Okay guys Today’s gonna be a fun video it’s gonna consist of a lot of Pop Tarts I bought a whole bunch of these a while back different flavors And we’re gonna do a pop-tart versus real food with the monkeys So we’re gonna see if watermelon pop-tarts taste like watermelon so I think it’s time to get started Is this real food or like fake food like candy? We’ll see round one You liking my bun It’s actually doesn’t really matter, which one it is because I love both. I love food rock paper scissors No touching the plate. I know how you guys work rock paper scissor shoot Really want a pop-tart so I feel like this one’s about three two one yeah As you can see it’s probably gonna be delicious, so I’m gonna try it, well and here I’ve got the cinnamon pop-tart Hmm it’s like a regular Cinnamon bun. I love how to give you two pop-tarts in each package all right That’s how it looks like That cinnamon pop-tart all right take a bite Does it taste like a cinnamon roll, I don’t really like it that much. It’s too dry. Kind of like it a little bit. I just don’t get that cinnamon, bun feel to it How old are that this expired well it says best before? July 2017 2017 yeah Thumbs up or thumbs down for the cinnamon pop cinnamon roll that way Oh no, oh no oh god here comes the horse bite with a tongue Why you always have to take the biggest bites in the world I’m excited to see whats next on the menu Is there a snake in there. Yes there’s a big fat snake and a pop tart flavoured snake It’s a cupcake, which means that I get cupcake flavored pop-tart Cupcake flavoured pop-tarts all right confetti cupcake versus did you just eat the whole thing? Did you just? You just smash the whole cupcake. Are you serious the cool thing is that this looks exactly like? he just smashed the whole cupcake Oh this smells delightful Have you ever got three pop-tarts into package. no I hear people put their pop tarts in a toaster like this one kinda tastes like it taste like cream cheese my chest it’s like oh no well maybe what we think it’s better not be doing like 2003 or something That’s before June 2017. Oh god It does kind of tastes like a cupcake I’ll give it that disgusting most disgusting I’ve ever had is it the most disgusting no, okay? Hi, I got back yeah, or they’re like super weird flavor’s yeah, they’re weird but I think of like strawberry yeah Hold your horses hold your horses Rock Paper Scissors shoot oh Is that the one Chocolate-chip cookie dough And this is what geez I got real cookie dough All right, how’s that taste ? It looks like a bad case of grande Maria because everyone’s wondering why so mountiany I’m gonna take a bite out of the top all right. does that top have any okay, you know what it smells like cookie dough Really Think I like it that delicious hmm cookie dough and cookie dough pop-tart Like things pop tart. I like the pop tart more. Is your tongue itchy you no Is your tongue itchy expired April 2017 oh Okay, what’s better? Cookie dough pop tart or cookie dough cookie dough? Pop-tart really yeah, you look that better because I won’t get worms in my poo if I eat this. Did you do worms or your poop? Okay Rock Paper Scissors shoot I’m actually excited for this because I already know what cookies are like you better save one for me, okay Cookies and cream basically Oreo, I think I eat Oreos a little different Let me know in the comments if you do this do I open up the Oreo and ? i Take off the cream Sorry let us know in the comments if you do this. I squish it Okay it didn’t work Because those are those are expired, too This is how cool. It’s freaking pops looks like man and wow look at the paint job on this Yeah, someone hit a lot of love into this This part is like, but this is like the outside of the cookie and then we gotta taste the frosting Well look at that oh yeah its Oreo its kind of good for the first two seconds, and then it’s taste like a car like But I just like smell it and I picture what it tastes like and that’s what it tastes like In Miss monkeys opinion this pop-tart tastes like car fumes or a bus a bus a bus All right . Here we go oh oh My god ok Guys rock paper No, I’d rather say three two one crush Okay, let’s try this out shall we ewww oh, it’s just regular stuff This is delicious things like is delicious it tastes like You know my pie then oh, what a mess mmm? Oh, yeah, here, try it it does Wow nice going mmm See that’s nice. That’s too sweet poptart like what is that? Don’t get me wrong. I love pop charts Maybe strawberry blueberry pop-tarts, but woah Orange Crush thumbs up or thumbs down vertical. Yeah, Oh eat some crunch to wash down my crush I Feel like I’ve heard that somewhere. That’s the old days yeah She okay around The fire Paper Scissors shoot How we see that’s kind of an expired water on the – all right implement subscribe this out boys and girls I already know What a watermelon tastes like so I don’t really need to try out the watermelon, but you know what I’m actually glad I got the water man because I don’t like watermelon flavor things I just think it’s disgusting like 1/1 flavored um anything because it’s not it doesn’t that’s not is the most artistic pop-tart I’ve ever There is watermelon very artistic me this is miss monkey eating her watermelon in different ways enjoy alien eating a watermelon How’s that watermelon pots are very good where’s the expiration date January 2017? Faxing months ago Hmmm That’s it’s like if someone were to make like watermelon flavored cream cheese Heba Jesus Alright thumbs up or thumbs down for the water. I’ll inflate your pop-tart and Now I should probably tilt this camera up a little bit higher Wow is that cool? That’s a cool trick? Loading heads which reminds me we should do like kids head in a jar pretty soon Yeah, thanks for watching guys. If there’s any other video you guys wants to do let us know in the comments Please give us a thumbs up if you like this video Thanks for watching everybody, please like subscribe and leave a comment down below If you haven’t subscribed yet Please click on the icon on the left hand a little theme will pop up and use it to subscribe if you already have subscribed Please forget everything that I have just said It’s my radio voice Bye

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