PARAPPA THE RAPPER (Original Playstation) (REACT: Retro Gaming)

PARAPPA THE RAPPER (Original Playstation) (REACT: Retro Gaming)

♪ (upbeat video game music) ♪ – “PaRappa the Rapper”? Looks like a kid’s game. – Oh! PaRappa the Rapper. It’s a rhythm game, right? – It’s like a dog that brings
together people through rap. – (FBE) PaRappa the Rapper
was released on the original Playstation back in 1996 and is credited
as being one of the first of the modern rhythm games.
– Oh wow. Okay, I like rhythm games. – Like Guitar Hero and stuff like–
oh, so it’s like that? Wow! – (FBE) And today
you’re going to be playing a remastered version
that was just released. – Wow. I thought it was too old
to look this good. – I’ve been wanting
to play it for a while, so let’s see how well
my rhythm does today. – I’m going to destroy
some of these songs… not in a good way. ♪ (RnB music) ♪
– “I need to become a hero.” – This is like the old graphics, huh? – I like how they’re just flat. – (bully) What do we have here? – If Jimmy Neutron
was made five years earlier, this is what it would look like. – (bully) Not only munchies
but a little babe, all dressed up for us–
– Oh! And now they’re making a pass at her? – (Sunny Funny) Stop it.
♪ (fanfare) ♪ – (voice-over) There’s no need to fear!
– (giggling) – ♪ Underdog ♪ – (Joe Chin) Because Joe Chin is here! – “Joe Chin”? – (Parappa) Wow!
– Oh, he’s so cute! – (Parappa) I need to become a hero too. I know! I gotta believe! – (with gusto) “I gotta believe!” ♪ (kung fu music) ♪
– What the heck? – Oh, sensei. – (Master Onion) …to the Fruites Dojo. – It’s Master Onion. – (Master Onion) Let’s see
if you can challenge my rap. – Yeah, I might even be a hip hop legend. (blipping) – Look at the little ones!
(gong booming) – And now I realize
you didn’t teach me how play. – Oh shit! This is hype. – ♪ Kick! Punch… ♪
– Oh wow! – ♪ It’s all in the mind ♪
– This is like… this is getting lit. – ♪ The things I’ll teach ya
is sure to beat ya ♪ ♪ Nevertheless, you’ll get
a lesson from teacher now ♪ ♪ Kick ♪
– Oh, it’s up there. – Oh, it’s on top?
I was too busy reading. – ♪ Chop ♪
– Oh my god! – ♪ Chop ♪
– Oh my goodness. – ♪ Block ♪
– Block– upper block. – ♪ Kick ♪ – ♪ Kick ♪
– Aah! – ♪ Chop ♪
– Oh. Oh. That’s not it. – ♪ And block ♪
– ♪ Block ♪ – ♪ Don’t get cocky ♪ ♪ It’s gonna get rocky ♪
– I’m rapping good. – ♪ We gonna move… ♪
– I’m not doing too hot. Ugh. – ♪ Turn ♪
– (repeating) Turn. – ♪ Pose ♪
– Oh god! Okay, wait. – ♪ Jump ♪
– ♪ Jump ♪ – I’m getting it. – ♪ Duck ♪
– ♪ And turn ♪ – ♪ Turn ♪ – ♪ Hmmm, yeah… ♪ – Okay, okay. – ♪ Kick to the limit
in order to get her now ♪ – Okay, uh.
– ♪ Kick! Punch! ♪ – (repeating) Kick! Punch! – ♪ Chop! Kick! ♪ – ♪ Chop! Kick! ♪ – Why do I seem like a little off beat? This is irritating me.
– ♪ Punch! Block! ♪ – Okay, I’m back. – ♪ Jump and pose ♪
– (repeating) Jump and pose. – Jump, pose. Yeah! – That’s what I do in
the middle of a fight, is I pose. – ♪ …we’re almost done ♪ ♪ I’ll make it easy at first ♪ ♪ I wanna see if you… ♪
– He got bars. – I just wanna groove, man.
The music’s so good. – ♪ …the man with the master plan ♪
– Wow, all right. I got this.
(gong booming) – Lesson four. – ♪ Here we go now! ♪ ♪ Kick! Punch! Block! ♪
– Oh god. Kick, punch, block. – ♪ Chop! Kick! Block! ♪
– Pffft. – ♪ Chop! Kick! Block! ♪ (descending whistle)
– Why is it saying I’m doing bad? I got rhythm. – ♪ Duck! Duck! Turn! ♪ – Oh, I’m bad. I’m bad. Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no.
