Panic! At The Disco Interview – Alternativ News – Paris (2011)

Panic! At The Disco Interview – Alternativ News – Paris (2011)

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  1. whoever had the idea to have a 17 minute spencer interview needs a medal.

  2. 17 minutes of Spencer Smith? Kinda feels like an early Christmas present…

  3. great questions + flawless spencer smith = AWESOME INTERVIEW! THANK YOU!!!


  5. People saying Brendon should be in this? No. I do love him but Brendon gets all the attention. Spencer needs his time to shine too 😀

  6. I love everything about this video sigh

  7. @nirehtyls64 lol ya i love it

  8. anyone else amused by these questions? Like, what do you think about Patrick Stump's new album??? I COULD'VE SWORN THIS WAS A P!ATD INTERVIEW, although i personally do like Patrick Stump's new album XD

  9. Ssspeeeenncerrrr-gassmmm!

  10. SPENCER <33333333333333333333333

  11. a whole interview with only Spencer. aww c:

  12. Holy mother of poo, it's like the fates knew what I wanted and made it so.

  13. He's so cute! I love how he's so quiet and sweet! 🙂

  14. i love Spencer!!!!!!!!

  15. "He's like a super sweet dude."
    Haha, I rarely hear guys say other guys are sweet. 🙂
    Nice interview. I've noticed Spencer ususally doesn't say much so it's cool for him to have his own interview. I also like his sunglasses.

  16. i agree, but i think Brendon tiptoe's around the subject of Ryan and Jon when asked, he'll say probably a short answer about it but he doesn't seem to want to say anything bad or give out too much information i guess. Spencer like you said is more straight up about it probably figure's that we should know what happened. But also the fact that he's been friends with Ryan before Brendon did. So yes i really agree withthis comment, in a few interview's Brendon has said things about Ryan and Jon.

  17. awh its nice to see spencer as 'the main man' 😀

  18. I love how they just use The Balad of Mona Lisa in little snippets for the questions and silence rest of the way lol

  19. finally. spencer talking. his opinion. how he feels. thank you soooooo much.

  20. 17 minutes and 26 secnonds. DON'T FORGET THE 26 SECONDS!

  21. well, to be fair, jon wasn't one of the original members of the band, and, as spencer said, he and ryan have been friends for a long time, even before the band.

  22. Only Spence! ♥ awesome! He gets to talk for a while!

  23. Does anyone else realise in about 75% of interviews including spencer, he is chewing gum?

  24. OMG 9:50 to 10:30 love that little speech he does

  25. I'm ok with the idea :).

  26. Jesus, I love Spencer Smith. c:

  27. I think all of P!ATD albums are successful!!!

  28. And this ladies and gentleman is probably the most we will see the flawless Spencer Smith talk in a interview

  29. Spencer smith , you flawless bitch .

  30. Aw aw aw I love him so much❤️ Spencer's the best
    He makes my heart do backflips

  31. The amazing part is that it's so much of Spencer Smith and not just Brendon. I love Brendon so much but sometimes Spencer can't even get a chance to talk lol

  32. Spencer is so cute

  33. Wow i'm so glad i found this

  34. That's real interesting, his view on why we romanticize the past. We treat it like fiction

  35. God, this interview is beautiful. Flawless. I fucking love Spencer Smith.
    but the translations from french to english. were so bad. oh my god.

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