Pop Up Images

Pop Up Images

Hello and welcome. This is Jennifer McGuire.
Thanks for stopping by. Today I have a really fun video for you on how to make your images
literally pop up off your card. So when the person takes it out of the envelope it pops
right up. Just something really fun to do especially on celebration cards. So you can
see these balloons are raised up off the card, not just with foam tape but really pops up.
Now I’m going to share a lot of different tips and techniques along the way along with
creating these colorful balloons and also the fun backgrounds. So let’s get started
with our balloons. I am using some dies from Lawn Fawn. These are Party Balloons. I love
this set of balloons. There are many balloon dies out there, but I love that this was has
the strings included. So I have my big shot here and I’m going to die cut a bunch of balloons.
I decided to make a bunch of cards all at once. I always need birthday or celebration
card. I am using some Mint colored card stock. Just some scraps that I got out of my scrap
drawer and also some coral colored card stock. Now these balloons are kind of boring as is.
Because they are just one solid even color. I wanted to add some faux dimension to this.
Add some shading. This fastest way to do this is with Distress inks and an ink blending
tool. I’m using two of the new colors of Distress Ink from Ranger. This is the Abandoned Coral,
which I just think is gorgeous. I’m using my ink blending tool. The best way to do this
is to start off of the paper, slowly swirl your way on to the paper. This prevents any
like streak lines of the color and really gets really good blending. You see I start
off the paper and work my way on. Now on the top right of the balloon I’m only putting
a little ink up against the edge, but on the bottom left of the balloon I’m putting more
color, just to add some depth down there. I love that when you take the ink off the
paper and then slowly work it on to the paper you end up with a really dark edge. Really
distinct edge and I just think it’s absolutely beautiful and takes no time at all. It would
have taken me 10 years to do this with Copic Markers. So there I kind of gave some life
to that plain simple die cut. You can see the difference here. If you wanted the color
to stay softer you could just use less pressure when applying it. Next I’m going to do the
same with the mint color balloon. This is the Cracked Pistachio Distress Ink. Ranger
has started to release one new color of Distress Ink each month and this was January’s ink
and then the coral was February’s ink and I just love they’re adding more colors to
the collection. Now you can see this time I’m putting less ink down, so I have softer
results, but you could really easily control how dark or how light this is by how much
pressure you put on. But definitely the trick is to start off the paper and slowly work
your way on to the paper with the swirling motion. So there we have this balloon done.
You can see the difference between how it started and how it is after we added all of
the ink. Now Distress Inks stay wet for a little bit. So I’m just going to heat set
it so that I don’t have any trouble adding any glue to this. To glue our little die cuts
in place. So I always like to heat set my Distress ink. It does dry on its own, but
this just speeds things up. So now it’s time to do our die cuts that go on top of these
balloons. I have picked a few different die cute. I thought I’d show you where they are
from. This is a Little B die set, It has lots of sentiments and I chose the celebrate from
it, you could find lots of sentiments in this set alone, but I decided to use a few others.
This is a baby die from Simon Says Stamp. Then we have Happy from Ellen Hudson, Essentials
by Ellen, die set. This is actually a Christmas set, but the word happy works all the time.
Then I have this fun, really detailed Congrats from Simon Says Stamp set. So I am going to
go ahead and die cut these all from black card stock, but I wanted it to have a shine
to it. So I think it’s easiest to do this before you die cut, it saves a lot of time.
I just pressed VersaMark ink over the entire piece area of this black card stock and I’m
adding clear embossing powder over this whole area and then I’m heat setting it with my
heat gun. This results in a shiny finish on that card stock and then I can die cut this
and all my die cuts will have this shiny finish. You could die cut it first from the card stock
and then add the embossing on top, but this just really saves a lot of time, since we
are doing all for die cuts this way. Another way I’m saving some time is I’m putting
all my dies down on the paper and running them through my die cut machine at once so
they are all cut at one time. So now that I have all these intricate little does I need
to adhere them to my balloon. This is one way you can go about doing this. I really
like this method. I link to a video that shows other ways of adhering intricate die cuts.
