Pop Feminism

Pop Feminism

“… and as the first woman to win ‘Album of the Year’ at the Grammys twice, I want to say to all the young women out there …” Some of the more cynical feminists out there have suggested that Taylor’s grammy was not so much a victory for all women as a victory for Taylor Swift. And that this version of feminism is really just like upper-class white women congratulating themselves for how much wealth and power they have. Now I on the other hand … ha. Well, anyway, the important question is what would a Taylor Swift song sound like covered by Bob Dylan? “I knew you were trouble when you walked in /
So shame on me now /
Flew me to places I’d never been /
‘Til you put me down, oh / I knew you were trouble when you walked in /
So shame on me now /
Flew me to places I’d never been /
Now I’m lying on the cold hard ground / trouble, trouble, trouble / trouble, trouble, trouble.” What was God thinking when he designed drugs? He said: “This one will make you alert and awake, but anxious, And you’ll have to take a shit, because fuck you.” When people who are angry about feminism find out that I’m not angry about feminism, they often present me with evidence of feminists doing something stupid, then they want to know: “What do you think of that, huh?” And it’s hard, because it’s not easy to respond to that kind of accusation without sounding like you’re committing some kind of “no true feminist” fallacy. Though it’s extremely easy for any asshole with an internet connection to send you a video of a blue haired woman saying she hates men. “Aha, feminism exposed!” But why is there so much bad feminism in the first place? Well, one reason is that feminism has gotten so big in the last decade that everyone seems to want to get in on it. Leading us to a situation where much of what goes on under the heading of feminism is just plain nonsense. In the current year, female mega-millionaires can draw praise for presenting their own personal success stories as parables about the global empowerment of all womankind. And corporate marketing has discovered that attaching heartwarming girl power babble to a brand can attract an extra kick of publicity from writers of feminist blogs. – “If I asked you to run like a girl now, would you do it differently?”
– “I would run like myself.”
– “You’d like a chance to redo it?” My God. I am ravenous. “I want support for ugly girls and lazy girls and girls that can’t ever get their eyeliner right.” Well, good on them I guess, for saying ugly girls instead of disingenuinely insisting that everyone is beautiful. “You mean ‘disingenuously’ not ‘disingenuinely’ you dumb idiot! Rekt, feminist destroyed.” But should we really be celebrating laziness and incompetence? If we support people who can’t get their eyeliner right, like me in this video, how are they ever supposed to learn and improve? We need shame. Shame! “Let’s ban ‘bossy’. Be brave, be you. Ban ‘bossy’.” No! If we ban ‘bossy’, then women will end up just like men and men are fucking assholes. I hate men. Seriously though, some of the feminist advice given to women is borderline psychopathic. You know like: “Never take ‘no’ for an answer! Always take what you want!” This is like rapist advice. And I get that this is an attempt to turn women into monsters, so they can survive in a monstrous world. But if feminism is genuine social activism instead of just individual lessons on how to game the corporate shark tank to your advantage, wouldn’t it be better to advocate for a softer more effeminate world where it’s ok to apologize and to care about other people. I feel like there’s a misogynistic strain in some feminism that resents femininity and wants women to be more like men. But I like women the way they are, goddamnit. We shouldn’t be trying to turn women into men what we should be doing is trying to turn men into women. Beautiful. Perfect. Angels. Hairless. Puuure. Now if I wanted to, I could probably make an entire career out of complaining about the things in feminism I don’t like. I’d certainly attract a larger audience and probably more money. But there are already so many assholes complaining about feminism that I just can’t bring myself to do it. I don’t want to be mistaken for one of “those”. And honestly, I don’t think it would do any good for me to do that anyway. You know, it’s one thing when a young woman criticizes the stupid things her peers are doing on Tumblr or whatever. When you’ve got like 49 year old men ranting about the shit 19 year old girls are doing, I don’t know, I just get kind of a creepy vibe from it. It reminds me of when adult men used to complain about Justin Bieber all the time. Like, why do you care so much what music female babies listen to anyway? “I still hear the nasal voices of those invisibles serenading her. People with names like Sammy and Joe, Eddie and Tony and Peggy and Guy and Patty and Rex. Sentimental song hits, all of them as similar to my ear as her various candies were to my palate.” Ah jeez. Now one serious problem with junk food feminism is that it potentially distracts from more substantive feminist activism. But it’s only a distraction to the extent you allow yourself to be distracted by it. And of course the shitlords of Youtube have every interest in keeping the worst of Feminism in the spotlight. I know to my ideological opponents it might sound weird for me to say that I’m the feminist even though I believe a lot of feminism is garbage. But what you have to understand is that feminism has gotten so huge and so ubiquitous that it’s come to resemble the whole of human life, which is to say that 95 percent of it is absolute fucking shit. Which should come as no surprise. I mean 95 percent of music is shit. 95 percent of movies are shit and 99.999 percent of YouTube videos are shit. The Earth itself is mostly shit. It’s like shitty deserts and open oceans and cold-ass tundras, and hot fucking mosquito rainforests. There’s like plagues of locusts and dinosaurs tearing zebras apart. And the whole planet is adrift in a cosmos that’s 99.9 forever percent empty. Most of the parts that aren’t empty are bad and violent and shitty. And all this is really just a metaphor for the human soul which spends most of its time waiting in line, looking at the clock, in traffic, bored, anxious, envious, insecure, broke, lonely, sick, hungover, aging, working, waiting for the person you have a crush on to text you back and thinking they definitely hate you, 9/11, vomiting, waiting to text or crush back, because you don’t want them to think you like them as much as you do, begging for forgiveness, drying your iPhone, watching insects die, because of the horrible chemicals you sprayed on them, wretched, creepy lust, longing for childhood joys that can never be regained, the encroaching death of passion, that slowly rots your marriage, the fucking Delaware turnpike, cancer, joyless intoxication, whatever music it is they play at fucking CVS. It’s all kind of a bunch of shit. Which is why the meaning of life is to seek out the little moments of ecstasy and redemption that make it all worthwhile, and to try each day to see the world as interesting and beautiful and strange. You know, at least to find it all kind of funny. At least that’s the best thing I’ve been able to come up with. What’s your fucking idea? If you liked this video, you can follow me in the usual places and now on Facebook, too. I want to thank all my new Patreons for helping to make this video possible. I have more ideas for videos and time and money to make them, so the more support I get, the more I can do with this channel. Each new pledge is a triumph for every single woman on the face of God’s Gray Earth. Namaste.

