Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! I’m here with my
friend Alx today! Alx: Hi! Ro: Oh my gosh, I love this guy,
OK, and I’m gonna be putting his links Ro: down below to his Vine and YouTube channel,
if you guys want to check him out. Ro: We are gonna be playing the Pop-Tart challenge,
I got so many requests to play this. Ro: It’s really, really easy, we’re both
gonna be wearing blindfolds. Alx: Yes! Ro: And, if you guess it right, you get a
point. Alx: Yes. Ro: So there’s that. Alx: Well OK, but what about if we guess it
wrong. Ro: And you get Cookie! Alx: Yes! I was gonna say, if you get it wrong,
I get your dog. So… Ro: Oh no! Alx: If you get points wrong that
more percentages that I get Cookie! Ro: We’re playing for keeps! Ro: Wait, wait! But if I win, do I get your
dog? Alx: If you want my great dane, that’s literally
your size, then sure. Alx: We can swap dogs. Ro: I love this, we weigh like the same amounts,
95 pounds. Alx: Right? Alx: Oh, are you telling me I weigh this much? Ro: Wait, no your dog… Alx: Thank
you so much! Ro: Alright, here’s the first Pop-Tart,
let’s try it! Alx: OK, so it’s 1 box. Ro: And there’s
1 box. Alx: Hahaha OK! Ro: Did you get yours open? Alx: Yes. Ro:
OK, I’m gonna smell it… Ro: Huh… Alx: Oh! Ro: OK, I’m gonna take
a bite. Ro: What is this? Alx: Mmmmm. Ro: I feel like
it could be 2 things. Alx: That’s what I’m saying, because it’s
like a combination of things but I feel Alx: like I have my answer. Ro: OK, me too. Ro: Wait, 1 more bite! Alx: Yeah, she’s
trying to keep her dog! Alx: You better keep that dog. Ro: Mmmhmmm. Ro: 1, 2, 3… Ro: Pumpkin Pie. Alx: Cinnamon! Alx: Oh! Cinnamon Pumpkin Pie! Ro: What was it? Ro: Oh no, you can take this off! Alx: Oh my god! Ro: To look, silly! Alx: If my eyebrows are gone, I’m gonna
be so mad! Are my eyebrows still here. Ro: No they’re there! Alx: Yay! OK! Ro:
They’re there, they look good. Alx: What is it? Ro: Look, look! Alx: Cheater! Ro: Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Pie! Alx: You cheater! Ro: Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin
Pie! Alx: Cookie did you tell her?!?! Ro: No! Alx: You don’t want to come home
with me do you? Alx: That’s what it is! Ro: OK, I will give you a 1/2 a point because
it does have a lot of cinnamon Ro: in pumpkin pie. Alx: Thank you! Ro: Yeah, I’ll give you the 1/2. Alx: Thank
you for your patronage ma’am! Alx: Alright, time for Pop-Tart number 2! Ro: Yes, yes! Alx: Are you ready? Ro: I am, and I think I have a strategy. Alx:
Oh, what’s your strategy? Ro: I don’t know if I should tell you because
then you’ll know it but… Alx: What are you a Pop-Tart expert now? What
is this? Ro: But I think it’s the filling. Alx: What
do you mean? Ro: Like the flavoring isn’t the coating
on the top, like the frosting on the top. Alx: Oh because we’re just like eating the
crust. Ro: Right! Alx: OK! Ro: Because the icing, the icing
on the top was not a pumpkin pie flavor. Alx: Right! Ro: But the filling was the flavor. Alx: That’s probably where the cinnamon
was, was on the top. Ro: Right, right. Ro: OK, 1 for you… Ooops! Alx: OK! Ro: Sorry!
I got another 1. Alx: OK, alright, oh I got it! Oh my gosh!
