Pleasantville Effect For Avid Media Composer

Pleasantville Effect For Avid Media Composer

With Avid Media Composer it’s easy to create
the ‘Pleasantville Effect’. Start by editing a clip to the timeline that
contains a color that you would like to isolate. Next, add another video track by right clicking
in this grey area of the timeline. Go ahead and place an exact copy of the same
clip on top of itself. Navigate over to the effects palette within
the project window and find the image category. Within the image category, drag the color
effect icon to the clip on V1 in the timeline. Click on the effects editor button to enter
into effects mode. Within the effects editor, drag the saturation
slider to a value of zero. This will turn the clip on V1 to black and white. Change the location of this monitor icon to
V2. You’ll notice V2 covers the clip on V1. Navigate back over to the effects palette
and find the key category. Drag the SpectraMatte effect onto the clip
on V2. Within the effects editor for the SpectraMatte
effect drag from this small box here to select a color that you would like to remove. In
this case, I’ll select red. Notice how the red color has been removed,
and the black and white clip on V1 now shows through. You may need to adjust these additional controls
if your key isn’t exactly perfect. The last step is to invert the key. Click on this 3D icon to promote the SpectraMatte
effect to a 3D warp effect. Twirl down the disclosure triangle for the
foreground category. Click on the invert key button. Okay, fantastic! that’s all there is to it.
Go ahead and play the final composite. For other great tips like this, or enroll
in an Avid certified Media Composer training course, visit

Comments (25)

  1. you do a great work. in your channel you explain everything in a way, anyone can understand.

  2. after adding the first effect then clicking to V2 the black and white still shows on the right screen, so going further i never get the color choice for the finished effect help!!!

  3. Hi Zach:

    Make sure the 'monitor' icon is placed on the top most track. It's looks like s small 'tv set'. It's just to the right of the blue track patch on V1.

  4. yes im doing everything is the exact same way as these directions show. i click the top V2 looks like a hollow TV next to V2, still the right pictures stays black and white. im not sure what im missing as i follow directions well haha. also i noticed their display is different i have 2 small boxes next to v1 and v2 to the right of it not just one like shown on the youtube scene.

  5. ive added the first effect on v1 then on v2 did what you said on v2 as showed on youtube, thing is when i change the tv box thing from v1 to v2 the picture doesnt go back to color on the right screen to be able to choose the color i want.

  6. Hi Zach:

    This is a tough one, what you are saying doesn't make sense to me.

    What version of Media Composer are you using? Something doesn't seem right.

    There should never be more than one monitor icon. This tutorial was created with a licensed version of Media Composer 5.5.

    FYI: There may be software hacks out there that are defective. Are you running a licensed version?

  7. Hi again, my producer set up this program, everything looks very similar yet v1 i have two small boxes on the right of it, one, once clicked shows a box picture, the other one shows a dash mark,. maybe i have an older version i dont know. also above the editing i dont have the three colored circles in the top left either. then when i try to click and drag that blue box paint thing to the color i wish to have stand out, from the v2 effect board the blue lines are all brown on mine….

  8. its weird because i am able to due different effects and you made it so simple on here, i followed it 100% too is there anything im missing thats clicked or unclicked that might not have been shown or said in the video??? this effect means the world to me…

  9. all the symbols onthe right arent bold like on yours on the v2 effect when you drag the ccolor over etc.. onlya couple symobls show up fo use.

  10. When you launch the software, what version of Media Composer are you running? I still me able to help.

  11. when i turn it on it says "media composer 5. then in smaller writing below says v5.5.2

  12. i also heard it can be done also v1 with color image, yet when you add a video track and v2 go to "chrome key" not sure how but i dont know i think i have an older version. even the shortcut image on my desktop is different.

  13. it can be something simple too. when you click the box icon which is next to v1 to the 2nd track v2, and you just clicking it off then on to the other or click and drag to v2? i have windows 7 not the mac. is there other ways to get this effect?

  14. i have version 5 not 5.5 i saw another video that has the exact same format. still i have the issue with clicking the monitor to v2 the color doesnt come back on after i made v1 black and white.

  15. Are you certain the clip on V2 DOES NOT Also have a color effect on it? Only the bottom clip should have a color effect, the clip on V2 should be the original clip without any effects.

    Then the last step would be to apply the Chroma Key effect to the clip on V2.

  16. im sure, once i make v2 track of the same scene, i click the monitor from v1 which i used color effect to v2. for some odd reason once clicked to v2 the picture doesnt go back to color as it should so i cant continue to the next step with spectramatte. whats missing? is it just my version? what are the steps using chroma key with v1 and v2 ive played around with it but have accomplished nothing lol

  17. even using the chroma ket for v2, remember my scene doesnt switch back to color thats the whole issue im having with this so how can i pick the color i wish to have stand out from the scene if it stays black and white even though i click the monitor to v2 after i finish the color effect for v1….. this shouldnt be this hard there's something weird lol. when i follow other effects on youtube it works fine but this one kills me haha

  18. Have you tried re-installing the software? Go to Avid's download site and grab 5.5.3, which is a free upgrade if you are running 5.5.2.

  19. ill try that upgrade, if not then what can i do at this point? the effect on v1 is in place, even using the chroma key on v2 it doesnt switch back to color. is there diferent steps i should take?

  20. @GDVTutorials avid dot com??? not sure what their website is, also you this it has something to due with my issue? i shouldnt have problems this is such as easy effect why does v1 effect stay in place even after i click on monitor v2 haha im going crazy out here!!!

  21. If re-installing doesn't fix the problem. Try creating an entire new user profile within the settings tab at the top of the project window.

    If that doesn't work, create an entirely new project.

    I'm really at a loss on this one. Sorry.

  22. yes i opened up a new project and the same thing happened, clicked the monitor to v2 and the right screen stayed black and white again 🙁

  23. how do i do it using chroma key?

  24. Hi Zach:

    The old chroma key function is listed under the key category. However it's quality is sub-par compared to the Spectra Matte Keyer.

  25. i figured out what i wasnt doing thank you for your help i forgot to drag the video onto v2 from the screen, that solved my problem haha

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