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  1. I still come back for the Bob Dylan impersonation.

  2. Don't spray chemicals on insects

  3. I think you criticising bad feminism would be good. It would be a chance for people to see that not all feminists sing the same tune and will mean less disgruntled liberals will be lead to the right. It would be like societies ignoring bad science communication. By not speaking out against the bad communication it kind of gives the message that they agree with it, or at least don't agree with it. Though a feminist criticising bad feminism would always have to finish with what they view a good version of the feminism they were critiquing would be. Much of how a scientist would discredit the flat earth and then affirm the globe model.

  4. oh my god you are so fucking hilarious i love you my queen

  5. the fucking lolita bit
    i died

  6. Honestly that Bob Dylan cover was spot on

  7. whaaaaow, You're wonderful…..

  8. 95% of feminism is bullshit. Okay, accepted.

  9. Y’know, people have whined to me about “ third wave feminism “ and my eyes glass over, because I don’t know a single feminist who has the exact same beliefs and concerns as another, let alone a whole group of us agreeing about a group agenda. You say “ junk food feminism “ and right away I know just what you’re talking about. Great turn of phrase.

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  11. “I love women! We should be trying to turn men into women!” Such eggy words, Nat

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  16. Each new pledge is a triumph against the shitlords of interpocolypse (that's ancient greek for 'self consuming mediocrity'. direct translation, for real. I found it carved into a rock in the wreckage of an old, old wooden ship in Crete).

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  19. 0:32 well played, TayTay, well played .

  20. 3:39 Tfw when you, a man, think you've finally goten all that toxic masculinity poison out of you and then contra reminds you about your difficulty apologising

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  24. If God had a wife and a daughter then real females would get better treatment.  We should all pray that God gets some conversion therapy.

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  26. In other words, sturgeon's law always applies.

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  30. Sorry to tell you, but contrapoints is just better when (s)he is a gay man!

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  32. i kinda like these more natural sounding rants
    don't get me wrong, the new ones are great, fun theatre, and got me hooked enough to go back, but these feel more conversational

  33. i think there's bad feminism cos its an easily manipulated ideology. Also, if you did videos critiquing crazy feminists, only the crazy feminists will try to misrepresent you.

  34. Cvs music is the devil. Try hearing it everyday. Lol

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  39. Natalie you goofy fuck. I love your work and I wish you all the happiness in life.

  40. The fact that earth is 95% shit is so extremely depressing. Its not inaccurate at all. most of Earth is molten lava, and then a small percentage of matter that exists on our planet actually exists in the livable parts, but then, of those livable parts there's another small percentage of space the we humans can actually live on! But then, its an even smaller percentage of living space that we as individuals can actually relate to and be a part of a small community. Oh well, i guess i can always go make youtube videos if I get depressed enough.

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  47. I feel like there is less gender bending and general now that you have transitioned to a large part. I love Natalie, but I love this ‘unblossomed’ Natalie just as much.