Ro: Did you find it? Alx: Yeah wow! Ro: Oh wow, you’re good! Ro: OK, OK, here we go! Alx: Oh, OK. Alx: Oh my god! Ro: Oh my! Alx: OK, Cookie,
that was for you! Ro: The middle tastes like… A couple of
things! Alx: But you don’t want to give me your
answer. Alx: You’re like, ‘the middle tastes like…
Hmmm I’m not giving him the answer!’ Alx: OK, I know what it is! Ro: OK, you ready? Alx: I am! Ro: OK, 1, 2, 3! Alx: S’mores! Ro: Chocolate Marshmallow! Alx: We’re like waiting for each other,
is it right? Ro: It is a S’more! Alx: Yes! Thank you for telling me the answer
Cookie! Ro: I’m gonna give you a point for that.
Alx: So I have a point and a half! Ro: And can I take, can I take a 1/2 a point?
Alx: For what? Ro: What do you guys think? Chocolate Marshmallow? Ro: That’s 1/2 a point, that’s kinda there.
Alx: Fine! Alx: You gave me the point for the cinnamon,
OK, you get your little 1/2 a point. Ro: That’s fair, that’s good sports…
Alx: I’m doing good charity work. Ro: Good sportsmanship! Alx: OK, you’re
welcome. Ro: He calls it charity work, I call it sportsmanship! Ro: Pop-Tart number 3, we are all tied up!
It is a tie game right now. Alx: We’re tied? Ro: What’s your dream… What would be your
dream flavor? Alx: Dream flavor would probably…. I can’t
even say probably, I’m like Alx: probablblblb… Would Probably be….
Ro: That’s OK! Alx: Um, an Oreos and Cream, oh my god if
this is Oreos and cream I’m gonna die! Ro: Mmmmm! Ro: Here we go! What’s going on here? Alx: Why do I know exactly what this is? Alx: Oh my god! I’m a Pop-Tart expert! Alx: Ahhhh! I got a fancy palate! Alx: Wow! Ro: What’s going on here? Ro: I taste peanut butter at the top, but
something else in the middle. Alx: Oh my god! Ro: Oh! I’m not supposed to tell you that! Alx: Oh girl, I already knew! This fancy palate,
it already… It detected that long time ago! Ro: 1, 2, 3… Ro: Peanut Butter and Jelly! Alx: Strawberry
Peanut Butter! Alx: Peanut Butter and Strawberry! Ha-ha-ha-ha! Ro: Do I get peanut butter and jelly? Alx: Wait is it peanut butter and jelly? Ro: We’re both right! Ro: It’s peanut butter and jelly. Alx: Oh
peanut butter strawberry! Ro: But, jelly strawberry. Alx: Ohhhhh. Ro:
You got like the A+ and I got the A. Alx: Well, star student, so… Alx: Alright, and onto the next one! Alx: Oh, you never told me what your dream
flavor would be! Ro: Dream Pop-Tart flavor…. Alx: Dream Top-Part
flavor. Ro: Oooh, oooh, oooh, OK! A tie between, I’m
really loving apple pie lately, Ro: and mint chocolate chip. Alx: Baaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhhhhh! Alx: Oh my god! Alx: Is it perhaps burp? Because I think I
just burped up your favorite flavor! Ro: Oh it’s so weird, there was only 1 in
there! Alx: What? Ro: Yeah it was just 1! Alx: They
jibbed us! Alx: Oh you… Ro: I’ll just have to do
this on my own! Alx: Oh my god, I can smell it anyways! Ro:
I’m just, I’m just kidding! Alx: I already know, I ain’t even gotta
try it! Ro: Whoa! Alx: Oooooh! Ro: These smell different!
Alx: I already know! Alx: Wow! This has been sent from Lord Jesus
himself! Ro: Are these your dream flavor? Alx: These
are my dream flavor! Ro: Is this your dream flavor? Alx: Yes! Alx: Ro, how did you do this? Ro: I did not
know! Alx: Wow! Alx: 3, 2, 1… Alx: Cookies and cream! Ro: Oreos! Alx: Isn’t that the same thing though? Ro:
Wait! Yeah it’s the same thing! Alx: Oreos, cookies and cream, OK. Ro: This looks like an Oreo! Both: Cookies
and cream! Alx: But, well there’s Oreos up here. But…
Ro: See, don’t these look like Oreos? Ro: you guys, check this out! Alx: Fine, I guess you get a 1/2 a point! Ro: Onto the next tart! Ro: Oh my gosh, this smells delicious, this
smells like my birthday! Ro: Is that what it is? Alx: This is good. Ro: Is it my birthday?
