching) Ow! – Mmm, so good. – Ow!
– No? – It tastes like burnt– (gags) We’re gonna do a speed round now, and if you want to see another video, click right over here. (overlapping chatter) Five seconds, you have one minute. Five, four, three, two, one. – Stop.
– Alright. (overlapping chatter) – Taste that.
– Okay. – It’s Spongebob.
– I’m gonna eat his mouth. (overlapping chatter) – And comment down below, what should we do in our
next pancake art challenge? I’m gonna eat the whole ice cream. – Alright, bye!

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