Panic! at the disco is a US alternative pop-rock
band, formed in Las Vegas in 2004 by the singer and guitarist Ryan Ross and the drummer Spencer
Smith, who were classmates. Soon after, Brent Wilson joined them to play
the bass, as well as Bredon Urie as main vocalist, after they showed their great skills. The band’s name comes from the son “Panic”,
by the americans Name Taken. They started playing covers of songs from
other bands, and then they started writing their own. Out of luck, their music was heard by Pete
Wentz, bass player in Fall Out Boy and owner of Decaydance Records. Wentz liked his original and fresh style,
and thanks to him, Panic! at the disco got a record contract with the label Fueled by
Ramen. In September 2005, his debut album was released,
A Fever You Cant Sweat Out, which meant a fresh of fresh air for alternative rock. With the single “I write sins not tragedies”
they got several awards, like “Best Rock Video of the Year” in the MTV Video Music
Awards in 2006, and it was one of the most watched videos on youtube back then. Their casual style and their original performances
helped them connect to the young public, and they soon made a space for themselves in the
music panorama. Their fame also increased after they were
named Band of the Moment by the magazine Spin. Also, with their presence in social networks,
they gathered a strong community of followers. In a turning point, when they had already
become an internationally famous band, the bass player Brent Wilson was fired and replaced
by Jon Walker in mid 2016. With this new formation of the band, it didn’t
take them long to to work on their new cd. But when it was pretty much finished, they
decided to rewrite it, completely, as they weren’t really convinced about the style
of the songs. So, in March 2008 they released Pretty: Odd,
with singles such as Nine in the Afternoon, Mad As Rabbits or Northern Downpour. The sound of this CD was softer than the previous
one, influenced by bands such as The Beatles or the Beach Boys. Even tho it wasn’t as successful as their
debut album, the critics were still positive, and the band went on important promotional
tours. But the future of Panic! at the disco was
again put to the test in July 2009, when they announced Ross and Walker were leaving the
band, due to artistic discrepancies. After this, Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith
went through a really tough time, finding themselves, for the first time, leading the
band alone. Urie then thought it was the perfect chance
to work in new music, taking the role of main songwriter. They first tried with the release of “New
Perspective”, the first one without Ross and Walker. The critics were really positive, and later
on it was included in the soundtrack of the movie Jennifer’s Body. The third album, Vices & Virtues, was released
in March 2011 after two years of work, and the first single was “The Ballad of Mona
Lisa”. Again, the public’s reception was mainly
good, tho the shadow of their successful first cd was still after the band, especially now
that there were only two of the original members. Too weird to live, too rare to die! was the
title of their fourth cd. Released in October 2013, it debuted in the
second position of the Billboard 200 – same success as Pretty. Odd. “This is Gospel”, “Miss Jackson” or “Girls/Girls/Boys”
were the most successful singles. The album had a great influence from hip hop
and electronic music, and this was praised by the critics – they were experimenting with
new music styles. However, a new blow marked the future of the
band when the drummer Spencer Smith announced he was leaving the band temporarily due to
personal problems. After a year and a half away from the group,
he confirmed he was actually leaving for good, leaving Urie as the only member from the original
band. From that moment on, the singer of the band
took all the musical and artistic responsibility. His first moment of truth would come with
his 5th studio album “Death of a Bachelor”, in January 2016. In it, Brendon Urie wrote all the songs and
recorded pretty much all the instruments. And even tho he had help from professional
musicians, they were never part of the band as the official members were. Everything was against him, but the album
was still as successful as the previous ones! It was certified double platinum by the Recording
Industry Association of America, and it was nominated to the Grammy Awards as Best Rock
Album. Making the most out of it, the new cd didnt
take long. Pray for the wicked was released during the
summer of 2018, and it was also written, composed and recorded by Urie alone. It was praised for going back to the festive
and optimistic style in most of its songs, like the singles High Hopes or Say Amen (Saturday
Night) (both really successful). Thanks to Brendon Urie’s charm and his constant
musical innovation, the band has made it to the spotlight of alternative pop rock. Clearly, his horizons are now a lot wider. He’s proven it with his participation in the
Broadway musical Kinky Boots or with the successful and recent collaboration with Taylor Swift
in the song ME!. Without a doubt, an unexpected success that
took everyone by surprise. So, whatever the next step is for Panic! at
the disco, we are sure great achievements are coming their way!

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