Alx: This is… It, it, it is! Alx: Because I know what I want to say, but
I feel like Pop-Tart is gonna Alx: have some weird name, or call it something
different. Ro: Mmmmhmmm. Ro: This is delicious! Alx: Hit me with a
countdown! Ro: 1, 2, 3… Alx: Cupcake! Ro: Birthday Cake! Alx: Confetti Cupcake! Ro: Alx got it! Alx: It’s the wording, see I told you! Alx: And this, you know, fancy palate! Ro:
He has got a Pop-Tart Palate! Alx: I do, it hasn’t let me down yet! Well,
1 time. Ro: You’re good at this! Alx: Thanks! I
go to classes, so…. Alx: I can give you my teacher! Ro: Please
do! Alx: OK, it’s me, so… Ro: Because I need…. A-ha-ha-ha! Yes! Ro: Here you do! Alx: Pop-Tart please! Thank
you! Ro: Smell… Alx: Oh! Alx: Ew! Ro: Um… Alx: Oh! I know what this is! Alx: Let me tell you! Whooo! Ro: My dog likes to eat 1 of these flavors,
I think… Alx: Oh look at you taking tips in my class.
Ro: Mmmhmmm! Alx: I see that palate! Ro: Mmmhmm! Alx: Because
your dog would eat something like this! Ro: 1, 2, 3… Alx: Chocolate peanut butter. Ro: Peanut butter
chocolate! Alx: You gotta reverse it! Ro: I do! Alx:
You have failed! Alx: Chocolate peanut butter! Alx: I told you, whatever you taste on the
inside, that’s what goes at the end! Ro: That is a point for each of us! Alx: Who
knew! Ro: We got the flavor. Alx: And this is the first time I’ve eaten
Pop-Tarts! Ro: 4 to 5-1/2, I still got a 1-1/2 gap to
fill! This is gonna be tough! Ro: Mint chocolate chip! Mint chocolate chip!
Alx: Ugh, no, no! Don’t curse me with that! Ro: Yes, yes, yes, yes! Alx: Hmmm, easy, got it! Wow, I’m incredible! Alx: Thank you, won the challenge! Good-bye! Ro: Did you even taste it? Alx: Give me your dog, give me your home,
give me your YouTube channel! Alx: Subscribe! Alx: This is, yeah of course, this is my other
favorite flavor, I eat these Alx: every morning! Not these, but whats in
these. Ro: OK, I’m gonna let my obscure Huckleberry
go, because I don’t think it’s a huckleberry Ro: because I can’t tell the difference
between… Alx: Huckleberry?!?! Alx: I don’t even think Pop-Tart knows what
huckleberry is! Ro: 1, 2, 3… Both: Blueberry! Ro: Yeah. Alx: Yes! Ro: I was like, either
blueberry or huckleberry, it’s 1 of those! Ro: I’m already opening this, so I don’t,
I don’t know! Alx: It’s like Christmas! Ro: What is this? Alx: Mmmmm! Alx: Mmmm! Alx: This is… Delici-amos! Ro: What about one of them, uh, ginger snaps?
