Photoshop disco de memória virtual lleno (SOLUCIÓN)

When this disk message appears
of full virtual memory informs you that you have used
all the hard drive space assigned as a virtual memory disk and will not let you save the project. This space used is
independent of the actual file of your project and it’s temporary. It appears because these temporary files Sometimes, Photoshop does not delete them
when you do not need them anymore To empty the virtual memory disks you must go to the “Edit” menu. Scroll to the “Thumb” option. It will show you four options undo, clipboard, stories and everything. Before you must make sure
that you do not need a previous version of one of your projects. Select the most appropriate. “Everything” will eliminate all your caches. Warns you that this option
It can not be undone. This way you will free yourself
of this unwanted message. If this tutorial was useful for you
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