I have a piece of Post-It Tape, the sticky side is up and I laid my die half way on it
upside down. So this just holds it in place as I apply adhesive to the back. I am applying
some Ranger Multi Medium, which is a matte finish adhesive. I’m just putting tiny little
dots all over the back of this die cut. I have put a precision tip on the top of my
bottle and I will also link here to a video where I show how to do that. IT’s really easy
and makes a big difference with this adhesive. Once I’ve put enough adhesive on the back.
Which by the way this is super strong adhesive so I can be sure that it stays secure in the
mail. I’m picking up that whole piece of tape and transferring it on to my die cut. Having
that piece of tape on this die cut really helps with this intricate die that would want
to flap and move around as I pick it up. You could try using Washi Tape or Painters Tape
for this also. Or a Post-It note. There we have our die cut perfectly positioned on our
balloon. I really find that using a piece of tape to kind of hold your die cut in place
while you putting on adhesive is really helpful when you have these intricate die cuts. Now
you could put any adhesive you want to on the back of this. You could use dry adhesive
or whatever liquid adhesive you like and that tape will still help with holding it in place
and helping you transfer it on to your paper. You could also put a thin double sided tape
on the back of your die cut before you die cut it, but this tape really still helps with
making sure that it gets lined up when you put it on your project. So now that I have
all my sentiments on my balloons, it’s time to put the little strings on. These little
strings and pieces are cut from that same Lawn Fawn die set. I just love this set. Now
I’ve put the little bit of string on the front, that looks like the knot of the string. Then
the string hanging down. I’m just going to put a little of that super strong adhesive
on the back of the balloon and then lay this on it. Now that will end up being pretty secure,
because that it such a strong adhesive. That’s one of the reasons I like using that strong
adhesive, I can trust that it will stay put. So now I need to create my backgrounds so
that we have something to put these balloons on. I have lots of white card stock here cut
to 4.25″x5.5″. I’m going to do two different back grounds here. Actually three different
backgrounds. This one is from Little Inkers and it just puts like a faux pattern on this
white card stock. So we aren’t actually cutting through the card stock completely, it’s
just putting like a stitched pattern into it. I just think this is a great way to add
some interest to my plain white background. For another background I’m using the Memory
Box star background that you see here. Look at there’s some stars that cut and then some
open stars on the die that we will actually dry emboss, which I will show you in a moment.
I’m just taking my white card stock; I’m going to tape this in place so it doesn’t shift
when I run it through my die cut machine. I’m just going to run it through my die cut
machine as I normally would. This will cut those stars that were raised cutting lines
on the die. This is just such a fun background. I’m going to actually put this up against
a white piece of card stock. So you’ll have little star windows. So you can go through
and pop out all those little stars. It also does little dots too, which I thing is just
so much fun. Another way you can use this die is to cut and emboss. So I’m going to
do this again, this is for another background. I have another piece of white card stock.
I’m going to run it through my die cut machine. This will cut all the stars first, so I have
it taped in place. We want to keep that tape on there. So I will run it through and this
will cut our stars. Now, we are going to run it through again, but this time with an embossing
pad, you could skip this if you wanted to. I have my multipurpose platform and flip it
to tab 1. I’m going to put down a cutting plate and then an embossing pad. This one
is from Spellbinders. Then I will take my die with the paper still in place and lay
that face down and then a cutting plate on top. Now the sandwich I’m using with my plates
is the same that I would use for an embossing folder. So if you have a different machine.
You just run this through with the embossing pad as you would an embossing folder. When
you take it out, check it out you have the die cut stars and some embossed stars in the
background. It’s just beautiful. A great way to add some interest to plain white card stock.
So now I need to glue these backgrounds on to some white note cards. So I have some top
folding white note cards that I created that are 4.25″x5.5″ and I’m going to glue this
right down onto the card. So that it’s white on white. Now I had trimmed down my star piece
here a little bit, thinking that I wanted some of the edge of my note card showing,
but I changed my mind, so I’m gluing this to the top corner of my note card. I’m going
to trim off the excess. So my final card will actually be a little bit smaller than 4.25″x5.5″
note card, but I really didn’t want to go back and redo all of those backgrounds. Sometimes
you just go with what you got. So now I’m going to go ahead and do the same with the
other backgrounds onto a white card. So that we are ready to add our balloons. So it’s
finally time for the fun part. To add some fun pop up action to our die cuts here. Now
I have two different ways of doing this that I wanted to show you today. This first is
with a product that you buy. This is an action wobbler. It’s such a fun product. I’ve used
this many times in the past. You glue one side of it to your die cut, one side of to
your card. It has a spring inside of it that doesn’t have that much dimension that allows
the die cut to pop up off the card and kind of wiggle and shake around. Now when you put
this in an envelope it is actually very flat. They way they’ve designed this spring; it
doesn’t add that much dimension to your card, but it adds so much fun and interest to it.
