Justice League… Zack Snyder… therms that should be familiar to you seeing how popular they’ve been lately. Even though the movie has been released in 2017, two years later it’s still an issue for some fans. Disappointed fans that are desperately waiting for a movie « correction », that they have been imagining for years now. Does such a version even exits ? According to many and Warner, it’s only a myth. And… well… Credits. If you really are a comic book fan and especially DC comics, it’s nearly impossible that you didn’t hear about the subject. But how did we get here ? I will be discussing many elements before giving you my point of view, but first for the people who apparently live in a cave, here’s a retrospective of the subject In 2008, after Warner cancelled the second movie following Superman Returns, they decided to redo the franchise. I think we can explain this decision by the « screw up » of superman returns, but especially thanks to the success of Iron man in 2008 that launches the MCU. I like superman returns a lot and I really think it deserves its own video, but for now let’s stay focus. It’s in 2013 that the public sees for the first time man of steel by Zack Snyder, who also directed 300 sucker punch and watchmen damn it ! And played by Henry Cavill. This movie was criticised a lot, justified critics, but also stupid ones. Critics that I won’t comment on, because I would be repeating Fermez-la’s video, that I really advice you to go watch. After mixed opinions, it’s only a year later when Batman vs Superman announced its official release, and created mixed feelings with the fans at the announce of the role of Batman. Ben Affleck. Who was criticised without anyone seeing him in the role, the movie was already taking a wrong turn before it was even released, well honestly Personally The announce of Ben affleck and George Clooney’s Twit, made me even more excited than anything else The thing is at it’s release, opinions concerning the movie were even more mixed worst than man of steel, once again, for good and bad reasons. I’don’t particularly agree with everything that’s said, but once again I refer you to fermez là’s vidéo, that explains it better than I do. Even if people’s opinion evolved through the years, and especially after the Director cut release, DCU already had one foot in the grave. And let me tell you Suicide Squad didn’t help… Ever since the first trailers, the internet went mad. Nianiania, the joker has tattoos… Yeah… so what ? Seriously ?! These are the same guys that complained about Ben affleck and the same ones that went under their mothers skirts crying when they announced that he was leaving. Anyway This movie has a lot of imperfections, too many, but the thing is Warner isn’t trusting anything anymore. Well, put yourself in their position, people have been yelling at them before even seeing the images. So 45 minutes of the joker were cut off the movie Leaving us with a vulgar story between Mac and his whore, and his whore, while there’s much more to it than that, and I would put my hand in the fire that the director knew about it, Yeah… thanks to this scene. It’s impossible that they read the comics, or saw Bruce Tim’s show when they released this to us. The studios were the ones who voluntarily cut off the movie. Because of the fans … It’s paradoxal… no ? Yet the movie had a lot of good points, points that also deserve their own video. All theses movies and all these challenges lead us to … Finally. Justice league directed by Zack Snyder Yes he was supposed to be the one to manage this whole universe instead of Kevin Feige at Marvel. But after a tragic event during the filming. No I won’t talk about it, first because it doesn’t concern me, and second because I don’t want views by talking about such a tragedy, and finally because a simple google search would give you all the answers. The movie that was finished, sees itself being reshoot, and under the direction of joss whedon Yep ! the Avengers director… According to the news, Joss changed 80% of the original script. Quite a lot ! And with that producers scared of competition, which led to the suppression of the origin stories of the new characters, that didn’t have their own movies, add this to the oven thermostat 6 and well you get a shitty movie. Well not that much, but seriously I read the comics when I was young and I still do, I’m not saying I’m an expert in the matter or that I had the first editions under blister hidden in my closet, but I know who are cyborg and flash, the public, him Doesn’t guys ! They can’t get attached to characters that they don’t know, and it’s a big problem when one launches a saga that will last for many years. Warner is going to release a miniaturised version of Justice league that had the potential to bury avengers. This incredible movie was disappearing little by little, until Jason Momo’s twit in which he affirms to have seen the Snydercut, while Warner still says that such a version doesn’t exist. Actors that are supporting the director, and who want a Snydercut well they must have cried when seeing the final version. And Zack himself who put an end to the debate. And here we are today, still waiting, after so many announcement, still the same question. Are we finally going to see this famous SnyderCut ? First you have to know that Eack Snyder left the production of the movie before the editing was finished. And this must be one of The reasons why Warner lie, well of course if the editing was not finished, they of course had to finance all that and Warner are grumpy when it comes to spending money. But everything that’s going on, the actors that have been following the hashtags, shit man, the photograph director said that he cried when he saw the final version of justice league. Well I don’t think Snyder Cut’s version will be out in theatre again and revive the DCU. Also the rumours say that Ben Afleck won’t be playing Batman’s again, and that JJ Abrams will do another saga with younger actors hum Robert Pattinson hum. Still with gal calot and Jason momma ? Well I don’t know, Wonder Woman 84 and Aquaman 2 are confirmed. Daim Warner, well you put yourselves in deep shit… It’s an incomplete version, a bit like the long version of spiderverse, not that I don’t like the idea buuuuuut still ! If that version is ever released , I think it will be on a Warner platform “HBO MAX” and don’t expect a sequel. Zack had a threelogy planned in which batman would be killed in the movie final Destroyed by a scared production but also because of the fans… Well yes, for listening too much and criticising too much before even seeing the movie, we don’t let talented directors be creative, and they find themselves stuck with a production scared of failing. Even after seeing the black costume of superman, most of them had to change the pants Well this is everything I know more news will surely come soon, stay tuned and most importantly don’t judge before seeing anything, give RP a chance, and prove himself maybe Otherwise well end up seeing movies with no originality no surprise effect, do I need to remind you that a ticket to the movie is 10 euros ! Dammit !

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  1. Super ! C'est clair et concis, on croise les doigts pour voir un jour la version "originale" 😁

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