  48. "what we should be doing is trying to turn men… into women"
    some great foreshadowing there

  49. Shut the fuck up shut the fuck up shut the fuck up like nobody cares

  50. I agree with the idea of turning men into women 😀 I'm a very feminine bisexual feminist and I simply love the natural beauty of being a woman exudes. That's one big reason why when it comes to sexuality, I'd rather be with a transgender woman than a transgender man.

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  60. Natalie: The Earth itself is mostly shit.
    Me: …marry me…

  61. I’m very happy to see that I’m not the only feminist who thinks a lot of so-called feminism is shit

  62. looking for things that are beautiful or strange? or laugh about it all? what about the obvious answer: drop all thoughts and CONSUME

  63. I fucking love you so much.

  64. Italo Calvino wrote "… seek and learn to recognize who and what, in the midst of inferno, are not inferno, then make them endure, give them space."

    Contrapoints does this so well. These videos are among my favorite pieces of not-inferno right now.

  65. Where's the love, honey? Thinking that almost everything in our lives is trash is kinda like the opposite to making ourselves to love others, to understand their love for stuff we don't like, to put ourselves in their shoes. As one of your latest videos said, we need to be more empathetic and try to stop thinking that almost everything is trash and shit.

  66. Natalie’s description of the meaning of life actually made me cry ❤️

  67. The Taylor Swift cover by Bob Dylan is one of my favorite things in this world.

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  70. Texas is one huge garbage chunk

  71. 3:48 My god, the foreshadowing

  72. Short and sweet like a quick bite to eat. Thanks for the important distinction between junk food feminism and meaningful feminist principles

  73. Thank you for this greath video. But heyyyyyy Caligula is not a shitty movie

  74. I discovered her like 20 days ago n' I m kinda amazed. I seek for new videos every day. She s soo brilliant talented charismatic eclectic and well informated. I dream to met up, would be a pleasure to talk with her

  75. I'm a cold arse Tundra. Tundrabluff is literally my gamer tag 😛

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  77. Taylor Swift looks really cute surrounded by her slaves.

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  79. Tears are powerful only when drunk republicans cries publicly over their alleged boot straps success when they retire into a a bottle of stupor,

    Or can't have their license to kill anymore

    When they lose twitter followers

    Or blames everyone else for their misery

    Specially brown people or someone not in their cult

    Anyone remember John Bohner?

    I hear he's had his drunken Chernobyl,

    And went for weed

    In a state of greed

    On the legalized Devil's seed

    He turned into a stoner

    To repair his shrinking brain

    And growing liver

    We, the bleeding heart libs

    Applaud the masquerade

    Of contrived Machismo

    of whining ammosexuals

    and flag grabbing fetishists

    With daddy issues.

    You all remind me of Justin Bieber

  80. Just to critique something at 1:40, it’s not that everyone’s jumping on the feminism bandwagon, it’s that feminism is claiming a monopoly on equality and suddenly anyone who wishes to refer to themselves as ‘egalitarian’ rather than ‘feminist’ is in the wrong.

  81. I lost my shit at 0:59 lmfao

  82. Ahh senpai mentioned Delaware! (We have more bullshit than our tiny section of I-95, it's all bullshit, please save me.)

  83. Sounded more like Mark Knopfler than Dylan as far as vocals go. Hashtag notes

  84. feminism is the empowerment of women so as to balance the disempowerment of patriarchy. education, autonomy and equality – and the vote, ownership of property and personal liberty. feminism is neither dead nor irrelevant… but there seem to be many who stretch the concept way to far in various directions, diluting and obfuscating the fundamental need for feminist concepts to be applied, still.

  85. god I love old contra

  86. I love "props for saying ugly girls instead of saying 'everyone is beautiful' unfortunately that idea still finds its way into a lot of good feminist activism even when we're appropriately criticising white patriarchal beauty standards, "everyone is beautiful" is still a pretty gaslighty endgame

  87. Shit sis… your eyeliner mad poppin' even pre-E! Girl, what's your number?

  88. I agree with most of what you said, including how the popularity of feminism means that now it encompasses so many different points of view but… A lot of the garbage within feminism is coming from academia and critical theory, then it trickles to society at large. You cannot brush over that.

    P. S. Although I often disagree with you, I hate that the cancel culture mob has come for you. You are possibly the most creative youtuber I know after ze frank


  90. Contra would have been a cool bro to chill with before transition, just saying.

  91. This endless misinforming must cease at once : crocodiles are NOT dinosaurs, godamnit.

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  93. I was on vacation in Vegas and all they played in CVS was “Babylon”🙂

  94. Finally, someone who doesn't want to turn women into men.

  95. What bothers me is when people say that they’re not feminists because of this bs, instead of saying that the bs is not true feminism. Calling yourself not a feminism is just sad

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