So you can watch how it just pops up and shakes around. I love these guys and they are very
inexpensive. So it’s a great thing to have on hand for fun cards like this. Now, if you
don’t have the action wobblers, I wanted to show you a way to create your own. Now it
would wiggle and shake around like the action wobbler, however it will add that pop up feature.
Another nice thing about making your own is you can control how much it pops up and I’ll
show you that. So I have some white card stock. This is just some scrap white card stock and
I’m going to put 5 score lines 0.5″ apart from one edge. So I’m just using my trimmer
and a scoring tool to score these 5 lines a 0.5″ apart, but you could using a coring
board if you want to. I just assume to using my trimmer it’s just easier for me. So then
after I’ve scored my 5 lines I will put a cut 0.5″ from the last score line to cut that
off. So now I’m going to turn this and I’m going to cut a little 0.5″ strips from this.
Now you could cut a bunch of them and save them on hand for future cards. But you need
two per card. Now I’m just going to accordion fold each of these strips. Again I’m going
to use two of these on one card. It really helps to make sure that our balloon pops up
but doesn’t kind of fall flat on our card. So I have these pieces accordion folded. Now
we need to put adhesive on the two ends of both of the pieces. So I’m basically unfolding
our little accordion pieces and putting adhesive on the two end flaps on both of these strips.
This is kind of like we’re creating our own springs, like you can get with action wobblers,
but you are making it out of your own card stock. So I’m going to glue one towards
the top of the back of our die cut and glue the other towards the bottom on the back of
our die cut. Now the adhesive is already there on the other end that’s sticking up here.
So we can just take it and out that on to our card. So I am going to kind of fold them
down here and press right on to the front of our card. This allows the die cut piece
to really pop up. So you’ll see that this just shoots right off of our card. Pops up
quite a bit, because we put so many accordion folds in those pieces. So this is fun because
when you take the pieces out of the envelope it just pops right up. Now I wanted to show
you how you can make it so it doesn’t pop up as much. I cut two more strips from the
accordion folded strips that we created earlier. This time I’m going to cut some of it off.
So they are a little bit shorter, so there’s actually only three folds in it instead of
five. This will keep it from popping up too much. So I’m going to go ahead and just trim
this one. Then I’ll trim the other. Again, we will put adhesive on the two flaps at the
ends of both of these accordion pieces and glue it to the back of our balloon. So this
will still pop up, just not quite as much. This one is probably a better option, because
it doesn’t add too much dimension behind your die cut, so it will still go through the mail
okay. I think it would be fun to put one of these say on maybe a gift bag or wrapped present.
Just something fun and different. Remember you can put these little pop action springs
behind a stamped images that you’ve cut out too. So now that I have this glue onto the
back of my die cut, I’m just going to kind of hold them down and place it onto my card.
You can see that fun background on that card. You can see that fun background. I just think
it’s so interesting. By the way, if you don’t have those big dies to create these backgrounds
you could use an embossing folder on the back of these cards also. There you can see a little
bit of dimension that you get from it. I just think this is so much fun. I love it. It just
pops right up. It is great for these celebration type cards. So here you can see the difference.
The one on the left has that action wobbler, so it shakes and wiggles. The one on the right
just pops up; it doesn’t shake, because that’s the one we made by hand. I also wanted to
show you how this pops up when you take it out of the envelope. So it goes into the envelope
just fine, you’ll be able to see here that there isn’t that much dimension added to it.
This is the action wobbler one. Doesn’t add too much dimension. When you open up the envelope
and take out the card it just kind of pops up and starts wiggling. I just think that’s
so much fun. There you have a way to make your images literally pop off your card. If
you have any questions or your interested in the products I use you can check my YouTube
description below or you can go over to my blog at where I’ll
have much more information. Thanks for watching.

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