– ♪ Duck! Duck! Turn! ♪ – ♪ Punch! Punch ♪ – (chuckling) Punch, punch, punch, punch. (Master Onion kiais) (music abruptly stops)
– I lost? (music abruptly stops)
– Oh no. We need to redo number four. – Do I have to do this again? (in game: squeaking)
His rap is getting wack. I’ma need Remy Ma to come up here
and teach him some lessons. – That was fun though.
Not gonna lie. I’m getting into it. – This is the one I failed last time. Kick, punch, block. Boom! – ♪ Jump! Kick! Chop! ♪ – ♪ Jump! Kick! Chop! ♪ – ♪ Kick! Punch! Block! ♪ – (repeating) Kick, punch, block. – ♪ And punch, punch, punch ♪
– All right, here we go. Punch, punch, punch.
Here we go. – Okay, I stayed good. Okay. (gong booming) – (Master Onion) Good job, Parappa.
– Thank you, master. – (Master Onion) …to the next stage now.
– (Parappa) All right! – I did good on that one. – So he’s being taught
how to rap by an onion? All right, not all heroes wear capes. ♪ (RnB music) ♪
– “You guys sit in the back.” – (Parappa) Whoa!
Check that out! – Oh, pull up in a Rari. – (Parappa)…Super Streched Limo 900! – Who owns the limo?
♪ (fanfare) ♪ – (groaning)
– (John Chin) Hi. – It’s this tool again. – Oh, John Chin back in this bitch, okay. – (John Chin) Would you girls
like to go to the beach with me? – (Sunny Funny) Sure.
Only if all of us can go. – (John Chin) Come on, girls,
sit up front with me. – Oh no, no, no. – (John Chin) You guys
can sit in the back. – Oh my lord. Hey, at least there’s a hot tub. ♪ (dreamy music) ♪
– Okay. No– oh no, this is his dream. – (Parappa) If only I had
a car and a license. – Same, bro. – (Parappa) I could take Sunny anywhere! – Sunny seems to be
the girl of everyone’s dreams. – (Parappa) I know!
I gotta believe! – Is that his catch phrase? – I like this positivity.
I like this positivity. ♪ (piano ditty) ♪ – (Instructor Mooselini)
You wanna learn how to drive, huh? Try this rap!
– Aight. I gotta try to rap to learn how to drive? ♪ (piano ditty) ♪
– Hey. Hey. Hey! Oh [bleep] the graphics!
This is so cool. – Their necks are swerving everywhere. – ♪ All right, we’re here,
just sittin’ in the car ♪ – (singing along) ♪ I want you to show me
if you can get in far ♪ (giggling)
– ♪ Step on the gas ♪ – Oh crap! Oh crap!
– ♪ Step on the gas ♪ – ♪ Step on the brakes ♪ – ♪ Step on the brakes ♪ – I’m just bad enough
that I’m getting the points, but it’s going
(stilted) step on the brakes. – ♪ Step on the gas ♪
– (repeating) Step on the gas. – ♪ Step on the brakes ♪
– (repeating) Step on the brakes. – ♪ Step on the brakes ♪
– (repeating) Step on the brakes. – ♪ I’m glad you know which way to go ♪ – Oh my god, that was so fast. – ♪ …gonna stop me,
here we go ♪ ♪ Check and turn
the signal to the right ♪ – (repeating) Check and turn
the signal to the right. – ♪ Now turn to the right ♪
(squeaking noises) – Oh, I swerved. Oops. – ♪ Now turn to the right ♪
(squeaking noise) (wheels squealing)
– Woo! – ♪ Whoa ho ho ho!
Stop the car! ♪ ♪ We’ve got an emergency ♪
– (singing along) ♪ Can’t you see? ♪ – Oh no! Gosh. (repeating) Do I know
why we stopped the car? No, I don’t know. – ♪ Guess… ♪
– (reading) What? – ♪ Do you know why
we stopped the car? ♪ – (repeating) Do you know
why we stopped the car? – ♪ I forgot the close the door ♪
– Pfft! (cracking up) She forgot to close the door? (door closing)
– (Mooselini) Mmm! (engine starting)
– She forgot to close the door? – ♪ Check and turn
the signals to the right ♪ – (repeating) Check and turn
the signals to the right. – ♪ Step on the gas,
now turn to the right ♪ – (repeating) Step on the gas.
Turn to the right. – ♪ Step on the brakes ♪
– (humming along) (tires screeching) – ♪ Do you know why
we stopped the car again? ♪ – (stilted) ♪ Do I know
why we stopped the car again? ♪ – ♪ That’s because
you just got your license ♪ – ‘Ey, let’s go, dawg! – ♪ That’s because
you just got your license ♪ – Boy, I did not get my license.
Did you see those turns? – This feels like
the actual time I got my license. – I don’t know how they got footage
of my driving test, but I’m suing somebody. – Oh, this is so much fun. Okay, now that you get–
once you get it down, it’s hype. – “My dad’s gonna bite me.” Why? – (Papa Parappa) Hey, Parappa!
