Pop-Up Greeting Card Making Ideas – Amazing DIY Handmade Paper Card Idea for Your Loved Ones!

Pop-Up Greeting Card Making Ideas – Amazing DIY Handmade Paper Card Idea for Your Loved Ones!

Amazing Handmade Pop-Up Greeting Card Making for Valentine’s Day or Birthday You can make this handmade paper flower greeting card easily at home Things You Need… Crafty Glue, Cutter, Color Papers, Scissors, Pencil, Red Marker, Scale Color Pencils, Glitter, Sparkle Pen Take a color sheet and draw the measurements as shown. Now cut along the markings as shown. We need 7 such equal size pieces. Now take one piece and fold it as shown. Now draw a flower pattern as shown and cut. Now take a color pencil and draw some patterns inside the flower as shown. This is how the beautiful flowers will look after completion. Now take one flower and cut out a single petal from it. Use glue to seal the open edges as shown. Repeat the same process with the remaining flowers as well. Now make some points on the flower as shown. Apply glue on the marked points. Now paste the flowers to one another as shown. Now take a green sheet and draw the shape of a leaf. Now cut the leaf Make some patterns inside the leaf as shown. Take glitters and make designs on the leaf as shown. Now take a color sheet and fold it as shown. Paste the yellow color sheet on top of the red sheet as shown. Now paste the leaves to the flowers as shown. It is now time to paste the arrangement on the card as shown. Wow!! what a beautiful Pop-out card. This card can be gifted to your friends and family Make some points on the card and apply glitter on it. Your beautiful card is now ready. Hope you have enjoyed watching this greeting card making tutorial Please share your experiments and experiences with us. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

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  1. Beautiful Pop-up Flower Card for whom you love & Care. Very easy & beautiful homemade pop-up card.

  2. Nice work. Great idea to build one at home.

  3. This card is absolutely stunning and I'm excited to try and make it myself!! Superb

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  12. superb I made this pop up flower at home and it is brilliant 😀😀😀😀😀😀😂😍👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 GOOD JOB

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