Alx: Ginger snap! Ro: Oh I shouldn’t tell you! OK wait! Ro: OK, are you ready? Alx: I am ready! Ro:
Oh you do the count down. Alx: Alright, 3, 2, 1…. Alx: Gingerbread! Ro: Ginger snaps! Alx: Gingerbread! You’re always 1 word off! Ro: I need to keep it more simple. Alx: Oh god, look there’s little gingerbread
man up here. Ro: Oh! Alx: They’re so cute! Ro: You guys
look! Little gingerbread man! Alx: You get a 1/2 a point. Alx: The score is 7-1/2 to 5-1/2. Let’s
get into this next box! Ro: A-ha! Ro: I am starting to get a sugar rush. Alx:
Same! Seriously I’m like, OH! HUH! GOD! AH! Ro: Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. Alx: Oh, this
smells good! Alx: Yum! Ro: Oh! Yummy yummy! Ro: What are you? Ro: This tastes like dessert. Alx: It tastes
exactly like dessert! That’s what it is! Ro: Just, this is… I feel like this isn’t
breakfast, this is dessert. Alx: This is literally dessert. Ro: This is
after, Ro: this is after dinner, you could have 1
of these. Alx: You know what? Alx: I had 1 of these the other day too. Ro: I gotta…. Ro: It’s between… Alx: Is that Cookie
sniffing your Pop-Tart? Ro: Yeah, that’s her, that’s not me! Alx:
Oh god! Alx: 3, 2, 1… Alx: Red Velvet. Ro: Red Velvet Cake! Alx: Yes! Look at her adding another 1! Alx: Adding another word! Red Velvet! Alx: What did I tell you about adding words? Alx: We’ll give it, you get the point. Ro:
It’s fun! Ro: Here’s the next one! Let’s open it! Ro: Why can I not open these blindfolded?
Alx: I know! Ro: OK, here we go! Alx: She’s like answered all questions.
Ro: 1 for you. Alx: She’s like, why can I not open these?
Blindfolded! Ro: Smells good. Alx: Oooh, that does smell
good! Ro: What is it? Alx: You know what’s so weird? Ro: Mmmhmm?
Alx: Is that blindfolded, I don’t realize Alx: how much I’m moving my head and moving
my arms. So I’m like… You can’t see Alx: me right now. Ro: Mmmhmm. Alx: But I’m
like thinking and know how stupid Alx: I’m gonna look on camera. Ro: That’s
OK. Alx: Because I can’t see myself! Ro: I know, I do that all the time! Alx: I’m
like bobbing my head, I’m like Alx: ohhh! This is delicious. Alx: If I get this right, I, you put me down…
Ro: OK. Alx: In the history of Pop-Tart Classy Palate
Guy! Ro: OK! I will! Alx: That name! Exactly what
I want! Ro: Pop-Tart… Both: Classy Palate Guy! Alx:
Yes! Ro: Alx, that’s him! Ro: 1, 2, 3… Alx: Cinnamon Roll! Ro: Ginger Snap! Alx:
Or rolls…. Ro: Oh it’s cinnamon roll! Alx: Yeah. Ro:
A cinnamon… Alx: Wooooo! Lord, OK, so where should I get
my plaque to put classy… Alx: I forgot the name! But…. Ro: Classy, Pop-Tart, tasting… Alx: Classy
Palate guy! Ro: Alright, now we are onto the last 2 flavors,
and we have been told that these Ro: flavors are a little bit wacky,
so they’re not as easy. Alx: Thats because they were not prepared,
they won’t prepared for this palate! Alx: That’s why you had to go for the wacky
flavors! Ro: Maybe I will guess these ones right! Alx: Yeah, right!? You will show your true
palate flavor now! Ro: I’ll be like huckleberry! Gingersnaps! Alx: You’re right, that’s all you say!