– Yes, pops. – (Papa Parappa) Where
are you going with my car? (engine revving) – (Papa Parappa) You’ve only had
that license ten minutes! – That was me. – And he’s driving with his eyes closed. – (Sunny Funny)
This is really a lot of fun! – With everyone else in the car. – (Sunny Funny) Wouldn’t it be nice
if we could keep driving and go some place far, far away?
– Like Alaska? – Sunset.
♪ (romantic music) ♪ It’s getting intimate.
I’m really uncomfortable. – (puckering up)
– (engine humming) – (puckering up)
– (tires squealing) – (gasping) He’s asleep at the wheel. – Oh, boy, turn the wheel!
♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – “Crash.” – (Parappa) Oh no.
– Hey, you know what? That’s why your dad has insurance. – (Parappa) I’m in trouble now. How am I gonna pay for this car?
– Not by rapping. – (Parappa) How can I do that?
– By believing in himself? – (Parappa) How can I do that?
– Gotta believe! – (Parappa) I know!
– (mimicking) I gotta believe! – I gotta believe. I gotta believe. I can do this. I can get pop’s car fixed. – (Prince Fleaswallow)
So you want to sell goods at this flea market, ey? Come stand next to me.
Follow my rap. – What the [bleep] is happening? – He seems so chill
out of everyone we’ve played. I love it. – Uh, uh. – There’s a skunk? What the heck? – ♪ I’m workin’
in the flea market so early ♪ ♪ I’ve been working here… ♪ – (singing along)
♪ …since my mama was a baby ♪ ♪ Just because the rhythm is slow ♪ ♪ That don’t mean that you can’t flow ♪ Okay, it’s Jamaican. – Oh gosh.
– ♪ In the rain or in the snow ♪ – ♪ In the rain ♪
(record scratching) – Oh wow. – ♪ Got the got the funky flow ♪
– I can’t do it. – ♪ Got the got the funky flow ♪
– ♪ Got the got the funky flow ♪ – ♪ All you ever need
is to be nice and friendly ♪ – (stilted) ♪ All you ever need
is to be nice… ♪ – And to believe that you can rap. – ♪ All you ever need
is to be nice and friendly ♪ – All right, I just gotta be
nice and friendly. – ♪ I can sell a bottle cap like this ♪
– The slow one isn’t the easier one. This is rather hard! – ♪ I will try to sell a cap like this ♪ – “I will try to sell
a cap like this.” (giggling) – ♪ The skunk over here
will bring you luck ♪ – ♪ The skunk over here… ♪
– His voice is dope. – It started out just normal weird, where you could still grasp it
and be like, that’s weird, and now I just literally
don’t know what’s happening. – ♪ I made a lot of bucks
and now I’m on the run ♪ – Okay. – ♪ In the rain or in the snow ♪
– Okay. (repeating) In the rain or in the snow. – ♪ Got the got the funky flow ♪ – Got to rap the funky flow. – ♪ Got the funky funky flow ♪
(descending whistle) – ♪ Ha ha ha ♪ ♪ Let me tell you something
that I never tell you before ♪ – That didn’t look good.
I broke it with my rhymes. – ♪ I have never sold everything… ♪
– (singing along) ♪ Everything ♪ – ♪ I have never sold everything… ♪
– (singing along) ♪ Everything ♪ – ♪ Money, money, money
is all you need ♪ – (repeating) Money, money,
money is all you need. – ♪ Money, money, money
is all you need ♪ – (repeating) Money, money,
money is all you need– hey, wait, he’s getting into materialism? – ♪ Money, money, money is all you need ♪ – (singing along) ♪ Money, money,
money is all you need ♪ – ♪ Hey! Hey! ♪ – (Prince Fleaswallow) Your papa
is gonna be very proud of you. – Did we do it? – (Prince Fleaswallow) Let me know
if you have another flea market. – We made it at the yard sale! We did it! – (Prince Fleaswallow)
Or you will help me. (laughing) – (Parappa) You got that right, teacher! – Now how’s that’s gonna fix your car? – (FBE) All right, and that’s
where we’re going to wrap this up for today.
– Okay! – Yeah, that was sick! – I hope Parappa Rapper has his stuff
on Apple Music and Spotify. (chuckling) I’m trying to listen to this
in the car on the way back. – Thanks for watching
us play PaRappa the Rapper on the React channel. – Which game should we play next? New or old, let us know in the comments. – Thanks for watching, guys. And remember: you gotta believe! – Hey, everybody, Derek here,
one of the producers for the React channel. Thank you so much for watching
this episode and guess what? There’s gonna be more. There’s going to be so many more. You’re going to miss them
if you don’t subscribe! (shrilly) You should subscribe!

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