You’re like, mmmm, this one is, this is gingersnap. Alx: It’s never gingersnap! Ro: It’s never
gingersnap! Ro: What are you? Alx: Belgh! Ro: Does this taste gross to you? Alx: Yeah,
this is not good! Ro: I don’t like this! Alx: Oh my god! Ro: This is the only Pop-Tart flavor that
I have not liked! Ro: Old, burnt milk Pop-Tart! Alx: I don’t think they would put… Oh
my gosh! Ro: Old burnt milk? Ro: You don’t think they would…. Alx: Well I’m thinking, I’m like, what
do I think it is? Ro: Old burnt milk Pop-Tart! Ro: I’m ready! Alx: You ready? Ro: You want to do the countdown? Alx: Sure…
Ro: Let’s do it together! Alx: OK! Ro: You do 3, 2, 1 right? Alx: Yeah. Ro: OK. Both: 3, 2, 1…. Ro: Chocolate Ice Cream. Alx: Vanilla Ice
Cream! Ro: What did you say? Alx: Vanilla. Ro: I
said chocolate. Alx: Hot fudge sundae, hey, we got the ice
cream right! Alx: But I think you’re the closest. Ro:
No but yours is, see but in the sundae it’s Ro: vanilla ice cream. Alx: Yeah but you said
chocolate and it says Hot Fudge Sundae. Ro: We weren’t quite there, so I’ll do
1/2 a point for each. Alx: Who tasted this at Pop-Tart factory and
was like, girl! Ro: This is it! Alx: Hot Fudge Sundae! Alx: If I have ever tasted 1, that is a hot
fudge sundae! Alx: Box it up! Ro: Now we’re onto the last Pop-Tart, I
don’t think I can win at this point, Ro: But, good sportsmanship, I can try! Alx: Yeah, I would have already left at this
point if I was losing! Ro: Oh, uh-oh! Alx: What happened, is she
throwing up!?!? Alx: Alright, we are onto the final box! And
again, you know, you can’t win! Ro: No… Alx: But, you know, you’ve been
such a loser in this! Ro: Frosting on the top, OK… Alx: Hmmm.
Ro: And, if I break it… Ro: I’m gonna get to the stuff. Alx: There’s
some flavors in here! Ro: Tasting a little bit of chocolate. Alx:
Hey, so put it in your mouth. Ro: tasting a little… Alx: Bite the center
of it, do it, close your mouth Alx: and then swish it around, I’m telling
you, you’ll find this 1 flavor. Ro: Is this how you do this? Alx: Mmmhmmm. Ro:
OK. Alx: Bite it, and then swish it around! Alx: You hear this? Ro: Am I doing that right? Alx: Yes! You taste
that flavor? No? Alx: Yes, that’s how you get that good flavor! Ro: Do you have it? Alx: I’m pretty positive
I have this! Ro: OK, are you ready? Alx: Yep. Ro: 1, 2, 3… Ro: Chocolate chip cookie! Alx: Chocolate
chip cookie dough! Alx: You’re still sitting there like, oh! Ro: Is it? Alx: Chocolate chip cookie dough,
yeah! Ro: Gotta warm it up, bbbb-bbb-bbb-bbbb-bbbb-bbb-bbb! Alx: Girl you’re real good! Ro: I got it, I got it! Ro: I got it! Ro: Bbbb-bbb-bbb, bbb-bbb-bbb-bbb-bbb! Ro: Congratulations to Alx, the victor of
the Pop-Tart Challenge! Alx: Yay! Ro: Well played! Well played! Alx:
Thank you! Ro: You guessed every single flavor, very
impressive, you just got 1/2 points, Ro: because they were just a little bit off
on 2 of them. Alx: So it ended up being 11 to 7-1/2. Ro:
Yep, 11 to sev….. Alx: I had to throw that score back in your
face, so…. Ro: Oh was it 7 to 11? Alx: Yes it was, so
what is that? Was it Beyonce? Alx: 7-11, 7-11 something twice, sawbewern
nice! Alx: Girl I’m trying to kick it with you!
Yes! Ro: And as promised, we got a little Cookie,
here you go! Alx: Hi baby, give me kisses! Mwah-mwah-mwah-mwah-mwah! Ro: You can have her for a week, but then
I’m gonna come get her again! Alx: No, my great dane is gonna love her! Ro: Oh she’s gonna love you! Alx: Yay! Ro: Cookie, you’re about as big as a great
dane poop! Ro: Thank you to my friend Alx for being here
and playing the game with me, Ro: this was so much fun! Alx: Thank you for
having me, it was amazing! Ro: And, I’m gonna put all of his links
down below, so go check him out! Ro: He’s awesome, I love your videos, they
make me laugh all the time! Alx: Thank you! Ro: I just am like giggling
all day! Ro: I was showing Mo, we just go over them
and I’m like a-ha! A-ha! Ro: Anyways if you guys want to see more challenges,
you can click up here… Alx: Or you can click up here, oooh so many
options! Ro: Thanks again…. Ro: Thank again you guys, bye!

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